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Ballina Chronicle; 4 Sep 1850; Meeting of Guardians

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Co. Mayo Wednesday, September 4, 1850 MEETING OF GUARDIANS BALLINA UNION - This usual weekly meeting of the Guardians of this Union
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      Ballina, Co. Mayo
      Wednesday, September 4, 1850

      BALLINA UNION - This usual weekly meeting of the Guardians of this Union
      was held on Saturday in the Board Room of the Workhouse, F. Howley, Esq., in
      the chair. The other Guardians present were - Captain John Knox, Mr. Paget,
      Mr. A. Knox, Mr. J. Gore, Mr. H. Joynt, Mr. Malley, Major J.F. Knox, Mr.
      Jones, Captain Atkinson, Mr. M'Culloch, Mr. J. Knox, and Mr. Wills.- Captain
      Hamilton, Inspector, was in attendance.
      A letter was read from the Poor Law Commissioners stating that they
      were not prepared to sanction the reduction of the schoolmaster's salary,
      which they did not consider too high for that officer; and that the salaries
      of the chaplains, who were appointed under their sealed order, would have
      their consideration.
      The Guardians were anxious that some arrangement should be entered into
      to prevent the removal of the articles of furniture and clothing which had
      been sold in the Ardnaree Auxiliary workhouse on Friday, at the suit of Mr.
      George Smyth Malley, who also had an execution on the furniture of the Union
      Workhouse, and proposed that Captain Hamilton, on getting a receipt in full
      from Mr. Malley, would pay to him the £338 he had on hands for the purpose
      of discharging that gentleman's amount to the 29th of September last,
      exclusive of costs and interest, and that they (the Guardians) should give a
      guarantee for the balance of his claim.
      Captain Hamilton said that his hands were so tied up by the
      Commissioners; who were prevented by the Treasury order from paying law
      costs and interest out of the money advanced to Distressed Unions, that he
      feared he could not take a receipt in full unless it was a bona fide
      transaction; but he requested the Guardians not to suppose he had any wish
      to throw any difficulty in the way of settling with Mr. Malley.
      Captain Atkinson thought that the conversation on the subject should be
      strictly private.
      The Chairman requested the reporters not to take note of that part of
      their proceedings.
      The reporters then stood up to retire, when the Chairman remarked that
      it was not necessary for them to leave the Board room.
      The reporter from the CHRONICLE said that what to report and what to
      omit reporting should have been left to their option and that he considered
      it better for them to withdraw, as the request of the Guardians through
      their Chairman interfered too much with the liberty of the Press in such
      On the return of our reporter to the Board room the following
      resolution was proposed by Mr. Jones and seconded by Captain Atkinson:-
      "Resolved - That our Clerk do make out lists of the different paupers
      on our Workhouse properly chargeable to the Killala Union, distinguishing
      the townlands and electoral divisions, and that such lists be handed to the
      different relieving officers of Killala Union, with an intimation that on
      this day week the different paupers on our Workhouse will be sent out from
      it. Our Board have reluctantly come to this resolution in consequence of our
      repeated applications to the Killala Board for funds and their refusal or
      inability to pay same. The Board, without at present going into the question
      of the liabilities of the Killala Union at the time of separation, have made
      calculations of the monies expended by this Board since then on the current
      account and fined that the monies received from the Killala Board fall very
      far short of the expenditure."
      Mr. Gore proposed and Mr. Paget seconded, as an amendment,' that the
      considerations of Mr. Jones' resolution be postponed until the 29th of
      September next, and that, if a total separation have not then taken place
      between the Killala and this Union that paupers belonging to the former be
      forthwith discharged."
      The movers and seconded being the only Guardians who voted for the
      amendment the original resolution was consequently carried.
      Mr. Gore them moved that his amendment be placed on the minutes.
      This was not agreed to, the majority of the Guardians being of opinion
      that a rejected resolution would not be placed on the minutes.
      The following report of the Committee appointed at the previous meeting
      to enter into arrangements relative to the renting of land for the training
      of young pauper inmates of the Workhouses to agricultural pursuits was laid
      before the Board:-
      "We beg to state to the Board that having this day examined the
      different fields in the neighbourhood of the Ardnaree Auxiliary Workhouse,
      we consider the field adjoining Mr. Joynt's and lying between the Bunree and
      Mill roads, is the most advantageously situated and the one which for many
      reasons we most strongly recommend. Having agreed on the land arranged about
      the term and rent. The former could be had at twenty-one or thirty-one
      years' lease if desired, and the latter at £1 16s. 6d. per acre for the
      twenty-five acres required. This rent, taking into consideration the quality
      of the soil and its contiguity to the town, is a very fair and moderate one.
      We would most strongly urge that this farm, under the superintendence of an
      active and intelligent agriculturist, with the cordial cooperation of this
      Board promises to be productive of most important benefit not only to the
      paupers but to the ratepayers themselves as well as an ornament to the town
      of Ballina. We beg to suggest that should the proposed site be agreed on
      that the arrangements commence from the 29th of September next.
      It was then ordered that this report be inserted on the minutes, and
      that the attention of the Commissioners be requested to the memorial of the
      Guardians on the 7th of December last on this matter.
      State of Workhouse, Week ending August 24.
      No. in Workhouse as per last return: 2970
      Admitted 17
      Discharged: 258
      Died 15
      Remaining on above date 2614
      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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