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Connaught Journal; 3 Jan 1825

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Monday, January 3, 1825 PROVINCIAL NEWS MOVING BOG - A respectable Gentleman in this town has received a letter from Ballymoney,
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      Galway, Monday, January 3, 1825

      MOVING BOG - A respectable Gentleman in this town has received a letter
      from Ballymoney, dated December 24, in which it is stated, that the peaty
      matter of Ballywindlen bog, situate about two miles and a half from
      Ballymoney, began to move on Wednesday last, and had already covered about
      forty acres of arable land, in some places from ten to sixteen feet deep.
      Several fir blocks have been thrown up by the floating peat.- We presume
      that some subterranean stream, swollen by the late rains, which may have
      penetrated to its channel, through shallow and perilous soil, has burst
      through its usual boundaries, risen to the surface, and hurried the boggy
      matter in its precipitate course, from its former site. [ Belfast Paper.

      The late Rev. Dr. M'Mullin, Roman Catholic Bishop of Down and Connor,
      bequeathed the sum of 50l. to the poor of the parish of Down,
      indiscriminately, and a further sum of 50l. to promote Education in that
      Parish; and he also bequeathed 20l. to the poor of the parish of
      Loughinisland, and to assist Education in said Parish, a further sum of 60l.

      WHEN TO LEAVE OFF DRINKING - When you feel particularly desirous to have
      another glass, leave off, you have had enough. When you look at a distant
      object, and appear to see two; leave off, you have had too much. When you
      knock over your glass, spill your wine upon the table, or are unable to
      recollect the words of a song you have been in the habit of singing for the
      last dozen years, leave the company; you are getting troublesome. When you
      nod in the chair, fall over the hearth rug, or lurch on your neighbour's
      shoulder, go to bed; you are drunk.

      TO BE LET
      And Immediate Possession Given
      THE HOUSE, OFFICES, GARDEN and LAND, lately occupied by Miss KIRWAN, in the
      Town of Oughterard. The House consists of a Parlour, Drawing Room, and six
      Bed Chambers, with Kitchen and Servants' Apartments. The Furniture will be
      sold at a valuation, and Six Months' time given for the payment of them.
      Proposals (in writing, post paid) to be received by James Kirwan,
      January 3, 1825.

      A quarrel having taken place, on Christmas night, in the house of
      William Tanner, of Tuskin's-pass, between two young men named _____
      MacCullough and _____ Gennis, the former a Protestant and the latter a
      Catholic, they agreed to have a set fight on the Monday following; on which
      day, about 10 o'clock, the combatants repaired to a field in the townland of
      Corgrovaddy, the place appointed for the battle, attended by their
      respective friends, (there were, we understand, from 50 to 100 on each
      side), many of whom, of both parties, were provided with fire-arms and
      ammunition!- The consequence of an engagement would, in all probability have
      been dreadful. Such, at least was the country; and, fortunately, some
      influential neighbours, after a good deal of persuasion, succeeded in
      pacifying both parties, who separated peaceably and departed for their
      several homes. [ Newry Telegraph

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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