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!! Connaught Journal; Oct 14, 1824

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Thursday, October 14, 1824 On Tuesday night, the 5th Inst., the house of James Langstaff, Esq., near Drumreany, a police station
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      Galway, Thursday, October 14, 1824

      On Tuesday night, the 5th Inst., the house of James Langstaff, Esq., near
      Drumreany, a police station in the barony of Kilkenny West, county
      Westmeath, was attacked by a party of men, consisting of nearly 40, all
      armed, under a leader dressed as well as any gentleman. After obtaining
      entrance, they ordered the servants to deliver up Mr. Langstaff's sons,
      which was all that they required; upon which four guns, four pistols and a
      spring bayonet, were handed to them, with which they departed. The commander
      was dressed in a suit of blue, much like that of an officer; and his boots
      creaked, as those only do which are worn within doors.

      On Wednesday night last, Thomas O'Neill, driver of the Limerick and
      Waterford Mail, having an altercation with his wife in Clonmel, struck her
      some blows of a stick of which she died. The unfortunate man was the first
      to make known the dreadful catastrophe, and surrendered himself. - The wife
      was much addicted to drunkenness. A Coroner's Inquest was held on the body -
      Verdict, "Wilful Murder."

      On Wednesday evening, as John M'Mahon, of Lehinch, County Clare, and
      Patrick and James M'Mahon, of Ballycasey, were returning from market, they
      were attacked on the height of Thomond-gate, by five fellows who beat them
      with large wattles and spade ?????, in so savage a manner that James M'Mahon
      died yesterday in the Infirmary and his two brothers are in a dangerous
      state; the pretext for the assassination is that these peaceable farmers
      attempted to vend their grain without the intervention of a gang of ruffians
      demoniated "Corn Bankers [?]" - a gang, we repeat it, discreditable to those
      who countenance them.

      SUICIDE - A melancholy proof of human frailty was given on Saturday by
      the discovery of the body of a young man, now recognized as Christopher
      Clements. The body was found in the Canal, between Leeson-street and
      Charlemont Bridges, on Saturday morning. Mr. Clement's legs were tied, a
      heavy stone was then tied to one of his arms, and from the evidence produced
      before Alderman Tyndal, Coroner, there was no doubt left on the minds of the
      Jury that the deceased destroyed himself while in a state of mental
      derangement.--Dublin E. Post.

      Several accidents are reported to have occurred last night near the
      Canal. The body of an elderly Gentleman, whose name we understand as Edgar,
      was taken out of the canal this morning near Portobello Bridge. He was
      returning to his house, in Charlemont-street, when he was swept by the force
      of the wind.

      A young man named Timothy Sullivan, was killed in a dancing house, near
      Ennis, on Sunday evening last, by a fellow of the name of Michael James, who
      has absconded.

      A man of the name of James Connell, was shot dead by a military party,
      near Kilderre?y, who were called out to quell a riot at Ahascross Fair on

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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