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Freeman Journal; September 8-18, 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Saturday, September 8, 1764 COUNTRY NEWS Yesterday, Mr. Thomas Fitzgerald, read his Recantation from the Errors of the Church
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Saturday, September 8, 1764

      Yesterday, Mr. Thomas Fitzgerald, read his Recantation from the Errors
      of the Church of Rome, in St. Peter's Church.

      Thomas Fitzgerald was tried at the Tholsel for a Rape committed on the
      Body of a Child of eleven Years old, and being found guilty, is to stand in
      the Pillory on Saturday next, and to be whipped on Wednesday from Newgate to
      the Toll House in James's-street; to be imprisoned for a Month, and find
      Sureties for his good Behaviour.
      Edward Mathew, Esq; Son to Thomas Mathew, of Thomas-town, in the County
      of Tipperary, Esq., was married to Miss Elisha Smyth, Daughter of James
      Smyth, Esq.
      MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago in Chester, Mark Rochfort, of Jamestown, in
      the Queen's County, Esq; to Miss Connor, Daughter of Mr. John Connor, of
      Jervis-street, Merchant.-- Mr. Charles Shiel, of Liffey-street, to Miss
      Neil, of Abbey-street.
      DEATHS.] A few Days ago, near Mallow, Mr. William Raymond of Cork.-- At
      Kilkenny, the Wife of Mr. John Haly, Master of the Garter Inn.-- In
      Patrick-street, Mr. Thomas Leonard, Leather-seller.
      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Tuesday, September 11, 1764

      Youghall, September 4 - This Morning died here after a lingering
      illness, which she bore with a most Christian Resignation, and serenity of
      Mind, known only to the Virtuous; Miss Margaret Seymour, Daughter of Mr.
      Richard Seymour, whose amiable Life endearing her to all that knew her,
      renders her Death most deservedly regretted.

      Sep 2] Miss Reynall, of Castle-Reynall, died in King-street,
      Stephen's-Green, lamented by all her acquaintance.
      7th] Two footpads, named Byrne and Bennet, were committed to Newgate,
      for robbing a girl in Capel-street of two cloaks; one of them had a hanger,
      the other a loaded whip.
      8th] Thomas Fitzgerald, schoolmaster, stood in the pillory and is to be
      whipped next Wednesday, from Newgate to the toll-house in James's-street,
      pursuant to his sentence, for committing a rape on a child eleven years old.
      Married] Mr. Henry Magill, Attorney to Miss Mary Drought, sister to
      Robert Drought, of Oldglass, in the Queen's county, Esq; - Christopher
      Gernon, of Bourceaux, merchant, to Miss Cosgrave, daughter of the late Mr.
      James Cosgrave, of Abbey-street, merchant.

      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Saturday, September 15, 1764

      Married on Monday last at Kilworth, Mr. Caleb Chanders of this City, an
      eminent Clothier, to Miss Polly Andrews, Daughter of Mr. Thomas Andrews of
      that Place.-- Wednesday at Lismore, Henry Peard, of Cool, Esq; to Miss
      Gumbleton, Daughter of Richard Gumbleton, Esq;-- Thursday in Paul-street,
      Mr. Michael Sullivan to Miss Judith Murphy.
      Died on Friday Morning at Pallas, the Seat of Samuel Holmes, Esq, Mrs.
      Price, Wife of Mr. Francis Price of this City, Merchant.

