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Freeman's Journal; 1 Sep 1764

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Freeman Journal Dublin, Ireland Saturday, September 1, 1764 COUNTRY NEWS Cork, Aug. 27. William Austin of Waterfall, Esq; is appointed one of his Majesty s
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      Freeman Journal
      Dublin, Ireland
      Saturday, September 1, 1764


      Cork, Aug. 27. William Austin of Waterfall, Esq; is appointed one of
      his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of Cork, and was this Day
      sworn into Office.
      This day ended our Assizes, at which the following Persons were tried
      and sentenced as follows:
      Dennis Mihilly- to be transported for feloniously stealind a Bridle and
      Saddle out of the Stable of Edward Sutton.
      Daniel Mahony, convicted of being concerned in several Riots at
      Mitchelstown, fined 35l. and to be imprisoned 15 Months.
      Owen Mahoney for the same, fined ? and to be imprisoned 26 months.
      Daniel Walsh, for stealing several small Articles near New-market,
      convicted to the Value of 10d., to be whipt in the Goal this Day and then to
      be discharged.
      Saturday last was married at Christ Church, Mr. Thos. Davis to Miss
      Mary Hickey.

      The Produce of the Benefactions together with the Plays, for the eight
      Orphans of the late Mr. and Mrs. Eaton, of Ormond Market, who were killed at
      Crow-street Theatre some Time ago, amounts to 557l. 15s. 2d.
      The Governors of the Lock Hospital in George's Lane acknowledged the
      Receipt of 100l. by the Hands of Bary Colles, Esq; being a Legacy bequeathed
      by the late Col. Joshua Paul, for the Use of said Charity, for which they
      return their grateful Thanks.
      Last Tuesday, Frederick Cunyngham, Esq; seized 44 Casks of Bohem and
      Green Teas, which were lodged in the Watch house at Skernes.
      Last Thursday Col. Cooper, Capt Walker, Mess. Borr and Dalton, sailed
      in the Lively, Williams, for Parkgate.
      Last Sunday Mess. Coats, Jones, Wright, Deal, Evans, Murphy, Walker,
      Curtis, Hughes and Cary sailed in the Fortescue Packet for Hollyhead.
      On the 28th, Mr. and Mrs. Courtney, Mr. Cox, Mr. Purcell, Mr. Whitney
      and the Mail arrived in the Fortescue Packet from Hollyhead.

      MARRIAGES.] Last Week Captain Ball, of Exeter, was married to the
      agreeable Miss Finlay of Watermount in the County of Meath.--Mr. James
      Gibson, of Nangor, in the County of Dublin, to Miss Grace Hempenstall.--
      Thomas Phepoe, Esq; to Miss Elizabeth Carter, of Knockmask, in the County of
      Meath.-- Mr. William Graham, of the County of Fermanagh, to Miss Noble, of
      Donagh, in said County.--The Rev. Mr. Thos. Hastings, R gifter of the
      Diocese of Clogher, to the Widow of the late Joseph Wright, Esq; of Gola, in
      the County of Monaghan.--Mr. Joseph Piercy, of Brown-street, Clothier, to
      Miss Power, of Essex-street.--Mr. Daniel Lawler of Britain-street, to Miss
      Jenny Martin of Jervais-street.-- Mr. Pat Morrice was married to Mrs. Anne

      DEATHS.] A few Days ago, at Killegordon in the County of Donegal, John
      Niely, Esq;--In Mary's -lane, Cuthbert Brown, Gent. Barrack Master of
      Drogheda.-- At Rahins near Gort, in the County of Galway, Mrs. Kilikelly,
      Wife of Garret Killikelly, Esq; --The Wife of Henry Bevan of Camais, in the
      County of Limerick, Esq; -- At Ballynure, in the County of Monaghan, Robert
      Montgomery, Esq.--At Antrim, the Wife of Mr. William Campbell.-- In
      High-street, suddenly, Mrs. Kyan.-- In Golden-lane, the Wife of Mr. Pearton,
      of the George-Inn.-- In back-lane, Mr. Rafter, Taylor.-- In Castle-street,
      James Borden, Gent., Clerk in the Auditor General Office.

      SUNDAY, Aug. 26th, 1764, about 3 o'Clock in the Morning, a Fire broke out at
      the House of Mr. Alexander Keefe, Carpenter, in New Church-street,
      occasioned by a Person sticking a Candle against a Partition, by which said
      House, with all the Furniture, was entirely consumed, and the House
      adjoining was greatly damaged. The loss sustained by Mr. Keefe and his
      Tenants, upon an exact Computation, amounts to 292l. 16s. 8d,. including the
      Expence of rebuilding the House and repairing the adjoining one; the
      Schedule of which is lodged in the Hands of the Rev. Mr. Darby, Curate of
      St. Michan's Parish, who was present at the Fire, in whose Hands also proper
      Affidavits may be seen, to authenticate the Particulars of the Loss, which
      has reduced said Keefe and his Tenants to the greatest Distress having
      deprived them of all their All. It is humbly hoped that the Public will take
      the Case of their unhappy Sufferers into their Consideration. Subscriptions
      will be thankfully received by the Rev. Mr. Darby above mentioned, who can
      certify the Truth of this Advertisement.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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