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!! Ballina Chronicle; 24 July 1850;

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Co. Mayo Wednesday, July 24, 1850 MISCELLANEOUS Frederick Holder, late Lieutenant 14th Dragoons, who sold his commission for £1,190
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      Ballina, Co. Mayo
      Wednesday, July 24, 1850


      Frederick Holder, late Lieutenant 14th Dragoons, who sold his
      commission for £1,190 in January, 1848, has petitioned the Insolvent Court.
      Mr. John Sidney Smith has resigned the managership of the Tipperary
      joint stock bank, Roscrea, upon his appointment to an extensive land agency
      in Mayo.
      Mr. W. Cronin, Supervisor of Inland revenue, Tuam, has been removed to
      Mr. Edward England, of Cork, was fined 50l. on Monday for adulteration
      of snuff; Daniel Manly tobaconist, like penalty.
      The failure of potatoes between Dingle and Tralee is considerable.
      Two families, late tenants of the Marquis of Conyngham, in the North
      Liberty barony, sailed from Limerick on Saturday in the Bon Accord, for
      Quebec, one possessed of 430l., the other of 320l. to re-commence farming in
      the New World.
      Several young gentlemen from the neighbourhood of Limerick intend to
      emigrate to Australia.
      Mr. James Comerford, solicitor, was arrested on Friday at Killarney, a
      hostile message having passed between him and Mr. A.M'Carthy after a
      personal conflict in the hall of Killarney Club.

      Mr. Dease, Q.C. had a critical escape from being killed on Saturday,
      while proceeding from the terminus at the railway, Cork. The car upset which
      inflicted some wounds, fortunately, not very serious.

      ROSCOMMON GRAND JURY - Fitzstephen French, Esq., M.P., foreman; Oliver
      D.J. Grace, Esq., M.P.J. Irwin, Esq., Leibeg; Thomas George Wills Sandford,
      Esq., Castlereagh; Sir Gilbert King, Bart, Charlestown; E.H. Naghten, Esq.,
      Thomastown; T.J. Barton, Esq., Glendalough; Col. J. Caulfield, Nicholas
      Balfe, Esq., Southpark; A.J. French, Esq., Roderick O'Connor, Esq., Milton;
      Denis O'Connor, Esq, Mount Druid; Cristopher French, Esq., Cloonyquin;
      Charles French, Esq., Richard Irwin, Esq., Rathmine; Henry M. Smyth, Esq.,
      New Park; J.D.F. Greene, Esq., Mantua; Alexander Creighton, Esq., John
      Flanagan, Esq, Drimdoe; Arthur O'Connor, Esq., Elphin; Joseph Kinkaid, Esq.,
      John D'Arcy, Esq., Cargins; George Digby, Esq., Drumdall.

      LEITRIM GRAND JURY - Lord Viscount Clements, Foreman; Nicholas L.
      Tottenham, Francis La Touche, John Dickson, Guy Lloyd, Hugh L. Montgomery,
      Pierce Simpson, Wm. A. Lawder, J.H. Payton, Josias Rowley, Arthur J.V.
      Johnston, Henry M. Palmer, Hugh G. Byrne, George H.C. Payton, John Lawder,
      Richard Mayne, William Lawder, Francis M. Olpherts, Lewis Algeo, and Geroge
      Lestrange, Esqrs.


      At the Rectory house, Ballinasloe, the Lady of the Rev. J.C. Walker, of
      a son.


      At Galway, the Rev. J.A. Galbraith, F.T.C.D. to Hannah Maria, daughter
      of the late Rev. John Bredin, Cavan; also Charles Cheyne, son of the late
      John Cheyne, M.D., Physician-General to the Forces in Ireland, to Eugenia
      Ellen, daughter of the late Rev. John Bredin.


      At Castlebar, Jane, daughter of Lieut. A.W. Dickson, 17th Regt.
      On Wednesday the 17th inst., at Union Lodge, County Sligo, Mrs. Forey,
      aged 74 years.
      Catherine, widow of the late French M'Dermott Roe, Esq., of Alderford,
      County Roscommon.
      Of water on the brain, at St. Croix, Canton de Vaud, Switzerland, aged
      11 years, the beloved and only daughter of Edward Knox, Esq., M.D. of Sligo.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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