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!! Connaught Journal; Nov 4, 1824; Galway Items

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, November 4, 1824 DIED At his house, in the Main-guard, on Saturday last, very generally and deservedly regretted,
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      Galway, Thursday, November 4, 1824

      At his house, in the Main-guard, on Saturday last, very generally and
      deservedly regretted, Rickard Burke, Esq. for a series of years Public
      Notary of this Town; and until lately, Clerk of the Peace, Town Clerk, and
      Secretary to the Town of Galway Grand Jury. Few men have lived to the
      advanced age of Mr. Burke, who left this world more regretted. In the
      various departments in which he had been placed, a strict and unbending
      integrity was the characteristic of his conduct; and while he fitted those
      situations with honor to himself, and utility to the public, he was not less
      to be respected in private life for his amiable and unobtrusive manners. Mr.
      Burke lived to the advanced age of 80 years- and until his late sickness,
      which did not continue more than a few days, enjoyed the most perfect
      health, and discharged the duties of his station in person.

      On Tuesday morning, in High-street, very deservedly regretted, Mr.
      William Cox, a gentleman of strict integrity.

      TO BE LET
      Till the first day of May next, in the whole or in such divisions as may be
      agreed on,
      THE GRASS of about 600 acres, of the LANDS of KNOCKDOE, situate half
      way between Tuam and Galway. - The Lands are well inclosed and subdivided.
      Application to be made to Mr. James Henderson, Attorney, Tuam.
      John Glynn, the Heard on the Premises, will show the Lands.
      November 4, 1824.

      THE Committee of the Mendicity Association beg leave to inform the
      Public that the House which they have taken is now prepared, and will be
      open for the reception of Mendicants on _____ next; they, therefore,
      particularly request the inhabitants of this town to refrain from giving
      alms in the streets, or at their doors, after that day, as they may depend
      that all Mendicants will obtain adequate relief by applying to the Committee
      at their Office, Wood-quay.
      Such persons as have not yet paid in their subscriptions are earnestly
      requested to do so, as it is distressing and inconvenient in the highest
      degree to the Committee to be obliged to call for them at their houses.
      Subscriptions and donations will be thankfully received by John
      Ireland, Esq., High-street, Treasurer; the Rev. John D'Arcy, Back-st.,
      Secretary, or any of the Members of the Committee- And all subscriptions
      exceeding a Pound will be acknowledged, from time to time, in the Public
      Prints, and when they fall short of that sum, in a Book kept by the Clerk of
      the Committee, at the Office, Wood-quay, to which the Subscribers can have
      recourse at any time.
      The following Subscriptions have been already received:-

      Lachlan Maclachlan, Esq, half-years subscription...£1 14s. 1 1/2d.
      Rev. John D'Arcy, do...1.14.1 1/2
      P.M. Lynch, do...2.5.6
      Joseph Dickenson, do...1.2.9
      _____ Howe, do....1.2.9
      George Cuppaidge, do...2.5.6
      James O'Flaherty, do...0.11.4 1/2
      Samuel Shone, do...1.2.9
      J.L. Reilly, do...2.10.0
      Captain Hanlon, do...1.2.9
      Nicholas Burdge, do...0.11.4 1/2
      Hon. Martin Ffrench, do...1.2.9
      Cahill & Bodkin, Medical Hall, do...1.2.9
      Sir John Burke, Bart, do...1.3.0
      Thomas Redington, Glenlow...5.0.0
      Patrick Malone, do...1.2.9
      Patrick Lynch, Dublin...1.0.0
      Patt Lawless, do...1.1.8
      Thomas Connolly, do...0.11.4 1/2
      Patt Murphy, do...0.11.4 1/2
      James Coleman, do...0.11.4 1/2
      Mark Kealy, do...1.2.9
      Colonel French, do...0.11.4 1/2
      James Costello, do...1.10.0
      Richard Martyn, do...2.16.10 1/2
      Coll Kelly, do...1.2.9
      Robert Power, do...1.2.9
      John Mitchell, do...1.2.9
      James P. Morris, do...1.14.1 1/2
      His Grace the Arch B. of Tuam...11.7.6
      Michael Noon, do...1.2.9
      George Connolly, do...1.2.9
      John Clayton, do...1.2.9
      Miss Cox, do...0.11.4 1/2
      Andrew Blake, do...1.0.0
      Anthony Lynch, do...2.0.0
      Mr. Green, do...0.1.4 1/2
      Mr. Tierney, do...1.0.0
      John Kell, do...1.2.9
      Martin Kineavy, (4 months)...0.11.4 1/2
      Redmond Commins, do...0.11.4 1/2
      James Fynn, do...0.11.4 1/2
      Mrs. Ireland, Back-st, (4 months)...0.10.0
      Sundry small Subscriptions...10.17.11
      Total.....£74 16 2 1/2

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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