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!! Ballina Chronicle; June 19, 1850; Misc News

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Co. Mayo Wednesday, June 19, 1850 MISCELLANEOUS Sunday last as Dan Clare, servant to H. Drought, Esq., of Oaklawn, near Kennitty,
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      Ballina, Co. Mayo
      Wednesday, June 19, 1850

      Sunday last as Dan Clare, servant to H. Drought, Esq., of Oaklawn, near
      Kennitty, was driving cows to pasture, he was waylaid and left for dead by
      five men.
      Dr. Apjohn was on Friday elected Professor of Chemistry in Trinity
      Lieutenant Brockman, 58th Regiment, who was missing just before the
      battle of Moodkee, was murdered by thugs. One of them confessed that the
      officer was going to a well alone, where they saw him, set upon, strangled
      and robbed him!
      The Rev. Peter Daly, chairman of the Galway Harbour Commission, states
      that he had recently visited the south of Ireland and the greatest
      enthusiasm prevailed there in reference to the establishment of a packet
      station at Galway! He had received a letter from a gentleman in the bank of
      Scotland, at Inverness, enclosing a subscription for furtherance of the
      project, and expressing a hope for its success.
      John Healy, a pensioner, is committed to Roscommon gaol for the murder
      of James Duffy, near Athlone. Duffy's daughter is arrested as an accomplice
      in her father's murder!
      The Wesleyan Chapel, Donegal-square, Belfast, was re-opened for divine
      worship on Sunday last having been re-built since the fire of 20th Sept,
      The Lucifer steamer, Lieut. Commander Lloyd, is ordered from Galway to
      the Isle of Man.
      Mr. Thomas C. Anderson, son of John Anderson, Esq., sub-inspector of
      Borris in Ossory, has been appointed to a cadetship in the Constabulary.
      A parish priest in Wexford will leave accompanied by whole families,
      next month for America.
      A family, five or six in number, living in Ballycusiane, near
      Castleisland, have been arrested on suspicion of murder. A man named Horan,
      who was servant in the house, got married to the widow of his master, a rich
      farmer named Kenny, but they lived unhappily, and eventually separated, and
      twice since Horan's life was endangered, it is said, by his wife's sons. On
      one occasion he was fired at, and on Wednesday he was sent for by his wife
      to meet her at another farm. He went, and has not since been heard of. The
      wife, her sons, and servants are in Bridewell.
      Miss Heany of Mohill, was married in the church of Newtown-forbes on
      Monday to Mr. Hamilton, and after the ceremony proceeded the their residence
      in Granard. She took seriously ill on Wednesday evening, and her death took
      place on Thursday.
      Charles Couch, keeper of the canteen at St. Nicholas's Island,
      Plymouth, was fined on Friday last, 889l. for having contraband randy on the
      Charles Keane, a pensioner from the 70th Regt., residing in Derry, died
      suddenly on Sabbath last from intemperance.
      Already 600 enrolled pensioners are settled in New Zealand most
      satisfactorily and the price of land in the vicinity of the pensioner
      villages has risen. The guards over convicts now keep up the supply of
      Pensioners for Australia, and the success of the experiment has been
      Now that the pensioners have been properly armed efforts will be made
      to place in store almost 60,000 stand of percussion muskets for the militia,
      and all the flint and steel arms will gradually be replaced in the colonial
      Capt. the Hon. A. Jocelyn, of the Carbiners, is shortly to head to the
      hymeneal altar a daughter of Sir John M'Neill.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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