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!! Ballina Chronicle; June 5, 1850; Misc News

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, June 5, 1850 Friday last Messrs. Young and Bond, of the 85th at Mullingar, became rivals for the winning of
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, June 5, 1850

      Friday last Messrs. Young and Bond, of the 85th at Mullingar, became
      rivals for the winning of a large sum, under the following circumstances.-
      The race was for three miles, a portion of which was to swim across the
      Royal Canal, afterwards to cross a river almost as wide as the canal, and
      then on through town to the "Cat and Bagpipes." Mr. Bond met with an
      accident, by striking his breast against a ditch, by which Mr. Young came in

      Stephen Butt, a pensioner at 5d. per day, who is committed to Maryboro
      gaol for robbery in the mills of John Dugdale, Esq., Dunamore, lately got
      his Peninsular medals with seven clasps.

      On Sunday at Tallanstown, County Louth, a policeman named James Clyde,
      who had after seventeen years service received intimation of his dismissal
      for intemperance, committed suicide by drowning himself. He has left a wife
      and five children.

      HORRIBLE DEATH - PORTSMOUTH, MONDAY.- A deplorable accident happened on
      Southern Commons this morning, by which a private soldier of the 28th
      regiment, named W. Bruton, a very fine young man, lost his life. A fatigue
      party from that regiment went out this morning from their barracks in
      Portsmouth for the purpose of rolling the exercise ground and road. The
      roller was a large iron one, and heavily loaded. The men were being fast
      with it and the unfortunate deceased had hold of the shaft. He is supposed
      to have stumbled and let go his hold of the shaft, for he fell, and the
      roller passed immediately over him, literally crushing the body into the
      earth, and completely flattening it. The corpse was immediately conveyed to
      the hospital by his distressed comrades.

      PROGRESS OF THE TENANT RIGHT MOVEMENT - The tenant right movement
      progressed bravely in this county, and we have in every publication to
      chronicle some of the practical results. The following is the latest. Early
      in the morning of the 25th inst. a threatening notice, of which we subjoin a
      copy, and having a pen and ink sketch of a very ferocious looking pike, with
      a Mitchel hatchet and crook attached, as well as two capacious coffins
      neatly figured beneath, was posted on the door of the house of George
      Sparling, rentwarner to J. Minchin, Esq. at Boggan, in the parish of
      "I hereby give you the first and last notice that if you dont make
      amends you treator for your interference with mintion advising the villin to
      starve the poor and persecute the tenants which is well none by your passing
      acts and publick robbery prepare for coffins and barkers for you, and
      mintion he wont refuse the snaping of them, if not ye dont no the minute i
      your friend will call on you."- Kilkenny Moderator.

      Neptune B. Conway, an old and respectable inhabitant of Thomondgate, was
      found drowned in the river near Barrington's-quay, yesterday morning. It is
      thought reverse of fortune induced him to commit suicide. His wife died
      within the last two months.--Limerick Chronicle.

      We feel great pleasure in announcing that our talented schoolfellow
      Francis G. Joynt, only son of Anthony Joynt, Esq., of this town, and
      formerly Sub-Sheriff of this county, has been admitted a member of the
      College of Surgeons of England.

      CASTLEBAR POOR HOUSE - On last Saturday the Castlebar guardians
      unanimously elected Doctor Barrett as medical superintendent of this
      establishment, and a better or more judicious selection could not have been
      made. - Mayo Constitution.

      THE CHURCH - The Rev. Mr. Lynch has been appointed by the Bishop of
      Tuam to that portion of the living of Ballyhean, in the parishes of
      Burriscarra and Ballyhean. We understand that the remaining parish,
      Ballyvovey, has been conferred on the Rev. Mr. Townsend. This living was
      enjoyed by the late Rev. Mr. Pasley but has been divided by Bishop
      Plunket.-- Mayo Constitution.

      A fleet of 23 ships with bread stuffs arrived in Cork in two days of
      last week.

      Mr. Edward Kennedy, the barrister, and late candidate for Cork city,
      was last week brought up for judgment in the Queen's bench and sentenced his
      illegitimate son, a boy of tender years. Sergeant Murphy addressed the bench
      in mitigation for the prisoner.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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