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Ballina Chronicle; 14 Aug 1850

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Co. Mayo Wednesday, August 14, 1850 HORRIBLE EVENT - An event of a most horrifying nature took place in the townland of
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      Ballina, Co. Mayo
      Wednesday, August 14, 1850

      HORRIBLE EVENT - An event of a most horrifying nature took place in the
      townland of Kiltyclaugher, about three miles from Cookstown. A poor man,
      named James Purvis, left home on a begging excursion. A short time after, he
      was seen returning, when it appears, he had attempted to cross a valley
      between the leading road and his house, in which was a meadow of very long
      grass. He was very much afflicted with pains, and walked with two staffs. He
      had got about half across the meadow, when he was discovered on Tuesday
      last. There was nothing of his remains but the principal bones, the entire
      flesh and smaller bones being entirely eaten or carried away. His old hat
      and shoes and two staffs enabled his wife and daughter to identify him. He
      could not have been recognized by his garments, as the dogs had torn them to
      get at the flesh. The coroner was there, but it could not be ascertained
      whether he died suddenly or whether he might not have been alive for a day
      or two. When the few bones and hair and skull were piled on the tattered
      garments, the sight was terrific. A young girl who came to see it was so
      frightened that she is afflicted with intervals of aberration of mind ever
      since, laughing outrageously and crying most bitterly in turn, and
      exclaiming, "the bones!"- Coleraine Chronicle.

      - Robert Mullen, Esq., is likely to get the appointment of Assistant
      Barrister of the Queen's County.
      - Mr. James W. Murray, of Lurgan, was drowned while bathing at Lough
      Neagh, on Monday.
      - John White, Esq., of Limerick and Castleconnell, the principal
      incumbrancer, has purchased the estate of the late Hugh Masey Ryves, Esq,
      under the Encumbered Estates Court for £22, 920.
      - On Sunday Matthew Mulrooney, aged 14 years, was found dead in a dyke
      on the road side, at Commenbog, near Gowran, and from the marks of
      contusions on the back of his head and shoulders, it became evident that
      death was caused by violence.
      - Patrick Whelan, son of a poor fisherman, was accidentally killed in
      Dungarvan, by a horse and cart.
      - Informations were ordered at last Ballinrobe petty sessions, against
      Rev. Mr. O'Malley, R.C.C. for an assault upon a Scripture reader named

      MELANCHOLY SUICIDE - Yesterday morning about nine o'clock Colonel
      Beauchamp, a retired officer, put an end to his existence, at a house in
      Dawson-street, by cutting his throat. An inquest was held on the body soon
      after the occurrence by Dr. Kirwan, one of the city coroners, when a verdict
      of "temporary insanity" produced by a severe attack of erratic gout was

      ROW - At the fair of Newtown last week a man, named M'Guire, living
      beyond Crossmolina, after having a rencounter with another from Ballymanagh,
      whose name we have not heard, was attacked by a party of his opponent's
      friends, and, though supported by a few of his comrades, was so severely
      beaten that his life was despaired of for some days. The police who were on
      the spot interfered with promptness, but so sudden was the assault that they
      could not effectually save M'Guire.

      August 2, at Sligo, the lady of St. John Purcell, Provincial Bank, of a
      August 6 at Wine-street, Sligo, the lady of Dr. Homan, of a son.

      August 1, at Killnein Church, by the Rev. Willa Brown, brother to the
      bride, William Roycraft, Esq., of Danefort, county of Roscommon, to Emily,
      daughter of John Brown, Esq, County Inspector of the Leitrim Constabulary,

      July 31, Eliza, the beloved and only daughter of Thomas Philips, Esq.,
      J.P., Ahafia, county Monaghan.

      The following is a copy of a letter received at the Colonial Office,
      from the Emigration Agent at Sydney, respecting the ship Thomas Arbuthnot,
      which conveyed upwards of 200 female orphans from the poorhouses of Ireland
      to new South Wales:-
      "New South Wales, Colonial Secretary's Office, Sydney, 6th
      February 1860.
      "2. - The Thomas Arbuthnot arrived here on the 2d instant and having
      visited her on the morning after her arrival, I availed myself of the
      opportunity of inspecting the immigrants on board, in company with the
      emigration agent, and I have much pleasure in stating, that of the numerous
      emigrant ships I have visited, I have never seen one that equalled the
      Thomas Arbuthnot, as regards the healthy, cleanly, and orderly state of the
      emigrants, and the admirable cleanliness of every part o the 'tween decks.
      Not a death took place during the voyage, and there was not a single
      individual in the hospital on her arrival in the port, nor is there the
      slightest reason to believe that any immoral conduct occurred among the
      female passengers on their passage hither."

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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