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Ballina Chronicle; August 28, 1850

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Co. Mayo Wednesday, August 28, 1850 ASSAULT It has been reported to us that a man named M Keon, from Lisaniska, was murderously
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      Ballina, Co. Mayo
      Wednesday, August 28, 1850

      It has been reported to us that a man named M'Keon, from Lisaniska, was
      murderously assaulted on his way home on Monday from the market of this
      town, by his father-in-law, James Healy, who is bailiff to the Hon. E.S.
      Perry, Healy's wife, and his two sons, who struck him with some iron
      instruments in such a manner that Doctor Smith, who is in attendance,
      entertains but slight hopes of his recovery. The cause of the attack is
      attributed to some family disputes, M'Keon and his wife not being on good
      terms for some time past.

      We thought that such things as seizures of Workhouse goods and chattels
      were at an end in the Union at least; but these happy imaginings, alas! have
      been dissipated by the news, bit it good or bad, of keepers having been
      placed on the Workhouse moveables by the Sheriff, at the suit of Mr. George
      S. Malley, for the recovery of the balance of a judgment obtained some
      months ago. Mr. Malley, it may be in the recollection of our readers, had
      this judgment put in force in October 1849, and bought in the property which
      he afterwards, at a considerable sacrifice, hired to the Guardians and
      voluntarily undertook to place the full amount of the sum he received for
      the hire of the bedding, &c. to the credit of the judgment debt. In this
      manner the greater part of the debt has been paid off, and the balance of
      the principal was offered to Mr. Malley out of the money advanced to pay the
      debts of the Union. This, however, Mr. Malley refused, because the interest
      and law costs would not be paid, and a receipt in full of all demands was
      required by the direction of the Poor Law Commissioners to be given on the
      receipt of the balance of the principal due. We have already commented on
      the great injustice done to the creditors by the refusal of the payment of
      the interest and costs incurred wherever judgments were obtained, the
      circumstance of this Union placing them in the power of the Commissioners,
      notwithstanding the express stipulation of the Guardians to defray all law
      expenses. To this Mr. Malley would not submit, and hence the execution laid
      on at his suit on last Friday and the sale advertised to take place on
      Friday next.

      On the night of Wednesday some person or persons maliciously levelled
      to the ground eight large cocks of hay on part of the lands of Cruckawn;
      occupied by Mr. Campion. As a proof of this appreciation of the conduct of
      Mr. Campion, who has always given general employment and whose person and
      purse have always been foremost in all local charities, the people of the
      neighbourhood assembled on the following day - holiday in the Romish
      Church - and made up the hay. Mr. Campion is one of those who have been held
      up to public odium at a late tenant-right meeting in Castlecomer. So much
      for the "Upas" influence in that locality. This is the second whiteboy
      offence occurring in that neighbourhood within a few days.-- Kilkenny

      At the recommendation of the Right Hon. the Earl of Erne, the Lord
      Chancellor has appointed the Hon. Henry Chrichton, of Knockballymore House,
      to the Commission of the Peace for the county of Fermanagh.
      The Lord Chancellor has been pleased to appoint Bellingham Mauleverer,
      of Tamnymullen, Esq., a magistrate for the county of Derry, on the
      recommendation of the Lieutenant of the county, Sir Robert Ferguson, Bart.,
      The Lord Chancellor has appointed Christopher D. Carleton, Esq., to the
      Commission of the Peace for the county Cork on the recommendation of the
      Right Hon., the Earl of Bandon, Lord Lieutenant of that county.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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