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!! Connaught Journal; 6 Dec 1824

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Monday, December 6, 1824 CATHOLIC RENT [FROM THE DUBLIN EVENING POST OF THURSDAY] The Association met to-day at half past two
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      Galway, Monday, December 6, 1824


      The Association met to-day at half past two o'clock immediately after
      this hour the room became crowded. Many Protestant Gentlemen were present.
      JAMES O'CONNEL, Esq, was called to the Chair.
      The Committee of Finance at that hour reported the following sums, as
      received on account of the Rent since the last day of meeting, viz:

      Phelix M'Manux, Esq, Scralbeg, County Cavan...£7.10.0
      James Mullen, Rahan and Lynelly, King's County...20.0.0
      Per W.E. Andrews, Esq, London, Anonymous...1.1.0
      Per T.T. Clarke, Esq. of Twokeys, County Middlesex, his
      Michael Meagher, Bounca and Corbally, Tipperary...4.0.0
      John M'Donnell, Granard, Longford...2.0.0
      F. Bellew, Timonfeehan, Louth...7.7.4
      The subscriptions of the Rev. Mr. B. M'Kevil and H. Clarke, Esq., do...2.5.6
      John Molony, Esq., Roscarberry, Cork...9.0.0
      James Mahon, Donohill and Annacarthy, Tipperary...15.?.0
      W. Beamish, Esq. of Beaumont, Co Cork, his subscription...10.0.0
      Rev. E. Redmond, Arklow, Wicklow...28.0.0
      Committee, per Luke Eiffe, Esq, Treasurer, Ratnath, Dublin...10.0.6
      Henry Mullholland, Esq, Lisburn, deducting the 18s 3d charges,
      William Maher, Thurles, Tiperary...11.0.0
      William Delany, Durrow and Cullahill, Kilkenny...10.0.0
      P. Brady, Unry and Arragcliff, Cavan...38.10.0
      Patt Miller, Swords, Dublin...16.0.0
      Rev. Mr. Murphy, Corofin, including his subscription, Clare...5.0.0
      John O'Brien, Esq, Elmvale, Co Clare, his subscription, allocated to
      Thomas Gaffney, Treasurer, Ringsend, Dublin...17.2.0
      Surgeon K. Delany, Rathdowney and Kilismeista, Queen's Co...21.0.0
      Patt Quinn, Holycross, Tipperary...12.0.0
      John O'Connell, North Parish, Cork...20.0.0
      Rev. A. Rogers, Togher, Louth...10.0.0
      W. Brett, Secretary, St. Nicholas and St. John's Dundalk, do...30.0.0
      Richard O'Callaghan, Naas, including the subscription of James Byrne,
      Sallins, Kildare...5.2.9
      Patt Donnellan, donation from passengers in the Huband, Grand Canal passage
      A Fitzsimon, Bray, exclusive of 3l.8s. expenses, Wicklow...6.13.3 1/2
      Rev J.M'Eniry, Torquhy, Devon, his subscription...1.5.0
      Per do the subscription of an Irish Catholic Priest...2.0.0
      Subscription, per Dr. O'Donnovan, Cove, Rev Mr. Quin, Rev Mr Mahony and I
      O'Donovan, allocated, do...4.11.0
      N Kelly, Esq, Killarney, Monaghan...6.10.0
      A Markey, Esq, Layonboy, Dundee, his subscription...1.3.0
      Reverend Lawrence Mahony, Churchtown, Cork...9.0.0
      John Adams, Esq, Ferbane, King's Co...3.0.0
      J M'Mahon, Pallasgreen, Limerick...20.0.0
      M M'Donnell, Westport, Mayo...30.3.7
      Lawrence Fahy, Loughrea, Galway...3?.0.0
      J. O'Shaughnessy, Roscrea, Tipperary,...16.0.0
      J.P. Harle, Kilinnery and Moveddy, including the subscription of the Rev.
      Mr. Magrath, Cork...9.17.2
      Patt Maher, Suncroft, Kildare, 15.0.0
      Mrs. P. Doyle, per John Kiely, Sutton's Parish, Wexford...5.13.9
      Thomas Morgan, St. Michan's., Dublin...7.13.5 1/2
      Jeremiah Kelly, Stradbally, Queen's Co...15.10.0
      Peter Rungier, Rowlestown and Old Town, exclusive of 3s 7s 7d expenses,
      Twenty new Members from Armagh...22.15.0
      J Horan, Baltinglass, Stratford on Slaney and Bumho-hall, Wicklow...20.0.0
      Rev. James O'Donohue, per J Rhatigan, Esq, Edgworthstown, Longford...8.15.4
      Total £599.5.4

      (From the Derry Journal)

      On Tuesday last, two females of the name of Loudon, together with John
      Kyle, William Quigley and Frederick O'Kane were committed by the Magistrates
      at Petty Sessions, held at Newtown-Limivady, for refusing, on being duly
      summoned for the purpose to give evidence of an illegal marriage, celebrated
      by a Roman Catholic Priest, between Kyle and Quigley, who are Roman
      Catholics, and the two Loudons, who are Protestant Dissenters. The act under
      which the parties were committed is highly penal, and makes it not only a
      capital felony in the Priest, who marries Catholics and Protestants, but
      also empowers the Magistrates to commit, for three years, any of the parties
      present who refuse to be examined, or give evidence as to the offence having
      been committed. The above parties peremptorily refused to be examined, and
      the Magistrates had no alternative but to exercise the power vested in them
      by the statute. The parties, however, have since seen their error, and
      submitted to be examined. As soon as they intimated their intention, his
      Worship the Mayor, and Sir G. Hill, attended at the gaol, and took their
      examinations, and having entered into recognizance to prosecute, as required
      by the statute, they were immediately discharged. We approve highly of the
      decision with which the Magistrates acted in this matter, as it is become a
      common practice in that neighbourhood for Priests to celebrate marriages of
      this kind, whereby the peace of many families have been destroyed. The
      Parish Priest, whose Curate performed the above ceremony, having been lately
      implicated in a like offence, pleaded ignorance of the law, expressed his
      contrition, and gave a written undertaking not to err in future. We trust
      the Magistrates will follow up the present prosecution, so as to prevent a
      recurrence of this most nefarious system, which is calculated to sow
      dissensions among families, and sap the very foundation of Protestantism. If
      it be not put a stop to, the Maynooth practitioners will leave little for
      the Protestant Clergymen to do in the way of marriages; the fee exacted for
      these clandestine marriages is 1l. from each couple, at least such was paid
      in the two late instances. It may be useful to state that any Roman Catholic
      Priest convicted of the offense is, by the 33d Geo. III, subject to a fine
      of 500l. to his Majesty- the statute making it a capital offence,is,
      however, not repealed.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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