      Last Week, Edward Lewell'n of Silvermines, in the County of Tipperary,
      Esq; was married to Miss Stepney of Grafton-street, with a Frotune of 5000l.
      Same Week died at his House at Maryborough in the Queen's County,
      universally lamented, George Steel, Esq; his Death was occasioned by a Fall
      from his Horse which he received some Time before.
      A Man who calls himself John Garrety or Garrethy, and had been a Helper
      to many Stables in Dublin, was brought before Mr. Faulkiner, of Abbostown,
      charged by Patrick Martin, (Coachman to the Rev. Archdeacon Hutchison) with
      having stolen from behind him, as he was on Horse-back, a Sack in which were
      several Things of Value. On two other Persons appearing to swear against him
      for stealing Cloathes and other Things from them, he found Means to escape
      and hide in a Hay Loft, belonging to Mr. Falukiner; but on being searched
      for, he was found in said Hay Loft; after having just cut his Throat with a
      Razor (tho' not mortally as was apprehended) which Razor, was sworn to have
      been stolen from one of the Prosecutors. His Throat was dressed, and he was
      committed to Kilmainham, where he now remains.- Information has been since
      received of his having, last Winter, stolen from one Pointon, (at that Time
      Coachman to the Rev. Doctor Foster, in Grafton-street) one Suit of Cloaths,
      besides other Things.
      A few Days since Walter Dowdal, Esq; died at his Seat near Trim,
      greatly lamented; As did also the Wife of Mr. Francis Kinlan, Merchant, in
      14th] Died suddenly, Mrs. Eliz Leslie, Widow of Mr. Alex. Leslie, and
      Mother of Mr. Robert Leslie, now a Lieutenant on Board one of his Majesty's
      Ships of War. She has been for several Years out of her Senses, occasioned
      by a Fall in a fainting Fit, and dashing of her Head on a flat Stone
      MARRIAGES] On Saturday last, the Rev. Mr. Woodward of Drumbarrow, in
      the County of Meath to Miss Esther Wade, Daughter of John Wade of
      Clonebraney, in the said County, Esq.; - Mr. Tho Mann, Revenue Officer, to
      Miss Mary Anne West of College-green.-- Mr. Smith, Stay-maker, to Miss
      Harvey, Mistress of the Four -Courts Coffee-House in Christ-Church-Lane;
      Samuel Taylor, Esq; to Mrs. Anne Trevor, Daughter of Alderman James Taylor.

      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Tuesday, September 18, 1764

      Cork, Sept. 13
      Last Night died at his House in Mallow-lane, Mr. Edward Scott, Sen. an
      eminent Cloathier, and a Gentleman of extreme good Character.

      Letters Patent are preparing to be passed under the Great Seal of this
      Kingdom, containing his Majesty's Presentation of the Rev. John Killen, D.D.
      to the Rectories of Clonpriest and Ardagh, in the Diocese of Cloyne, void by
      the Death of the Rev. William Chartres.
      Letters Patent are preparing to be passed under the Great Seal of this
      Kingdom, containing his Majesty's Presentation of the Hon. and Rev. Thomas
      Stopford, to the Livings of Plainstown and Ardmulcan, in the Diocese of
      Meath, void by the Death of the Hon. and Rev. George Maitland.
      Their Excellencies the Lords Justices have been pleased to appoint the
      Rev. Alexander Staples to be Chaplain to the Castle of Dublin, in the Room
      of the Rev. James Price.
      His Majesty's Letter is come over, appointing John Gore, Esq; Chief
      Justice of the Court of King's-bench.
      And we hear that Marcus Patterson, Esq; is appointed Solicitor-general,
      in the Room of Mr. Gore.
      We also hear that John Hely Hutchinson, Esq; Prime Serjeant at Law, is
      appointed one of his Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council.
      Sept. 11th, Tuesday John Farrel, a reputable Butcher, died of the
      Wounds he received from a Set of Rioters in Charles-street, on Sunday last.
      13th] In the Evening, the entire Roof of a back House belonging to Mr.
      Heron, at the Tea Ware-house in Great Britain-street, was blown off by a
      sudden Gust of Wind, and carried a considerable Distance; What is very
      remarkable, not a single Rafter or Slate was displaced by the Fall.
      Mr. Banks, Clerk of the Market, seized a large Quantity of Fish which
      was unfit for Sale, and had it publickly burnt on Ormond-quay.
      16.] In Sackville-street, the Lady of Edward Loftus, Esq; M.P. was
      lately delivered of a son.
      MARRIAGES.] A few Days ago, Mr. Samuel Stephens, Tobacconist, to Miss
      Polly McCombe of Nicholas-Gate.-- Mr. Francis Hannon of O?berstown in the
      County of Kildare, to Miss Hannan of Gethill in the King's County.
      DEATHS.] In Galway, Mr. Michael Frean, a reputable Skinner and
      Glover.-- Yesterday Morning at his HOuse in Frederick-street, of a lingering
      Disease, which he bore with uncommon Patience and Resignation, John Ball, of
      Three-Castles in the County of Kilkenny, Esq; He was a most facetious
      Companion, and a most good-natured and faithful Friend. He served the
      Offices of Sheriff, Justice of the Peace, and Grand Jury-Man, in different
      Counties, with uncommon Spirit and Integrity. These must make his Death a
      public Loss, universally lamented.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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