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!! Ballina Chronicle; June 19, 1850; Killala Petty Sessions

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Co. Mayo Wednesday, June 19, 1850 KILLALA PETTY SESSIONS- June 14, 50 Magistrates present- D.J. Cruise, Esq., R.M., Chairman, John
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      Ballina, Co. Mayo
      Wednesday, June 19, 1850

      KILLALA PETTY SESSIONS- June 14, '50

      Magistrates present- D.J. Cruise, Esq., R.M., Chairman, John Perkins
      and Robert Kirkwood, Esqrs.
      Lieut. Redmond Moriarty, R.N., Emigrant Inspector, appeared to
      prosecute Mr. Thos. Townley, for allowing a passenger into his vessel after
      being inspected and completing her number for Quebec. The first case was the
      suit of John Rielly, for the amount of passage money paid.
      John Regan, sworn- Gave Mr. Townley £3 to bring him to Quebec; Mr
      .Townley would give no ticket before the vessel sailed; he said, "Give me £3
      and you will get provision on board from the Captain; " witness paid £2 to
      Mr. Townley in his own house, and 1l. in the vessel; got a receipt for the
      2l. in part payment.
      Dr. Townley, who appeared for his brother who was at Westport, stated
      the money was for a passage in a vessel at Westport. The receipt produced is
      not the regular receipt.
      John Jordan sworn- Went with last witness to Mr. Townley; saw 2l. paid;
      Mr. Townley told Regan he could not tell him until Thursday whether he could
      get a passage in the Brig, and desired him give witness the 2l., until he
      should be able to learn what he could do; the money was however pressed by
      Regan on Mr. Townley, who took it.
      Lieutenant Moriarty sworn- Recollects the brig "Grace" in Killala; saw
      nothing of Regan in Killala; took a list of passengers but Regan's name was
      not on it; the vessel, owing to the drunkenness of the Captain, was driven
      into Sligo; went on board there, mustered the crew, and found Regan on
      board; all the passengers told witness Mr. Townley stowed this man away; the
      Captain and Mate were drunk, and witness had to remove them; the Captain was
      fined 10l.; Mr. Townley was written to by witness to come to Sligo but he
      did not come.
      Regan cross-examined- Got no other ticket but the receipt for 2l.
      produced, and witness gave that ticket to the Inspector; about four or five
      days before the vessel left Killala he paid his money, and Jordan was
      present when he paid it; got the ticket now produced; cannot tell whether it
      was in the morning or evening he paid it, but walked home 10 miles by
      daylight afterwards; came back the next day to pay the full money but Mr.
      Townley would not take it, and put him off from day to day; Mr. Townley put
      him on board the vessel and told the Mate to take him on his list; handed
      Mr. Townley the 1l. 10s. but he handed him back 10s.
      Mr. Cruise and Mr. Perkins- It seems hardly credible that Mr. Townley
      would hand back 10s. Why not keep it as well as the pound.
      Cross-examination continued- Mr. Townley told witness he should be
      placed on the Captain's book and get provision; stayed but two days until
      the vessel sailed; saw Captain Moriarty when he came on board at Killala to
      inspect the vessel; was in the boat while that gentleman was inspecting;
      wanted to go on board but Mr. Townley would not let him; did not go into the
      vessel while Captain Moriarty was there; Mr. Townley put him on board
      unknown to the Captain of the vessel; witness positively identified the
      ticket he received.
      The bench decided that the three pounds paid by witness be refunded and
      a pound costs.
      The second case of Lieutenant Moriarty against Thomas Townley for
      taking money from John Regan for a passage to America, without giving him a
      legal ticket, was called on, and the evidence was the same as above.
      The bench fined Mr. Townley in the mitigated penalty of 5l. and costs.

      [Article transcribed as printed- although article mentions first case is
      suit of John Rielly the suit was presented by John Regan.]

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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