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Connaught Journal; 20 Dec 1824; Galway Items

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Monday, December 20, 1824 BOARD AND LODGING BOARD and LODGING can be had of Mrs. O Shaughnessy, Cross-street. Terms will be found
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      Galway, Monday, December 20, 1824

      BOARD and LODGING can be had of Mrs. O'Shaughnessy, Cross-street. Terms
      will be found Moderate.
      Galway, Dec. 20, 1824.
      In acknowledging the Subscriptions received for the last month, the
      Committee of the Mendicity Association cannot but advert with peculiar
      satisfaction to that of the Weavers working for the Halls of this Town, but
      they beg to assure their generous supporters, who have thus out of their
      poverty, "cast in their mile," as well as to the Inhabitants of the Town in
      general, that their liberal subscriptions must be given in vain; and
      notwithstanding all the exertions of the Committee, the Lazy, Idle and
      dissolute imposter will be seen begging through the streets until they
      resolve sternly to refuse all relief in the streets or at their doors. As
      the Committee please themselves to relieve every care of genuine distress,
      it must be apparent that of the Mendicants they now meet, ninety-nine in a
      hundred are imposters; and they appeal to the good sense of their fellow
      townsmen, whether it be not real charity to refuse them.
      Subscriptions already acknowledged £74.16.8
      James O'Hara, half year's subscription 2.5.6
      Mrs. French, Back-street, ditto 1.0.0
      Major Bodkin, Rahoon, ditto 2.5.0
      Miss Gardener, 3 months, ditto 1.0.0
      Mrs. Gale, Flood street, ditto...1.0.0
      James Stephens, ditto 0.11.4 1/2
      Patrick Ferrall, ditto 1.2.9
      Miss A. Kelly, ditto 0.10.0
      M. Sweeny, ditto 0.10.0
      James Moffat, ditto 0.10.0
      Mrs. Cheevers, Middle-street, ditto 2.0.0
      Major Browne, ditto 1.2.0
      Thomas Corr, ditto 1.2.9
      Timothy Murray, ditto 1.0.0
      Peter Traynor, ditto 1.2.9
      Patrick Fynn, ditto 0.10.0
      David Mitchell, ditto 1.2.9
      Doctor Blake, ditto 1.0.0
      Very Rev. James Daly, Warden 3.8.3
      Edward Killeen, ditto 1.0.0
      R.M. St. George, Headford Castle 1.0.0
      Wm Murphy, 3 months, ditto 1.2.0
      Richard Adams, 3 months ditto 1.0.0
      Doctor Whitley, D.D. 1.2.9
      Ladies of the Dominican Convent 1.7.6
      Weavers of the town, 2s. 6d. each 5.15.0
      Poor box at Mendicity Asylum 0.8.8
      James Foster, 3 months 0.15.0
      Sundry small subscriptions, 0.15.0
      For the Apprehension of THOMAS CONNOLLY, late Master of the Sloop
      Dunmore, of the Port of Galway, against whom there are Informations for
      Scuttling, and sinking and Dispersing of part of her Cargo.

      THOMAS CONNOLLY is about 5 feet 8 inches, age about 35 years, slender
      made, dark featured; wore a blue body-coat, with gilt buttons, blue coarse
      trowsers, black silk handkerchief and a glazed hat.
      A publication for said Reward to be made to the Directors of the St.
      Patrick Insurance Company, Dublin or to Messrs. Denis and H. Clarke, Galway.
      December 16, 1824.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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