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!! Connaught Journal; Nov 25, 1824; Provincial Intelligence

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, November 25, 1824 PROVINCIAL INTELLIGENCE Wednesday evening, between six and seven o clock, James York, a respectable
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      Galway, Thursday, November 25, 1824


      Wednesday evening, between six and seven o'clock, James York, a
      respectable farmer, from Tubberclare, near this town, having business to
      transact in the vicinity of the Canal, he walked into the water, and was
      unfortunately drowned.-- Athlone Herald.
      ENNIS, Nov. 18.- Saturday night, four cows and a heifer, the property
      of a tenant of Charles H. Leslie, Esq., were inhumanly cut and houghed on
      the lands of Balllinaspegmore, County Cork. A large reward is offered for
      the apprehension of the perpetrators.
      On Friday last, the Rev. J. Kinehan, the Clergyman of the Established
      Church at Feakle, visited a school at Isle, which is under the tuition of a
      person named Moloney. On his return, accompanied by this person, he had
      proceeded but a short distance from the school, when he was struck with a
      stone by a villain, from behind a ditch.-Mr. Kinehan could accurately
      discern the size and apparel of the ruffian, but not his face, as he
      immediately made off. The Rev. Gentleman shortly after called on the
      military stationed at Feakle and told them the circumstances-from thence an
      official account was transmitted to the commanding officer here. The ruffian
      has for the present eluded search, but, we trust, he will yet meet with the
      reward of his misguided zeal. The only cause that can be assigned for this
      assault on a most exemplary clergyman, is his having visited the school. His
      being a stranger, and not recently appointed in that part of the country,
      renders the outrage to be the more deplored.
      On Friday last an inquest was held before R. Greene, Esq., on the body
      of a man named Taaffe, who resided about mid-way between this town and
      Corofin. The circumstances of his death were as follow- A few days previous,
      a firkin of butter and some wearing apparel were stolen from the house of a
      neighbour, who was disconsolate for the loss. The strictest search proved
      fruitless, until Thursday evening, when the deceased, as he was passing
      along the road, observed a dog tearing up the ground, which seemed to have
      been recently dug. Attracted by the appearance of the dog, he removed some
      stones, and there discovered the stolen property. He instantly communicated
      the happy tidings to the owner, who, in return, invited the deceased and
      four or five others to drink at his "whiskey forge," where they remained
      until early next morning. The house of the deceased was but a short distance
      off, across a field, and the rest of the party offered to accompany him,
      which he would not permit, but jumped over the wall - not far from where he
      was found a corpse at twelve o'clock the next day! The Jury returned a
      verdict of "died by the visitation of God."
      Last night, Messrs. Hewitt and Clancy, Officers of Excise, assisted by
      Lieut. Welseley, and a party of the 25th regiment, stationed here, succeeded
      in destroying an extensive distillery, consisting of large quantities of
      singlings and potale, with vessels, on the lands of Ballynacossugh, in the
      parish of Kilmaly.
      The house of a man named Martin Thompson, (who prosecuted a Roman
      Catholic, named James M'Cosker, at Omagh Sessions, for a party riot in April
      last), residing at Knockinnis, Co. Fermanagh, was attacked and robbed of a
      firelock, on the night of the 1st inst. by a number of persons, who beat the
      poor man in a savage manner. On the night of the 9th inst., the cowardly
      villain put his cow to death, by pouring vitriol down her throat. A few
      nights after the latter outrage, a number of ill-disposed ruffians of the
      opposite party, attacked the house of several Roman Catholics, and beat the
      inhabitants with sticks in a cruel manner.
      Wednesday, a woman named Johanna Halloran fell into a reservoir of
      burnt-beer at the Thomond-gate distillery, and was terribly scalded-she was
      conveyed immediately to the County Infirmaty.
      Thomas Doolan, Esq., C.C.P., is about to be removed from this district,
      comprising the Baronies of Castlea and Kilmallock, in the County Limerick,
      and to replace Captain Dumas, in the Barony of Small County. Mr. Jackson,
      son of the late Captain Jackson, of the Clare Militia, is to succeed Mr.
      Doolan at Kilmallock.
      His Majesty's Government, in this County, have ordered the sum of 30l.
      to be given to Michael Gorman, sen., whose son was murdered whilst bravely
      defending his house at the Commons of Rathkeale, in the Spring of 1822, when
      it was attacked by a large armed party of Whiteboys, and for which offence
      Pat. Bennet was capitally convicted at the last Assizes of Limerick.
      A man named Peter Hynes, who was recently endeavouring to deceive the
      Magistrates of the Co. Cork, by giving false information, has been
      transmitted by Major Carter, to Limerick, in order to have him transmitted
      to this County, whence he states he is from.
      Tuesday, Timothy Sheahan, charged with the murder of the Franks family,
      and who escaped out of the guard-room of Doneraile, was taken prisoner near
      The parishioners of the Union of Dunkerrin, diocess of Killaloe, have
      compounded with the Very Rev. Dean Hawkins for the sum of 1000l. per an
      exclusive of his valuable glebes.
      On Thursday night last, four cows, the property of Thomas Gibbon, was
      houghed on the lands of Edmondstown, in the County Mayo.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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