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Ballina Chronicle; 4 Sep 1850

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Co. Mayo Wednesday, September 4, 1850 BIRTHS At Birch Grove, Roscrea, on the 27th inst., the Lady of George Birch, Esq., of a son
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      Ballina, Co. Mayo
      Wednesday, September 4, 1850

      At Birch Grove, Roscrea, on the 27th inst., the Lady of George Birch,
      Esq., of a son and heir.
      At Saggart House, the Lady of John James Verschoyle, Esq., of a

      On Thursday last, in the parish Church, Ardnaree, by the Rev. Arthur
      Moore, Mr. James Mathews to Miss Margaret Shannon, both of this town.

      On Sunday, the Rev. Mr. Fitzpatrick, P.P., of Montrath, took occasion
      to denounce from the altar at mass, the diabolical and fiendish attempt made
      by the murdering villain who threw the stone from one of the bridges upon
      the steam-coach. He said he had not language to depict the atrocity of the
      act- that the curse of God would be upon such a wretch, and implored of any
      of his flock who should come to the knowledge of the perpetrator, to have
      him at once given up to the authorities, as they were strictly bound to do.
      Mr. Ousley Higgins, M.P. for Mayo, has subscribed £3 to the Tenant
      League council, which now proposes to raise a capital of £10,000 by
      voluntary assessment of one penny in the pound by poor law rating.
      Hobart Town journals to the 20th, April advise the arrival of the
      convict ship Neptune, with John Mitchell, and convicts, rejected by the Cape
      settlers. A demonstration was about to be made against convict importings.
      Mr. Smith O'Brien's health was not very favourable, and his medical
      attendant had suggested a change. He is consequently removed from Maria
      Island to Port Arthur to the visits of Dr. Brock, the visiting magistrate,
      the superintendent, officer, and sergeant of the guard.
      The Isle of Man fishermen have beat off the Scotch boats which went in
      quest of herrings.
      Patrick Forbes was hanged at Newcastle on Saturday, for the murder of
      his wife.
      The tenantry of W. Sharman Crawford, M.P., have ordered a breakfast
      service of plate at Belfast to present his son, in testimony of their
      satisfaction of his conduct as land agent for his father.
      The merchants and other inhabitants of Galway have presented a handsome
      gold watch to Mr. Samuel Woods, one of the guards of the Dublin and Galway
      mail, as a testimonial of his long tried services.
      At Roscrea petty sessions, Captain Bernard, of Castle Bernard, on
      behalf of a tenant of his, ably defended him against a charge for poor
      rates, exposing the negligence and partiality of a collector who was ordered
      to attend before the board of Guardians, with a view to his removal or to
      pay the arrear claimed.

      It is with unfeigned regret that we have this day to record the demise
      of this truly amiable, benevolent, and deeply lamented lady. The melancholy
      event, caused by an attack of fever, took place on Friday last at Owenmore,
      the residence of her husband, William Orme, Esq. Mrs. Orme was in the prime
      of life, being in her 35th year She has left a large and highly respected
      circle of relatives and acquaintances to deplore her early removal from this
      world of troubles and disappointments. Her remains were conveyed to the
      family burying ground, Moygownagh, on Monday, attended by a vast concourse
      of the respectability of this neighbourhood.

      With unfeigned regret we have to announce the death of this gentleman,
      which melancholy event took place at Westport on Saturday last. The deceased
      was remarkable for his urbanity of manner, gentlemanlike demeanour and an
      absence of bigotry, which in too many instances distinguishes his
      contemporaries. He devoted his time in Christian efforts to sow peace and
      good will amongst his parishioners.-- Mayo Constitution.

      CURIOUS DISCOVERY - An ancient mill has within a few days been discovered on
      the townland of Shannacashel, parish of Kilmichael, about five miles north
      east of Dunmanway. The massive frame of work of solid oak is in good
      preservation. It bears the marks of having been consumed by fire. The
      remains of the upper and lower milstones are to be seen, one not much
      injured and the other greatly fractured by the action of fire. A curious
      spade or shovel was found composed entirely of wood, but it was destroyed by
      an ignorant countryman. The old men in the neighbourhood state that from
      eight to ten feet of that have been cut over its present position. It is
      well worthy the attention of the society of Antiquarians.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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