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!! Connaught Journal; Oct 21, 1824; Galway Items

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, October 21, 1824 Any person giving intelligence of a dumb boy, aged about nine years, named Wm. Hopkins, who strayed
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      Galway, Thursday, October 21, 1824

      Any person giving intelligence of a dumb boy, aged about nine years,
      named Wm. Hopkins, who strayed away from his mother about a month since,
      from Tullamore, and who it is supposed, passed through the towns of
      Banagher, Ballinasloe, and Loughrea, will have the blessing of his poor
      afflicted mother, who has hitherto made the most diligent search after the
      boy, but in vain. He wore at the time he strayed a frock trowsers, his
      complexion was pale, long visaged, and his hair of a light color.

      In Middle-street, on the 14th inst., the Lady of Jas. French, of
      French-Grove, Esq. of a daughter.

      At Tuam, on the 13th instant, James Lynch, Esq, Lobury, county
      Roscommon, to Catherine, eldest daughter of Charles Blake, Esq. of Tuam.

      TO BE LET,
      From the first day of November next, for such terms as may be agreed on, the
      Part of the estate of JAMES KELLY, Esq., of Newtown, viz.:-
      The MILL and STORES of Newtown, together with any number of Acres as
      may suit the Tenant, with a comfortable Dwelling House, all slated, with
      every convenience of the best Turf on the spot; all in good repair, and at
      Also, the HOUSE and DEMESNE of FARM HILL, containing about One Hundred
      Acres good Meadow Tillage and Grazing Land, all divided and enclosed in very
      convenient Parks; the House, Offices, and Garden lately put in thorough
      repair, and a very good Pump in the yard.
      And also, the part of the Lands of LISS, as late in the possession of
      Malachy Fahy, for Six Months from July last, subject to redemption; the
      Grass preserved since Mayu last, enclosed with a double-stone wall.
      There are several other well enclosed Winter Parks to be Let until May
      next or a Lease given.
      Every encouragement will be given to solvent, improving Tenants.
      Those Lands being for some time in the occupation of Mr. Kelly, the
      Stock, Corn and a large quantity of well-saved Hay, turf, &c. will be given
      to the Tenant at a valuation.
      All the above Lands lie on the great road from the County Mayo to
      Ballinasloe, and within six miles of Tuam.
      Proposals (in writing only) to Augustine Fallon, Esq. Farmhill, and
      Michael Dowdall, Esq. Tyaquin, Monivae, who will close with a Tenant or
      Tenants as soon as the value is offered.
      The Steward at Farmhill will shew the Lands.
      October 21, 1824.

      For Young Ladies
      MRS. SARDO (late Miss Conniffe, of Loughrea) most respectfully informs
      her Friends and the Public, that he has removed to a Commodious House in
      Back-street, Galway, (formerly occupied by Mrs. Lynch, of Barna) and that
      she will resume a School at that place on the 25th Instant. YOUNG LADIES
      shall be most carefully instructed in HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, ENGLISH, FRENCH,
      ITALIAN, MUSIC, DRAWING, and every Department of Useful and Ornamental
      This Seminary, independent of the annual attendance of the most eminent
      Masters, will have the peculiar advantage of Mr. SARDO's constant residence
      and useful instructions in Music and Italian.
      The Health and Manners of her Pupils, their Improvement, both Mental
      and Moral, shall be the unceasing occupation of Mrs. SARDO.
      N.B.- A limited number of BOARDERS will be received and the Terms will
      be found moderate.
      October 14, 1824.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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