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!! Ballina Chronicle; May 8, 1850; More Misc News

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    BALLINA CHRONICLE Ballina, Mayo, Ireland Wednesday, May 8, 1850 In Cork there were 50 drunkards committed to bridewell on Saturday night, and 31 on Sunday
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      Ballina, Mayo, Ireland
      Wednesday, May 8, 1850

      In Cork there were 50 drunkards committed to bridewell on Saturday
      night, and 31 on Sunday night, besides 29 charged with robbery, vagrancy and
      rioting, making a total of 116 within 36 hours.

      Captain Dyas, stipendiary magistrate, died at Ballymena on Saturday
      last. He served throughout the Peninsula and with the 51st at Waterloo.

      Constable Odium and party, of the Cregbrien station, arrested Michl.
      Cleary, charged with the murder of Michael Cleary, of Crossderry on the 18th
      of September.

      The Great Midland and Western Railway Company have subscribed £500 for a
      steam-packet to make experimental trips between Halifax and Galway. It was
      resolved to engage the Viceroy, which recently made the passage from Dublin
      to Glasgow in fourteen hours and twelve minutes. The Viceroy, Captain Ewing,
      is announced to sail from Galway, the 1st of June, for Halifax direct.

      On Thursday last Sir John M'Neil was elected junior Warden, of the
      grand lodge of Freemasons in Ireland, in room of R. Cooper, Esq., deceased.
      There were 130 of the craft present at their rooms in Dublin.

      Richard Kinealy, caretaker, was murdered at Lismatigue, Kilkenny, on
      Monday, while in charge of an evicted farm.

      According to a return recently made, the total number of gallons of
      proof spirit distilled during the year ending January 5, 1850, was - in
      Ireland, 8,355,038 gallons.

      There remains little doubt that the loss of the Royal Adelaide steamer
      was occasioned by the bursting of the boilers and blowing up of the vessel.

      Mr. H. Hill's Pitsford won the two thousand guinea stakes at Newmarket
      on Tuesday, beating Lord B. Lennox's Beehunter, the favourite, by a neck.

      The Cushla Machree, emigrant vessel or New York, belonging to Evans and
      Son, of an from Galway, on the 30th of March, when 1600 miles from Cape
      Clear, was struck by a heavy sea, and thrown on her beam ends, when the
      three masts were cut away, and other measures taken to keep the ship afloat.
      They hoisted signals of distress and the Infants, Captain Purdy of New York,
      stood to, and ultimately 159 of the passengers and crew were taken on the
      Infants, and arrived in Liverpool. All the passengers, with the exception of
      a family of eight, in the cabin, were destitute.- The poor creatures were
      all from the neighbourhoods of Galway, and were conveyed to the Liverpool
      workhouse for relief.

      Two farmers residing near Roscrea, were served with threatening notices
      on Thursday night, cautioning them on pain of death to have nothing to do
      with the land in which Michael Moran sold his interest - the party then
      broke several panes of glass in the dwelling houses and fired shot through
      the bedroom window.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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