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Ballina Chronicle; 21 Aug 1850

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Co. Mayo Wednesday, August 21, 1850 MISCELLANEOUS Pat Hunt, Winifred Garvey, and two children, all Irish, died on Saturday near
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      Ballina, Co. Mayo
      Wednesday, August 21, 1850

      Pat Hunt, Winifred Garvey, and two children, all Irish, died on
      Saturday near Cambridge, of ignorantly eating poisonous mushrooms.
      Col. Beauchamp, a retired officer, put an end to his existence, at a
      house in Dawson-street, by cutting his throat on Sunday last. Dr. Kirwan,
      one of the city coroners, held an inquest, when a verdict of "temporary
      insanity" produced by severe erratic gout, was returned.
      An attack was made on the Rev. Mr. Massey, of the Mariner's church,
      Kingstown, on Sunday, while he was reading prayers, by an unfortunate
      lunatic. No personal violence was the result of the interruption.
      Two letters signed "Patrick William Ryan, William-street, Limierck,"
      addressed to the Roman Catholic Prelates about to meet in Synod at Thurles,
      suggest that Archbishop M'Hale should move a resolution for adoption,
      defining the constitutional principle on which Irish Roman Catholics should
      proceed for the amelioration and legislative independence of Ireland! The
      writers' second suggestion is to solicit from the Pope a Jubilee for
      Goof Port Wine is so scarce, that an eminent Dublin house is about
      purchasing the over stock of provincial holders.
      Hyacinth D'Arcy, Esq., of Clifden Castle, is appointed Inspector of
      schools by the Church Missionary Society, at a salary of £100 per annum.
      Mr. W. Robinson, Agricultural Lecturer, says, upon the potato disease
      now appearing - "The virus is first seen to destroy the leaves and stalks,
      and from them it is conveyed to the potato. Can there be anything more
      simple than to cut off the communication between the stalk and the potato?
      This will prevent the blight proceeding downwards. Cut off the stalks close
      to the ground, and cover the stumps remaining with fresh clay- this may yet
      save more. If a blight had never visited us, by cutting off the stalks, the
      potato would be better, larger, dryer and heavier."
      Cabin state passengers are now (in consequence of opposition) conveyed
      from Newcastle to Liverpool, with liberty to land and remain at the Isle of
      Man for six days at 5s.
      Friday night at Tullow, Carlow, James Codd, in the employ of John
      Whelan, Esq., of Rath, was murdered by a party of reapers. Thomas Kehoe is
      committed to abide his trial at the assizes as principal in the outrage.
      Mr. Robert Jones, of Holycross, is in Thurles bridewell, charged with
      the manslaughter of his servant girl, by giving her a stroke of a stick.
      Mr. Doyle, an Irishman, will succeed Cardinal Wiseman, as R.C. Bishop
      of London.
      Sunday evening the fowl house of the Cashel nunnery, which contained 14
      ducks and some geese, was broken into and all the fowl destroyed. Father and
      son, both Roman Catholics, and in a reputable social position, are bailed to
      stand trial before sergeant Howley, for the disgraceful outrage.
      Mr. Samuel Jameson, of Banbridge, was found drowned in the river Bann
      on Friday morning.
      The Drogheda Corporation has reduced the Mayor's salary from £200 to

      On the 18th inst., at Turlough, the lady of Wm. Malley, Esq, of a son.
      On the 12th inst., at Woolwich, the Lady of Captain J.H. Francklyn,
      Royal Artillery, of a daughter.
      At Greenfield, county Dublin, the lady of Stevenson C. Moore, Esq., of
      a daughter.

      August 6, in Galway, the Rev. P.S. Newman, of Arran, to Anne, eldest
      daughter of James Blake, Esq., of Tally Castle, both in that county.
      Lieut. J.W. Tottenham, 89th Regiment and nephew to Colonel George
      Fleming, Royal Engineers, to Annie H. Browne, daughter of the late Captain
      John Browne of Newtownberry.
      Rev. George R. Sanderson, editor of the Christian Guardian, to Miss
      Mary A. Tackaberry of the city of Toronto.
      At Toronto, Anthony R. Vyryan Crease, Esq., Royal Engineers, to Ellen
      Amelia Gifford, daughter of Dr. W. Winder, late of 49th Regiment.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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