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!! Ballina Chronicle; May 22, 1850; Miscellaneous

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, May 22, 1850 MISCELLANEOUS Mr. John Barton, of Fairford, last week killed a pure Cotswood sheep, which
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, May 22, 1850

      Mr. John Barton, of Fairford, last week killed a pure Cotswood sheep,
      which weighed 80 lbs per quarter, and produced 37 lbs of loose fat, the caul
      alone weighing 28 lbs.
      The ship Perseverance, of Westport, from Cork to Glasgow, with flour,
      is burnt to the water's edge at Warrenpoint.
      The Board of Works have allowed the Harbour Commissioners of Galway to
      subscribe 25l. to the trip of the "Viceroy" from that port to Halifax, and
      to remit the harbour dues on her.
      The site of the Roman Catholic Cathedral at Derry has cost 385l.
      On Monday, at York, Kate, daughter of John Griffin, Esq., of Tuam, was
      received into the Convent of Samauro? by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Briggs.
      Richard Barrett, clerk in the Cove Postoffice is committed on a charge
      of embezzling of ship letters.
      Mr. Talbot, of New Ross, has sown 250 acres with flax seed during the
      last month.
      The captain who took O'Gorman and his friends Doyle and O'Donnell on
      board at Kilrush, and conveyed them to Constantinople, in the autumn of
      1848, is now at Passage, Cork. His name is Taylor and he is a native of
      Northumberland. On his return he told the story to the Collector of Customs
      in London, and he lost the command of the ship in which he then served.
      The Ballinasloe Guardians have taken the late barrack premises in that
      town for an auxiliary workhouse.
      The Ballinasloe Guardians intend to apply to the directors of the
      National bank for a loan of 2,000l. on the security of the rates, for the
      purpose of sending out emigrants from the workhouse to South Australia in
      the summer.
      Sir Joseph Burke is elected chairman of the new union of Glenmada,
      Galway, Richard D'Arcy Esq., vice-chairman and Mr. John D'Arcy clerk.
      Saturday was the anniversary of the death of Daniel O'Connell, at
      Genoa, in 1847.
      Mr. Cockburn presented to the House of Commons on Tuesday a petition
      from the Roman Catholics of the city of Kilkenny, who stated that the
      population of that place was 24,000, of which number 19,000 were Roman
      Catholics and the remainder Protestants. They stated, further, that there
      were in Kilkenny two Protestant churches, affording ample church
      accommodations for the Protestant portion of the population; whereas there
      was only church accommodation for four thousand of the Roman Catholic
      inhabitants. They stated that the cathedral Church of St. Conice seldom had
      a congregation of more than 200 persons, and they prayed that it might be
      given up to the Roman Catholics for whose spiritual wants it was most
      admirably adapted!!!
      Referring to the sales of the Portarlington and D'Arcy estates on
      Tuesday last, the Mail observes: "Land to the value of £54,000 was disposed
      of; and, we are bound to say, at prices that must, all things considered, be
      regarded as satisfactory. The biddings varied from eighteen to twenty-five
      years purchase, and in one or two instances rose to high at twenty-six. In
      every case the purchasers were Irishmen, and in some the names would seem to
      indicate that they were tenant farmers, the occupiers of the lot."
      The Society of Friends Lugger, Vivid, has returned to Galway from the
      Fishng Cauks, after a stay of six weeks, with seven ling and eight cod fish
      and a cost of about £50!!
      Three Danish vessels are discharging Indian corn in Galway. Great
      progress is made in removing the rocky Bar at the entrance of the new dock.
      Divers are daily at work, blasting under water.
      A gang of fellows is lodged in Kilrush gaol for cutting off the hair of
      cattle in that district.
      The corporation of Waterford have passed a resolution to encourage the
      culture of flax on their estates.
      At the instance of John Bolton Massey, Esq., the Kilmallock guardians
      have resolved to send 1,000 able bodied paupers to America.
      The house of Mr. Allen, master of the Society of Friends school, Upper
      Newtown, Waterford, was entered on Wednesday night by robbers, who stole the
      plate and other articles.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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