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Londonderry Journal; August 1772

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Londonderry Journal; Saturday, August 1, 1772 Galway. Catherine Mannin was gaoled for drowing her five-year-old son Patrick Mannin in a churn of milk. Dublin.
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      Londonderry Journal; Saturday, August 1, 1772

      Catherine Mannin was gaoled for drowing her five-year-old son Patrick Mannin
      in a churn of milk.

      The following were sentenced to death: John Dunn for the murder of Patrick
      Quin; William Roe for the murder of Edward Moran; John Casey for the murder
      of Thomas Penninton; John Dudgeon for robbing the house of Barth. Harrold;
      Daniel Kelly for stealing seventeen sheen from Thomas Whelan. Bella
      Stapleton, for robbing the house of John Carney, to be hanged, but she was
      with child. Dennis Murray, to be transported for stealing clothes from the
      bleach field of James Field. Valentine Devatt to be whipped for picking
      pockets. James Keating to be pillored and imprisoned for riot and assault on
      a watchman. John Robinson, to be burned in the hand for manslaughter. John
      Maxwell, same.

      Bankrupts: Alexander Alexander, Coagh, Co. Tyrone, linen draper, bleacher,
      etc.; Edward Corcoran, Dublin, shop keeper; John Anderson, Dublin, silk

      Cork. July 23.
      The ship Hopewell, Archibald Long, from New York, 22 days out spoke with the
      brigantine William, John Thompson, from Newry to Virginia with servants, 19
      days out...all well.

      Philadelphia, June 11.
      Saturday last arrived here the ship Jupiter, Capt. Ewing, from Londonderry,
      who landed 420 passengers at Newcastle.

      Wednesday, August 5, 1772

      Eugene M'Canna, convert to Ch. of I., Church of Benburb, Co. Tyrone.

      Married: at Augher, Co. Tyrone, George Leigh to Miss Mary Wilson; Benjamin
      Lee of Merrion to Miss Smith of Drogheda; Thomas Kelly, surgeon, to Widow
      Brown; Thomas Armitage, bookseller, to Miss Betty Williams of Chapelizod.

      Died: at Maddenstown, Mrs. Ormsby Vandeleur; at the seat of the Earl of
      Milltown, the Lady of Hon. Brice Leeson; Michael Waldron, attorney; William
      Luffingham, linen draper.

      Bankrupt: Edmund Meagher, Nenagh, Co, Tipperary, shopkeeper.

      Saturday, August 8, 1772

      Born: two sons to Lady Viscountess Powerscourt, Sunday.

      Married: at Kilmurry, Tobias Horan of Newcastle near Limerick to Miss

      Wednesday, August 12, 1772

      Last Wednesday John Dunn was executed for the murder of Patrick Quin.

      Died: last Thursday, the Countess of Westmeath.

      Saturday, August 15, 1772

      Owen Traynor, shoemaker, convert to Church of Ireland.

      Married: Rev. Dean Hamilton to Miss Wood, daughter of Hans Wood of Co.
      Westmeath, niece to the Earl of Kingston.

      Bankrupt: Craghead Kyle, Dublin, dealer and chapman.

      Wednesday, August 19, 1772

      Miss Jane Kelly, convert to Church of Ireland.

      Jane Henderson or Maxwell eloped from her husband John Henderson of Dunrain,
      parish of Ardstraw, Co. Tyrone, Aug. 4th.

      Saturday, August 22, 1772

      Married: William Gilboarn of Peafield, Queen's County to Miss Luffingham of
      Bride st; at Waterford, Capt. Musgrave to Miss Kiely, daughter of Richard
      Keily of Lismore, Co. Westmeath.

      Died: at Thomastown, Rev. Thomas Quinlan, of the Church of Rome; in
      Meetinghouse yard, Mr. Edward Connor, merchant.

      Wednesday, August 26, 1772

      Catherine Fitzgerald, convert to Church of Ireland.

      Saturday, August 29, 1772

      Bankrupt: Henry Graves, Dublin, grocer; Leonard M'Nally, Dublin, grocer.

      Married: Thomas Howison of Bride st., merchant to Miss Mary Davy of the
      Batchelor's Walk; at Ennis, Co. Clare, Denis O'Callaghan of this city to
      Miss Mary Hauffort.

      Died: near Roscarberry, Rev. Bart Crotty, parish priest; at Newforrest, Co.
      Galway, James de Arcy.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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