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!! Connaught Journal; Nov 25, 1824; Mostly Galway

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, November 25, 1824 NOTICE To BERNARD BROWNE, Esq. BRYAN DUNNE, Esq. Mr. PATRICK WALSHE and BROTHERS, and all other
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      Galway, Thursday, November 25, 1824

      and all other persons interested.
      I HEREBY caution you, and each of you, not to pay any sum or sums of
      money whatsoever on account of the fifth portion of the rent payable out of
      your holdings respectively, of the lands of Enniskew, Ennisusken, Ewillagh,
      Mulkenagh and ?, situate in the Baronies of Ballinahinch and Moycullen and
      County of Galway, which Lands you lately held under my Father, the late
      Richard Burke, Esq. Merchant or Public Notary, as I consider myself legally
      authorised to exercise and levy all rent and arrears of rent due on the 1st
      November last, and hereafter, for the undivided fifth of the said Lands to
      which alone I consider myself duly entitled; and I hereby apprise you that I
      shall enforce the payment of the said rents, notwithstanding any payments
      you may make or have made on account of these, to any other person or
      persons whatsoever, and notwithstanding a notice, signed "MARY M'CARTHY," of
      the 4th November instant, which appeared in the Connaught Journal Newspaper
      of that date; and should I not be legally entitled to receive same, I hereby
      give further Notice, that I am well informed a brother of mine the name of
      EDMOND BURKE, and oldest son and heir at law of the said Richard Burke, is
      now living, and was in Trim?omalie, East Indies, in the year 1821, who must
      be duly entitled to receive said rents-Given under my hand, at Galway, this
      19th day of November, 1824.

      The Hon. Denis Arthur Bingham, a Minor, by the Right Hon. (the Baroness
      Clanmorris, his Mother and Guardian,
      The Right Hon. Charles Barry, Lord Baron Clanmorris,
      PURSUANT to an Order made in this Case bearing date the 13th day of
      November, 1824, I will, on Tuesday, the 20th day of November instant, at my
      Chambers, Inns-quay, Dublin, Set up and Let by Public Cant, to the highest
      Bidder, for the term of three years, pending this Cause, or during the
      Minority of said Minor, from the 1st day of November, 1824, ALL THAT AND
      THOSE, the Lands of Knockdoroho, containing 264A. 1R. 12P.; Rauacieeva,
      North-west division containing 241A. 1R. 25P.; North Division of Lehanagh,
      containing 73A. 0R. 16P.; Cloonball, containing 167A. 0R. 20P; Shinganagh,
      containing 165A; North Division of Summer-Hill, containing 159A and 10P;
      South Division of ditto, containing 222A. 0R. 28P; West Division of ditto
      containing 47A and 1R; Car?abrook [may be Carnabrook or Carsabrook]
      containing 31A. 2R. 25P.; Lisheneen, containing 39A. 1R. 6P.;
      Ballynaurroddo, 108A. 3R. 11P.; Gradage, containing 75A. 3R. 0P.;
      Weatherfort, containing 167A. 1R. 5P.; Clogoanageeragh, containing 170A. 3R.
      9P.; Par??and Ruanmore, containing 232A. 0R. 20P.; Poolavooly, containing
      119A. 2R. 21P.; Knocklogan, West, containing 205A. 0R. 28P.; Clareens,
      containing 112A. and 31P. All of which said Lands are situate in the
      Baronies of Kilmain and Carra and Co. of Mayo, and are of excellent quality
      for Grazing and Meadowing. Also, from the 1st day of May last, for the same
      period, the following Lands, being part of the Demesne of Newbrook, in said
      County Mayo: The Deer-Park, Redgate-Park, containing 155A. 2R. 39P.;
      Bullock-Park and Lawn, containing 52A. 9R. 5P. excepting the Houses, Offices
      and Gardens and enclosed Plantations. The Islands, containing 45A. 2R.
      18P.-The Grove, Knocknalinsky, 40 Ridges, containing 33A. 2R. 26P. Also, the
      Lands of Cruskeen, containing 85A; and Kiltrogue, containing 262A. 1R. 0P.
      situate near Clare-Galway, in the County of the Town of Galway; the Mills of
      Ahascragh, and Callowes adjoining, containing 13A. 1R. 8P. situate within
      six miles of Ballinasloe, in the said County of Galway, lately held by John
      Dated this 17th day of November, 1824.
      The Tenants must enter into the usual Recognizance. The Letting to take
      place at the hour of one o'clock in the afternoon of said day.
      For further particulars apply to Charles Filgate, Esq., Mount Pleasant,
      Ballyglass; or to Mr. Brabazon Browne, the Minor's Solicitor, No. 115
      Baggott street, Dublin.

