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Londonderry Journal; August 1773

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Londonderry Journal; Tuesday, August 3, 1773 Dublin, July 31. The wife of ___ Wilkinson a few days ago was delivered of triplet boys. Londonderry. Saturday
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      Londonderry Journal; Tuesday, August 3, 1773

      Dublin, July 31.
      The wife of ___ Wilkinson a few days ago was delivered of triplet boys.

      Saturday last died Alexander Stewart, late master of the brig Ann.
      The ship Elizabeth, at the Quay, wants fifty to sixty people for Caper Fair,
      North Carolina.

      Londonderry Journal; Friday, August 6, 1773

      Dublin, Aug. 3
      Executed Saturday were Henry Fitzsimons for robbing Matthew Sullivan, John
      Magee, and Richard Gray on the King's highway; and Hugh Dogherty, for
      robbing Gavin Thompson on the King's highway.

      Londonderry Journal; Tuesday, August 10, 1773

      Thomas Short, administrator of the estate of the late John Ardess of Lower
      Crossbellanree, near Newtown Stewart, Co. Tyrone.
      Property of the bankrupt Samuel Bryan of Coleraine to be sold.
      Martha Lamrock has left her husband John Lamrock of Letterhandry, parish of
      Comber, Co. Londonderry.

      Londonderry Journal; Friday, August 13, 1773

      Dublin, Aug. 10.
      Married: a few days ago, Capt. Nixon of the 25th Foot to Miss Frances Nixon
      of Mullaghduff near Newtown Butler; Dr. William Gardiner of the 62nd
      Regiment to Miss Peacock, daughter of George Peacock of Barnick, Co. Clare.

      Died: a few days ago in Co. Waterford, Richard Earl of Barrymore; in Co.
      Meath, Lord Dunboyne; near Newcastle, Arthur Brudenell.

      William James, bankrupt; John Campbell of Fannett, assignee; Robert Murray,
      Londonderry, attorney.

      Londonderry Journal; Tuesday, August 17, 1773

      Converts to the Church of Ireland; William Dwyer and John Morony, carpenter,

      The Jenny, Capt. Archibald M'Ilwaine, has arrived at Newcastle after five
      weeks and three days, all well and a birth on board.
      The Betty, Capt. Richard Hunter, arrived at Baltimore on July 4 with
      passengers, from Waterford in six weeks.
      Cleared out: the Ann, Miller, for Charles Town with passengers.

      Londonderry Journal; Friday, August 20, 1773

      Joseph, Isabella and Mary Dening of Dromore are charged with the murder of
      John Gallagher, late of Letterkenny.
      Richard Caldwell wants apprentices for the America.

      Londonderry Journal; Friday, August 27, 1773

      Died: in Channel row, Viscountess Mountgarret, age 66

      Debtors of the late Andrew Woods of Atreame in the parish of Donagheady, Co.
      Tyrone are to pay Thomas Bond of Bond's Glen, parish of Cumber, Co.
      Londonderry or Robert Galbraith, Castlemellon, parish of Donagheady,

      Londonderry Journal; Tuesday, August 31, 1773

      Waterford, Aug. 25
      A Kennedy was killed by an Ellard, between Nenagh and Clogjordan.

      Dublin, Aug. 28.
      _____ Wheeler and his family went down with the Mermaid.

      Married: George Berford, Co. Roscommon to daughter of Peter Sproule,
      Longfield, Co. Roscommon; at Corke, James Regan of Londonderry to Miss Ward
      of Bandon; at Sligo, Thomas Williamson to Catherine Babington; Benjamin
      Yeats of William st. to Miss Butler, daughter of Mr. Butler of Dublin

      Died: in Glamorganshire, Philip ap Morris; at Ballygalane near Lismore,
      Thomas Power, M.D.; at Galway, John French Fitz-Andrew; in Grafton st.,
      Captain John Atkins; in Dame st, William Smith, bookseller.

      Brig Charming Polly, George Murren, for Baltimore Sept. 16.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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