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!! Freeman's Journal; Sep 18, 1781

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    FREEMAN S JOURNAL Dublin, Ireland Tuesday, September 18, 1781 Monday evening three decent looking women went into the shop of Mrs. Martin, linen draper,
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      Dublin, Ireland
      Tuesday, September 18, 1781

      Monday evening three decent looking women went into the shop of Mrs.
      Martin, linen draper, Abbey-street, and while two kept the people of the
      shop employed, the other found means to carry off one piece of cambrick and
      two of muslin. - One piece of the latter in handkerchiefs. It is to wished
      that some of those pests of society were detected, and not suffered to
      escape through mistaken lenity, but punished with the utmost rigor to be an
      example to others.

      Extracts from the proceedings of a Court Martial held by the Kilkenny
      Rangers, on Thursday, the 13th of Sept., inst.
      "Lieut. Walsh having reported to Col. Butler the officer commanding the
      garrison at Kilkenny, that he had confined Alexander Gibson, a private, who
      being placed centinel on one of the outposts of the French and Spanish
      prisoners, in the city of Kilkenny, was found asleep on his post, contrary
      to orders, and in violation of the trust reposed in him. A court-martial
      being ordered,
      LIEUT. COOKE, President.
      Robert Edmonds, Nicholas Colles, James Shee, William M'Veagh, Members.
      And the said Alexander Gibson appearing in custody, and the above
      charge being read against him, he pleaded guilty thereto; wherefore he, the
      said Alexander Gibson, was declared incapable of ever serving as a
      Volunteer; and was therefore immediately discharged from confinement and

      BIRTH.] The Right Hon. Lady Kingsborough, of a son.

      MARRIED.] At N. Lemavady, Capt. M'Causland, to Miss M'Causland,
      daughter of Marcus M'Causland, Esq; also Mr. James Ross to Miss Ogilby.-- At
      Tramore, John Langly, of Lackfin, in the county of Tipperary, Esq, to the
      widow Gregg of Waterford.-- At Ballysax, county Kildare, James Joynt, Esq;
      of Hollymount, county Galway, to Mrs. Browne.

      DIED.] In St. John's street, (London), Mr. Thomas Theebridge, 50 years
      painter to the Charter-house; he had 36 children born alive by his wife, 21
      of whom are now living.--In Frederick-street, after a tedious illness, the
      Lady of Sir Fielding Oald.--Mrs. Anne Edwards, widow of the late Cadwallader
      Edwards, Esq; of Ballyhire, Wexford.--At Cork-hill, Mr. Hugh Moffet,
      grocer.--On Temple bar, aged 90, Mrs. Saunders, formerly of Castledermot,
      county Kildare.- At Rathlarnham, Mr. Reynolds, an eminent Silk merchant, in
      Ash-street.-- Mr. John Malady, late an eminent Carpenter on the
      North-strand.--At Lodge, in the county Kilkenny, the seat of Folliot Warren,
      Esq; Mrs. Anne Maria Warren.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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