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!! Connaught Journal; Nov 22, 1824

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Monday, November 22, 1824 MARRIED In Dublin, Alexander Boyle, Esq, to Helen, daughter of the late William Orr, Esq. of Halston,
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      Galway, Monday, November 22, 1824

      In Dublin, Alexander Boyle, Esq, to Helen, daughter of the late William
      Orr, Esq. of Halston, Renfrewshire.
      In Dublin, Charlotte, relict of William Dunne, Esq., and daughter of
      the late John Woodturk, Esq. to John, second son of Walter Commins, Esq. of
      Ballylar, County Carlow.


      At his house near Clare, on Sunday, the 7th instant, in the
      thirty-eighth year of his age, the Very Rev. Doctor Doyle, Pastor of
      Kilbride and Horseleap, and Vice-General of the Diocese of Meath. Two or
      three days before his death, a decree was received from Rome, appointing him
      Notary-Apostolic-but he had exchanged temporal for eternal honors, and is
      gone, amidst the regrets of the Clergy, and wailings of an afflicted Flock,
      to enjoy that God, whom through life he served with fidelity and fervour.
      At Forquay, in Devonshire, on the 2d inst, the Hon. Mrs. Hely
      Hutchinson, wife of the Hon. Abraham H. Hutchinson, and daughter to John
      Burke, Esq. of Clongowna, County Tipperary.
      On Thursday last at Carhue, County Clare, Margaret Lewer, Lady of
      Charles M'Donnell, Esq.
      At Fentore, same County, Mrs. Blood.
      At Bally????tin, County Limerick, Mrs. Cudmore, relict of Paul Cudmore,


      BOYLE, NOV 18 - The ill-starved villains, as denounced, are. it would
      appear, introducing their cowardly principles into our hitherto peaceable
      vicinity. On Monday night last, the herd of James Knott, Esq. of
      Battlefield, in this neighbourhood, was visited by some of the Rockites.
      These civil gentry proceeded to administer an oath to his herd, at
      Knockbrack, making him swear by their throats that he would relinquish the
      service of his master. To this the poor man, in order to evade the
      vengeance which they vowed, complied; but on being released from the
      clutches of these daring wretches, he communicated the circumstance to his
      master, at whose instigation the man retains his situation, and who, in
      conjunction with 29 other Gentlemen, have offered a reward for the
      prosecution of the persons concerned.


      On Wednesday morning, Mr. John Joseph Pim, of Mecklinburg-street,
      Dublin, accompanied by Mrs. Mowlds, of North Cumberland-street, arrived at
      Shanahan's hotel, at the Mall, in this city, and after changing horses,
      immediately drove off for Dunmore, where they were in consequence of the
      non-arrival of the steam-packets, obliged to sojourn at Cherry's hotel,
      until Saturday morning, where they were undertaken by the lady's husband,
      Mr. George F. Mowlds, a respectable Solicitor, accompanied by another
      professional Gentleman. An unpleasant and rather violent reucontre took
      place between the parties. Mr. Moulds seized a box, which, it is said,
      contained a good deal of property, and with the rest a gold watch that had
      been carried off by his wife. He had Mr. P. arrested on a charge of robbery.
      About noon on Saturday the parties came up here from Dunmore, accompanied by
      two of the Police, and appeared before Henry Adcock, Esq., a Magistrate,
      who, upon investigating the charge and not deeming it sufficiently
      supported, discharged Mr. Pim. Mr. and Mrs. Mowlds shortly after set off for
      Dublin. Mr. Pim returned to Dunmore, on his way to England. Mrs. Mowlds has
      a family. Mr. Pim is but 23 years old and is still to have little or no
      property.-- Waterford Mirror.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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