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!! Connaught Journal; Nov 25, 1824

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, November 25, 1824 CATHOLIC RENT- PARISH OF NEWTOWN We discover, in the Resolution at Newtown, which will be found in
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      Galway, Thursday, November 25, 1824


      We discover, in the Resolution at Newtown, which will be found in our
      advertising column, that his Excellency the Earl of Clancarty has
      contributed to the support of the measures of the Catholic Association.
      There is in those Resolutions a vote of thanks to the Nobleman for his
      subscription. It will be recollected that this Nobleman is brother to his
      Grace the Archbishop of Tuam, Dr. Trench, of Ballnasloe, and many other
      distinguished TRENCHES. Prince Hohenlohe is completely outdone. Irish
      Miracles are now go. Even those of the Establishment are beginning to deal
      in the stupendous.


      In our last we had, under the above head, a few lines, which we since,
      and immediately after the publication of our Journal, discovered to be an
      erroneous statement. As far as we are concerned it will be recollected, that
      we must receive our information on such subjects from others, who may
      themselves be deceived or misled.- The occurrence, with which the Policeman
      of the revenue Corps, was connected, took place about ten o'clock on Sunday
      evening, and when we wrote the few lines in allusion to it on Monday, the
      Magistrate's investigation was proceeding, but had not been terminated. Of
      course, then, we could not have collected any thing like a definitive
      account from the affidavits, and what we gave was merely a matter of
      hearsay, and one of the thousand and one reports which were flying abroad.-
      We find that this unfortunate person had been drinking at a christening with
      one of the Veterans, in the Shambles Barrack, and when returning home got
      into an altercation with, we hear, a person named Joyce- blows ensued, and
      the Policeman not being the better man, ran home to his barracks, and having
      armed himself with his carbine and pistol returned to the spot, where he met
      a man named Roche, dressed in similar cloths to those of his opponent Joyce.
      The mistake was rather an unfortunate one for poor Roche. The Policeman
      aimed his pistol and fired at him, and the ball took effect immediately
      under the poor man's arm, and passed out under the blade bone. The wound is
      not mortal.- When some of the townspeople heard the discharge of fire arms a
      large concourse of people collected to the spot and gave M'Nally a desperate
      beating of which he lies dangerously ill.
      Here we think it due to the parties concerned, to state that we have,
      with all the diligence in our power, endeavoured to discover whether the
      above occurrence was at all connected with that vile spirit of party which
      is staling through the Country.- Did it at all savour of any such-those who
      know us are aware that the fact would not be conceded by us. We would ring
      it through the Country until it reached the ears of the Viceroy. But, in
      truth, we have not discovered any such matter.- It was, we believe, one of
      those unfortunate bursts of passion which occasionally disgrace our nature.
      The consequences have been indeed melancholy.- but nothing like a party
      spirit could be discovered in any part of the transaction by the Hon. Mr.
      Ffrench, the Magistrate, who took the informations and examined the parties.


      It does not appear to be generally understood by the small farmers,
      that in the case of all lettings subsequent to the introduction of the Tithe
      Composition Act into a parish, the occupant is entitled from his landlord to
      credit, in his account of rent, for any money paid as tithe composition, as
      for so much paid for his landlord's use.

      The Hon. Mr. Hare, Candidate for the County Kerry, has declared his
      determination in the event of his election, to support the question of
      Catholic Emancipation. He has obtained the support of the Earl of Kenmare.

      The Borough of Mallow will be warmly contested by Lord Glentworth, son
      of the Earl of Limerick. It was this Nobleman who made the first effort to
      oppose the Corporation interest of Limerick, in which his brother-in-law,
      T.S. Rice, Esq. afterwards succeeded.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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