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!! Ballina Chronicle; June 12, 1850; Misc News

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, June 12, 1850 MISCELLANEOUS Bets are made at Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway, between the Viceroy and
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, June 12, 1850


      Bets are made at Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway, between the Viceroy
      and Canada steamers, both having sailed on Saturday, the one from Liverpool
      and the other from Galway, as to which shall first touch at Halifax.
      John Reardon, a young man, was killed at the fair of Ballinamona last
      week by the blow of a stone on the head, from a man named Hourigan, who is
      in custody.
      Thomas E. Beatty, Esq., is elected President of the College of
      Surgeons, Dublin.
      The Lord Chancellor has been pleased to appoint Charles Wilmot Smith,
      Esq., to the commission of the peace for Clare, on the recommendation of Sir
      Lucius O'Brien, Bart., Lieutenant of the county.
      Lord Dunraven is completing the beautiful new Adare Castle. Over the
      grand entrance on stone are the words "Love God only- Obey the Queen-Eschew
      evil, and do good."
      A court-martial is to assemble at Plymouth for the trial of Second
      Lieutenant Charles Pyne, Royal Marines, for having disobeyed the commands of
      Adjutant Forbes, R.M., his superior officer, in having refused to fall in at
      sword drill.
      Lord Palmerston is sued for 16l. poor rates by the Sligo guardians.
      There was a partial outbreak of paupers of Mountkennet Workhouse on
      Wednesday, which was promptly suppressed by arresting ringleaders, who are
      lodged in gaol.
      Edmond Walshe, for the murder of his near relative, Martin Walshe, at
      Killmacow, Kilkenny, last month, surrendered himself at Liverpool in
      Saturday for transmission to Ireland.
      Mr. Joshua Magee, coroner for Newry, has reported to the London Times
      the circumstances of the barbarous murder of Mr. Mauleverer, with his own
      very partial colouring of the evidence, a very unusual step with any Irish
      gentleman holding the office of coroner. Mr. Magee also transmitted a copy
      of process served on a Winow Larkin, next he charges the murdered gentleman
      with a malediction uttered against a poor woman for bog money, and concludes
      his recital of what the writer deems facts, by the too convenient comment,
      "It may be said this goes to extenuate, if not to justify assassination."
      This from a judge in his own court of preliminary inquiry?
      OXYGEN GAS A CURE FOR CHOLERA - Doctor Macrea, civil surgeon at Howrah,
      has, according to the Indian Times, discovered a new and most successful
      mode of treating cholera patients. He causes them to inhale a certain
      portion of oxygen gas, which communicates a strong stimulus to the frame,
      and finally throws the patient into a refreshing sleep. On awakening, he
      finds himself restored to health, with the exception of the general weakness
      which always succeeds any physical prostration. Dr. Macrea has tested his
      mode of practice upon fifteen European seamen, who have been carried to the
      Howrah Hospital in the last stage of the disease, and the patient has in
      every instance recovered.
      Edward Ledwith, Esq., of Ledwithstown, has received the commission of
      the peace for Longford.
      At Armagh, on Monday, W.H. Curran, Esq., Insolvent Commissioner, on
      ordering the discharge of George Nettleton, by his giving up possession of a
      farm, said the insolvent by so doing in no way interferes with what is
      called "The Tenant Right" of occupiers from year to year, the provisional
      assignee being liable to the insolvent's creditors for his disposal of the
      A young midshipman, named Cunningham, was killed by a fall from the
      mainmast of her Majesty's ship Arethusa, at Lisbon, last month.
      The Marquis of Londonderry deserves credit for determination that his
      land shall no longer be cultivated to a style a century behind every well
      farmed portion of the kingdom. He has intimated to his tenantry that the
      three-course system at present followed shall be discontinued. The wheat is
      to be sown with clover this spring, and he insists that a green crop or a
      drilled or manured crop shall always in future be grown between two white
      Mr. Sarjeant Murphy has started for the representation of the city of
      Martin Connell, employed on the Midland railway, near Mullingar, was
      killed on Tuesday by a train which passed over him, severing head and body.
      Nine vessels with "bread stuffs" arrived in Limerick from Wednesday to

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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