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!! Ballina Chronicle; May 8, 1850; BDMs

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, May 8, 1850 BIRTHS April 29, at Pembroke-place, Dublin, Lady Kilmaine, of a son. April 27, at Moyoda
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, May 8, 1850

      April 29, at Pembroke-place, Dublin, Lady Kilmaine, of a son.
      April 27, at Moyoda Castle, Lady Claremorris, of a daughter.
      April 27, at Kilrush Glebe, the lady of the Rev. J.F. Robbins, of a

      May 1, in Lurgan Church, the Rev. Robert Sewell, Methodist minister of
      Cork, to Jane, eldest daughter of the Rev. Wm. Herbert of Lurgan.
      April 20, in Rathlin Church, R.H. Wallace Dunlop, Esq. of the Bengal
      Civil Services, to Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. R. Gage, of Rathlin.

      In Castlebar, on Friday last, after a short illness, John Symes, Esq.,
      of this town, aged 54 years. The deceased gentleman had been in that town on
      the Earl of Arran's business, and died at hte residence of his friend
      Charles Malley, Esq.

      It has not fallen to our lot since we entered on our present career to
      record a more melancholy event than the death of John Symes, Esq., which
      appears in our obituary of this date.
      It is only eight years since, in his capacity of Agent to the Earl of
      Arran, he became a resident in this town. Previous to that time he was a
      total stranger, but such was his constant and punctual attention to his
      duties, and such his honest devotion to their discharge that,
      notwithstanding the post which he filled, rendered so especially arduous
      during the late trying years, he gained the good-will and respect of both
      landlord and tenant. In his magisterial duties he - by his strict
      impartiality and genuine integrity - won the approbation and esteem of his
      colleagues; and in the circle of his acquaintances his kindliness of heart
      and tried benevolence, joined to his sterling honesty of character, rendered
      him the true friend and faithful counsellor of all who had the happiness and
      honor of knowing him.
      On Monday morning his remains were conveyed to this town from
      Castlebar, and interred in the churchyard of Ardnaree, accompanied by an
      immense number of all classes, parties and creeds - each anxious to pay the
      last token of respect to one whom in his life time they would have delighted
      to honor.

      We regret to communicate the death of the Right Rev. Lord Robert
      Ponsonby Tottenham Loftus, Lord Bishop of Clogher, which took place on
      Sunday last. His lordship was in his 77th year and 47th of his Episcopate.
      The diocese of Clogher is the last which has been abolished by the Church
      Temperalities Act. Its reserves, which amount to £12,000 per year, go to the
      Ecclesiastical Commissioners, and the diocese will extend from Ballyshannon
      on the West coast, across to the neighbourhood of Newry, and down to
      Drogheda, embracing the counties of Fermanagh, Tyrone, Armagh, Monaghan and
      Louth. There are 45 benefices in the diocese of Clogher, including perpetual
      curacies.- Lord Tottenham was created Bishop of Killaloe in 1804, Ferns in
      1820, Clogher, 1822. He was uncle to the Marquis of Eli, and brother-in-law
      to Lord Hawarden.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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