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!! Connaught Journal; 20 Dec 1824; Examinations

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    I m glad I didn t have examinations in some of the classes listed!! THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Monday, December 20, 1824 MR. KEARNS S ACADEMY Flood-Street,
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      I'm glad I didn't have examinations in some of the classes listed!!

      Galway, Monday, December 20, 1824

      Flood-Street, Galway

      AT and EXAMINATION held in Mr. KEARNS'S School, on the 16th, 17th and
      18th Instant, the following YOUNG GENTLEMEN distinguished themselves in
      their respective Classes:

      Homer, 1st Class- Burke (Nicholas), Blake (Pat); 2d, ditto, Moore.
      Testament- Cavanagh, aCoffey, aStanton.
      Cicero-Cavanagh, O'Hara.
      Horace-Burke (Nicholas), O'Hara.
      Sallust-aLovelock, sen., aCoffey.
      Virgil, 1st Class-Lovelock, sen; 2d ditto, Coffey, aStaunton; 3d.
      ditto, aM'Namara, sen; aEvans (Terrence), aKearns (Nicholas), aJoyce; 4th
      ditto, Lee (Francis), aUsher.
      Caesar, 1st Class- M'Namara, sen, aEvans (Terrence), aLee (Redmond); 2d
      ditto, Kirwan (John), aUsher, aNolan, sen.
      Selecta- Kearns (John), aBraughall, a Kelly (Robert)
      Swain - Nolan, sen, aBraughall, aNevin.
      Syntax- O'Flyn, aMcNamara, jun.
      Hoole's - Nevin, Lovelock, jun.
      Speech - Green.
      Geography - Kearns (John).
      Ancient History - Blake (Pat), aBlake (Francis), aStaunton.
      Writing, 1st Class - Staunton, aKirwan (John), aLee (Redmond); 2d ditto
      M'Namara, sen, aJoyce, aEvans (Terence); 3d do., Kearns (Nicholas), aKearns
      (John); 4th do., Nevin, aO'Flyn, aKelly (Robert); 5th ditto, Small, aNolan,
      sen, aNolan, junior.
      Arithmetic - Blake (Pat), Blake (Francis), Staunton.
      Catechism - Lee (Redmond), Haftery, Kearns (Nicholas).
      Those marked thus (a) cut for Premiums.
      Vacation ends January 9, 1825.
      Galway, December 20, 1824.


      AT a Public Examination held at Mr. Folan's School, Shop-street, on the
      17th and 18th inst., the following young Gentlemen received Premiums in
      their respective Classes, viz.-

      Homer - Burke, 1mus.
      Oemston- ditto, ditto.
      Lucian - ditto, ditto.
      Testament- Lynch 1mus *, Power
      Grammar- Folan 2dus, 1mus.

      Livy - Burke 1mus.
      Juvenal - ditto, ditto.
      Horace - Lynch 1mus., Power
      Cicero - Lynch 1mus.
      Sallust - Power *, Lynch
      Virgil- Folan 1mus, 2dus.*, Burke 2dus.
      Ovid - Folan 1mus, Burke *, Folan 2dus.
      Caesar - O'Donovan 2dus., 1mus, Ireland, Bermingham.
      Burrowes - Roche *, Wallace, Dugdale.
      Swain - Logan

      Telemachus - Walters 2dus.
      Grecian History - Wallace 1mus.
      Roman History, 1st Class - Folan, Wallace, Lynch, Power
      Ditto, 2d Class - Folan 2dus, O'Donovan 1mus *, 2dus.
      Modern History - Logan
      Geography - ?, Wallace 2dus.
      English Grammar, 1st Class - Folan 2dus* 1mus., Wallace.
      Ditto, 2d Class - Logan, O'Donovan 1mus. 2dus.
      Catechism - O'Donovan 1mus, Lynch 2dus, Carr
      Reading, 1st Class - Carr *, M'Donnell.
      Ditto, 2nd Class - Lynch, Burke, Marshall.
      Spelling - Burke, Medley, Wallace, Walsh.
      Arithmetic - Burke, Wallace, Bermingham.
      Writing - Dugdale, Folan, Logan.

      Those marked thus (*) cut for Premiums.
      Mr. FOLAN returns his sincere thanks to those Gentlemen who have
      hitherto favoured his Establishment. He flatters himself from his unwearied
      attention to the ???drals and advancement of his Pupils in their respective
      studies, that he will give general satisfaction, and gain a liberal share of
      public patronage, which it will be his unremitted and peculiar study to
      The Gentlemen Examiners expressed themselves to be highly pleased with
      the very correct and prompt answering of the Boys.
      Vacation ends January 10th, 1825.
      December 20, 1824

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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