      In Dominick-street, Galway, on the 22d instant, aged 69 years, Mrs. D.
      Cannon, wife of John Cannon, of Millmount, Esq. of a painful and lingering
      illness, which she bore with that fortitude and meek resignation which ever
      distinguishes a true christian. As a most exemplary wife, an affectionate
      and tender mother, and a sincere friend, she was equalled by few; she
      departed this life with full assurance of a blessed immortality, most deeply
      and sincerely regretted by a numerous circle of friends and acquaintances.

      TO BE SOLD
      In the Matter of James Jones, Insolvent
      In the Town of Ballinasloe, on the 26th day of December next, an
      Annuity of Fifty-? Pounds per year.- For further particulars apply to Daniel
      Flattery, Esq. of Ballinasloe, Assignee.
      W.M. KENNY, Auctioneer.
      November 25, 1824

      THAT I have appointed Mr. EDWD. O'SHAUGHNESSY, of Kilcreest, my Agent
      for the receipt of my Rents, and arrears of Rent, in the room of Raymond C.
      De Burgh, Esq. to which all persons concerned are directed to take notice.
      ANNE H. IRWIN.
      Dublin, Nov. 20, 1824

      AT a very numerous MEETING of the ROMAN CATHOLIC INHABITANTS of the
      Parish of TYNAGH, held in the chapel of GUARRANE, on Sunday, November 21,
      PATRICK SKERETT, Esq. of Derrywillin, being called to the Chair.
      The following Resolutions were proposed and unanimously adopted:-
      Resolved, That MICHAEL COGHLAN, Esq. be our Treasurer and M.J. LYONS,
      Esq., Secretary.
      1st. Resolved, That highly approving, in common with our Catholic
      Fellow Countrymen, of every constitutional means to obtain from the
      Legislature the redress of the grievances that affect our Body, from a
      conscientious adherence to the Religious of our Forefathers, we consider the
      Catholic Rent to be eminently calculated for the attainment of our just
      claim. (Moved by M. J. LYONS, and seconded by ROBERT SKERRETT, Esq.)
      2nd. Resolved, That the conduct of the Catholic Association has been
      such as to merit our entire and implicit confidence- (Moved by JAMES
      CASSERLY, Esq. and seconded by MARK WHYTE, Esq.)
      3d. Resolved, That DANIEL O'CONNELL, Esq, the zealous and
      uncompromising Advocate of Civil and Religious Liberty is deserving of our
      warmest thanks.- (Moved by EDWARD KELLY, Esq. and seconded by MICHAEL
      COGHLAN, Esq.)
      4th. Resolved, That the particular Thanks of this Meeting are due, and
      hereby given, to our worthy Pastor, the Rev. P. SHIEL, P.P., and his
      Assistants, the Rev. Mr. ROCHFORT, for their exertions in promoting the
      objects for which we are assembled, and for favouring us with the use of
      their Chapel- (Moved by JAMES CASSERLY, Esq. and seconded by M.J. LYONS,
      5th. Resolved, That our unqualified Thanks are justly due to JAMES
      CASSERLY, Esq. for the very elegant manner in which he has explained the
      objects of our meeting- (Moved by the Rev. Mr. SHIEL, P.P., and seconded by
      the Rev. Mr. ROCHFORT)
      6th. Resolved, That the above Resolutions be inserted in THE CONNAUGHT
      PATRICK SKERRETT, Esq., having left the Chair, and EDWARD KELLY, Esq.
      of Killine, being called thereto, the Thanks of the Meeting were unanimously
      voted to him for his very proper and dignified conduct in the Chair.
      (Signed) EDWARD KELLY.
      M.J. LYONS, Sec.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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