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Ballina Chronicle; 7 Aug 1850

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Co. Mayo Wednesday, August 7, 1850 By the death of Mr. John Schoales, Q.C., the appointment of Assistant Barrister for the Queen s
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      Ballina, Co. Mayo
      Wednesday, August 7, 1850

      By the death of Mr. John Schoales, Q.C., the appointment of Assistant
      Barrister for the Queen's County is placed at the disposal of the

      There is a parish in the barony of Upper Connelloe and county of
      Limerick, containing by the last census nearly 9,000 inhabitants. The
      greater number of these have been, for some time past, sunk in the greatest
      misery. Many causes too numerous to mention, besides the potato blight, have
      brought about this wretched state of the industrial poor.- To alleviate, in
      some degree, the sufferings and raise the condition of the female
      population, the lady of the Rev. G.G. Gubbins, vicar of the parish, has
      encouraged a large number of girls to knit fancy work of every variety of
      pattern. The execution of the knitting is of the very best description and
      includes stockings, collars, cuffs, gloves (silk and cotton), baby caps, fly
      caps, anti-macassors, doileys, pin covers, insertions, and edgings of every
      variety, &c. The prices of these articles are remarkably low, leaving a
      profit to those poor girls of only two pence per day- a price alas! but too
      indicative of an amount of destitution too painful to describe. These
      articles are so very light as easily be had by post; and those kind-hearted
      ladies who can feel, for wretchedness, and sympathize with their Christian
      brethren and sisters, struggling to alleviate a famine-stricken people, are
      solicited to extend their patronage to this humble effort in their behalf.
      It is combining, what never should be separated, unless for special
      purposes- Industry and Charity.-- Limerick Chronicle.

      The Lord Chancellor has been pleased to appoint John Garnett,
      Rathborne, Esq., of Dunsinea, a Magistrate for the county of Dublin.

      A landlord named James Bryne is missing from Kilgarvin, county Galway,
      and it is supposed he had been murdered.

      Mrs. Margaret Kinneally, a former widow, residing near Fiddown,
      Kilkenny, was robbed of 150l. by her servant, Michael Murphy, who has
      absconded to America. The money was secreted in a hold in the wall of her

      Opposition has reduced the fare from Dublin to Liverpool to 10s.

      Henry Lloyd, Esq., has been appointed a magistrate of the county
      Monaghan. He has also been appointed agent of Lord Rassmore's estates in
      that county.

      John Clutterbuck, aged 11 years, son of the late Lorenzo Clutterbuck,
      Esq., of Caher, when playing near Mr. Going's mill, at Caher, on Monday, was
      unfortunately caught by some of the machinery and so bruised and lacerated,
      he died in an hour after.

      ANOTHER £5 MEMBER - Dr. Power, M.P., for Cork, is announced by the
      Tipperary Vindicator as the new Inspector of medical charities for Ireland.
      Ecod, these Whigs are driving a brisk trade in the Irish cattle. In June the
      late member for Dundalk and Clonmel bought with a consulship and packed up
      for exportation for the Brazils. In July the hon. member for Tralee
      purchased with the collectorship for taxes. And in August the hon. member
      for Cork hooked with a roving commission! Who comes next? Clear the way,
      gentlemen for Ouseley Higgins!-- Nation.

      The Commissioners Estates of Hyacinth D'Arcy Esq. were set up for sale
      in the Rotundo, Dublin, yesterday. There were 19 lots of the Killery and
      Clifden Estates sold; the sale of the Kylemore Estate was adjourned; the
      following are the principal lots disposed of:
      Lot 9 - The Clifden Castle and demsene, containing 627 acres,
      government valuation £164 per annum, bought by Mr. John Sadler, for £3,750.
      Lot 10- Streamstown and Letternush, 1021 acres; Mr. John Sadler
      purchased for £1,425.
      Lot 14 - The town and lands of Clifden and Streamstown, valued at £524
      per annum; knocked down to Mr. Sadler at £4,000.
      Lot 7 - Lands of Ardmore, &c, 575 acres; Mr. Wm. Levingston purchaser
      at £1,900.
      Lot 9- Lands at Aughrushmore, &c, 716 acres valued at £157, bought by
      Mr. Sadler at £3,500.
      The total amount raised by the sales on yesterday is £30,555.

