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!! Connaught Journal; Dec 2, 1824; Galway Magdalen Asylum

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, December 2, 1824 MAGDALEN ASYLUM It will be found by the Resolutions this evening, that this great desideratum has, at
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      Galway, Thursday, December 2, 1824


      It will be found by the Resolutions this evening, that this great
      desideratum has, at length, been placed on a permanent footing. The
      subscriptions, (the list of which is given,) promise fairly to render this
      institution a source of great and permanent advantage to the morals of the
      rising generation, and, indeed, to society in general. To the excellent
      individuals who have originated this institution, words can be of little
      consequence; but the anticipation of good that must flow from it is
      calculated to create in their breasts sensations of an enviable description,
      far superior to the praises of men.


      NOV. 24, 1824, to consider the best means for the Support and Management of
      the Institution, it was resolved that said Asylum be forthwith Opened for
      Poor Penitent Females, and that an Association of Ladies be now formed, by
      whose zeal and exertions, as well as contribution, the Establishment may be
      rendered successful and permanent.- This Association to be named "THE ST.
      Resolved, That every Lady, contributing by a Yearly Subscription, be a
      Member of said Society.
      Resolved, That the business of said Society be to raise subscriptions,
      to inspect the accounts of the income and disbursements, to procure
      materials of labour for the Penitents, and other suitable resources of
      Resolved, As it may be of essential benefit to the reclaimed Females
      whom they return converted to the bosom of Society, to be totally unknown,
      that the internal management of the Asylum be confided to Miss LYNCH, of
      Naniz, as far as relates to all intercourse with the Penitents; and that,
      therefore, the enclosures of the Asylum be never opened to any visitor
      Resolved, That the admission of a Penitent be regulated as follows:-
      That no Female be received until she shall have been three months reclaimed
      from the crimes-that it is absolutely necessary that she shall have been
      under the care of some Clergyman during that period-and that, after having
      given each proof of her sincerity, she obtain a certificate of same, from
      such Clergyman, & that such certificate be only granted not on hearsay, but
      accurate observation- that during such time of probation, the Penitent must
      not have been seen ever in one instance to have held intercourse of any sort
      with her former evil companion; and that she shall have lodged in the house,
      and under the consideration of, some unsubjectionable and honest
      housekeeper, who may give testimony of her mildness, repentance, sobriety,
      and regularity as to hours and strict propriety-that during such period of
      probation such extern Penitent receive her daily support, of the simplest
      kind, from Miss LYNCH, at the hour she should come to receive instruction;
      as also, that she be supplied with some materials of industry, the produce
      of which to go towards defraying the expences of lodging.
      Resolved, That any Female giving these proofs of her repentance, be
      admitted, after three months of probation, dated from the day she shall have
      notified Miss LYNCH, or any Clergyman, her desire of entering the Asylum.
      Resolved, That Friday being the day on which our REDEEMER shed his
      blood to save the sinner, be also the day of admission to such poor
      Penitents as d.s.c to be saved.
      Resolved, That a Subscription be now made towards the support of this
      Asylum, and that Mrs. B. MARTYN be requested to act as Treasurer, and Rev.
      P. DALY as Secretary to the Institution.
      Resolved, That our warmest Thanks are due, and hereby given, to the
      kind and generous Ladies and Gentlemen in Dublin, who have hitherto
      subscribed towards the repairs of these Premises, and whose patronage is of
      such advantage and utility to the Asylum; and that a Newspaper, containing
      these, our Resolutions, be forwarded by our Secretary to each of them.


      James H. Burke, Esq. £5.0.0
      Warden Ffrench 2.5.5
      Reverend Patrick Mooney 1.2.2
      Reverend John Lowthar 1.2.2
      Reverend James Ffrench 1.2.9
      Reverend Austin M'Dermott 1.2.9
      Reverend John Fallon 1.2.9
      Reverend Mark Finn 1.2.9
      Reverend Peter Daly 1.2.9
      Reverend Mathias Joyce 0.11.4 1/2
      Reverend Laurence O'Donnell 1.2.9
      Walter Joyce, Esq. 1.2.9
      James Joyce, Esq. 1.2.9
      Colonel Blake 1.2.2
      Richard Adams, Esq. 1.2.9
      James Lynch, Castle, 1.2.9
      Patt M. Burke, Esq. 1.2.9
      Edward M'Donnell, Esq. 1.0.0
      Denis and Hugh Clarke, 1.2.9
      Laughlin M'Laughlin, Esq. 1.2.9
      John Moore, Esq. 1.0.0
      James Burke, Esq (Back-street) 1.0.0
      Reverend Patrick M'Dermott 1.2.9
      Reverend John Molloy 1.2.9
      Austin Quin, Esq. 0.10.0
      Redmond Comins 0.10.0
      Mrs. Cox 1.0.0
      Miss French 1.0.0
      Miss Bidilin Lynch 1.0.0
      Thomas Redington, Esq. Glenale 5.0.0
      Henry Persse, Esq. 1.0.0
      Miss Martin, High-street 1.2.9
      James Mahon, Esq. 1.0.0
      John Clayton 1.2.9
      Martin Kineavy 0.10.0
      Doctor Veitch 1.2.9
      Patt Joyce, Dominick-street 1.2.9
      Sir Capel Mulineaux, Dublin 1.2.9
      Lady Mulineaux, do. 1.2.9
      Hon. Henry Caufield, do. 1.2.9
      Mrs. Latouche, do. 1.2.9
      Coll Kelly 1.0.0
      The Misses Gardiner 5.0.0


      Mrs. Lynch, Lombard-street 3.0.0
      An Unknown 2.5.5
      Miss Lynch, Lombard-street 1.2.9
      Miss M. Lynch, do. 1.2.9
      Mrs. Martin, Back-street 1.2.9
      Mrs. Doctor Martin 1.0.0
      Honourable Mrs. Mullins 2.5.6
      Mrs. O'Flaherty, Knockbane 2.5.6
      Mrs. O'Flaherty, Kingston 1.2.2
      Mrs. O'Flaherty, ditto 1.2.9
      Miss Eliza O'Flaherty, Bath-Lodge 1.2.9
      Mrs. Joyce, Merview 2.5.6
      Miss Joyce, ditto 1.2.9
      Mrs. Joyce, Square 1.2.9
      Mrs. Gale 1.2.9
      Mrs. Baldwin 1.0.0
      Mrs. Blake, Prospect-hill 1.2.9
      Miss Nally, 1.0.0
      Mrs. Hynes, 1.0.0
      Mrs. O'Flaherty, High-street (donation) 1.0.0

      The Secretary takes this opportunity of acknowledging the receipt of
      the Subscriptions of the Ladies and Gentlemen of Dublin, who have patronized
      the Institution and to apologise for not having done so last Spring when the
      money was received.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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