      The new church of Guileagh, built at the sole expense of the
      Marchioness of Waterford, is now completely furnished, and given up by the
      architect, Mr. Tinsley. It is expected the Church will be consecrated
      immediately by the Lord Bishop at Cashel.
      Appointment- The Rev. Lorenzo Torpy, B.A., county of Knockmark, diocese
      of Meath, has been appointed domestic chaplain to Lord Dunsapy.
      Appointment - Diocese of Lismore- The Rev. William Foster, to the
      vicarage of Shanraghan, county Tipperary, patron, the crown. The Rev. Ralph
      Tagert, to the vicarage of Templekenny, county Tipperary, patron, the crown.
      Diocese of Ossory - The REv. Robert Graham, Brownrigg, to the county of
      Rathdowney, Queen's County, patron, the rector.
      Diocese of Cork - The Rev. John Pickering Phair, to the curacy of St.
      Mary Shandon, Cork; patron, the rector. The Rev. John Connor, to the county
      of Taxax, county Cork, patron the rector. The Rev. W. Bennett, to the curacy
      of Ballinadee, county Cork, patron, the rector.
      Diocese of Raphoe - The Rev. Robert Bally, to the curacy of Lough, Esk
      district, county Donegal; patron, the rector of Killymard.

      Captain Kennedy, Poor Law Inspector, has been removed from Kilrush to
      Kilkenny, and Mr. Briscoe, Poor Law Inspector, for the unions of Ennis,
      Ennistymon, Kilrush and Kildysart.
      Mr. Hollingsworth, who for many years conducted the King's rooms at
      Southsea Beach, Portsmouth, died suddenly, from apoplexy, on Wednesday last.
      There are 461 paupers in the Ballinasloe workhouse, where the average
      cost per head, per week, does not exceed 10d.
      Christopher St. George, Esq., M.P., has given on his estate at
      Outerard, a suitable site for a Roman Catholic school, to be founded on the
      principle of the national education system.
      At Cork assizes a verdict of £15 damages and costs was returned against
      Mr. Charles Bianconi, at the suit of Mr. J.H. Hargrave, for injury sustained
      by plaintiff while proceeding on defendant's public car from Youghal to
      W.T. Mahony, Esq., one of the Commissioners of Public Works, was
      engaged the last week inspecting drainage operations in the neighbourhood of

      CORK, July 31 - The potatoes in the neighbourhood of Passage,
      Monkstown, Carrigaloe, and Cove, continue to show a vigour, a healthiness,
      and entire absence from disease that is most encouraging.- Although a
      greater than ordinary quantity of land has been sown- with this vegetable,
      in no instance do our correspondents mention the slightest appearance
      indicating the disease.-- Examiner.
      GALWAY, July 21 - Since our last publication we regret to find that the
      most unfavourable reports of the potato crop has been circulated. It has
      been stated to us that fields which looked green and luxuriant on last
      Saturday, presented on the following day all the symptoms of disease and
      decay. In passing last week from Galway to Castlebar- a distance of forty
      miles - we observed that the potato fields appeared to be affected more or
      less for a distance of six or eight miles below Galway; but from that to
      Castlebar they looked green and healthy.- It must be remarked, however, tht
      they were of later sowing than on this side of Shruel, and as the disaster
      is said to attack the potato at a certain stage of its growth, we may thus
      fairly account for the healthy appearance they presented and the suddenness
      with which they may be attacked. We must state that we entertain the most
      serious apprehensions regarding the safety of the present crop, whose loss
      in this country would be enormous and appalling indeed.-- Vindicator.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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