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!! Connaught Journal; Oct 11, 1824; Military

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    THE CONNAUGHT JOURNAL Galway, Monday, October 11, 1824 MILITARY PROMOTIONS War Office, Oct. 1, 1824 4th Regiment of Light Dragoons - Lieut. Robert Lewis, from
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      Galway, Monday, October 11, 1824

      War Office, Oct. 1, 1824
      4th Regiment of Light Dragoons - Lieut. Robert Lewis, from the 12th
      Light Dragoons, to be Lieutenant, vice St. Quintin, who exchanges.
      6th Regiment of Dragoons - Ensign Henry Robert Addison, from the 65th
      Foot, to be Cornet, vice Dund??, who exchanges.
      7th Ditto - Lieutenant William Inge, to be Captain by purchase, vice
      Williams, who retires; [cannot read next line].
      11th Ditto - Captain Henry Bond, from half-pay 12th Light Dragoons, to
      be Captain, vice Thomas ???? Barlow, who exchanges, receiving the
      17th Ditto - Lieutenant Matthew Chitty Downes St. Quintin, from the 4th
      Light Dragoons, to be Lieutenant vice Lewis, who exchanges.
      3d Regiment of Foot Guards - George Augustus Frederick Noust??n, Gent,
      to be Ensign and Lieutenant, by purchase, vice Westenra, promoted in the
      75th Foot.
      7th Regiment of Foot - Assistant-Surgeon vice James, appointed to the
      13th Ditto - Ensign James Jones, to be Lieutenant, without purchase,
      vice Rothe, deceased; Richard William Croker, Gent, to be Ensign, vice
      21st Ditto - Captain Richard Doherty, to be Major by purchase, vice
      Maclaine, promoted; Lieutenant Marcus Beresford, to be Captain, by purchase,
      vice Doherty Second Lieutenant, John Picton Becle, to be First Lieutenant,
      by purchase, vice Beresford; Wm. Heary Armstrong, Gent, to be Second
      Lieutenant, by purchase, vice ?ee?e.
      30th Ditto - John Charles Bettley, Gent, to be Ensign, without
      purchase, vice Vandergee, deceased.
      35th Ditto - Lieut. Fowk Moore, from the 87th Foot, to be Lieutenant,
      vice Wa??e, appointed to the ? Royal Veteran Battalion.
      38th Ditto - Lieutenant Charles John Boyes, from the 2d West India
      Regiment, to be Lieutenant, vice James Watson ??yes, who retires upon
      half-pay, vice Toot.
      ??th Ditto - Assistant-Surgeon Richard Noble Starr from half-pay of the
      Regiment to be Assistant-Surgeon.
      ?7th Ditto - Brevet Major John Owens, from half-pay 74th Foot, to be
      Captain, vice Weste??? Warner Lewis, who exchanges.
      ?0th Ditto - Second Lieutenant Robert Price, from half-pay 2d Ceylon
      Regiment, to be Second Lieutenant, vice Carl Wevel Von Krager, who exchanges
      receiving the difference.
      62d Ditto - Ensign George Damerura, to be Lieut. by purchase, vice
      Mitchell, who retires.
      65d Ditto - Brevet major Charles Wm. Kerr, from the 2d Roayl Veteran
      Battalion, to be Captain, vice Smith ,who exchanges.
      6?th Ditto - Cornet Richard Dundas, from the 6th Dragoons, to be
      Ensign, vice Addison, who exchanges.
      69th Ditto - To be Lieutenants without purchase, ensign John Fenn, vice
      Smith promoted; ensign James Eyre Muttlebury, vice Roy, deceased; to be
      ensign William Semple, junior, vice Muttlebury.
      75th Ditto - Major Henry Viscount Barnard to be lieutenant-colonel by
      purchase, vice Sir John Campbell, who retires; captain William M'Adam, to be
      major by purchase, vice Lord Barnard; lieutenant Hon. J.C. Westenra, from
      the 3d Foot Guards, to be captain, by purchase, vice M'Adam.
      87th Ditto - Lieutenant Crosbie Morgell Christian from the 1st Royal
      Veteran Battalion, to be lieutenant, vice Moor, appointed to the 35th Foot.
      91st Ditto - Brevet lieutenant-colonel John M'Donald to be
      lieutenant-colonel by purchase, vice MacNeile, who retires; captain Robert
      Anderson, to be major, by purchase, vice Macdonald; lieutenant William
      Fraser, to be captain, by purchase, vice Anderson; ensign George A. Barnes
      to be lieutenant, by purchase, vice Fraser; William M. Weltenhall, Gent to
      be ensign, by purchase, vice Barnes.
      2d West India Regiment - lieuteant John Campbell from the Ceylon
      regiment, to be lieutenant, vice Boyes, appointed to the 38th foot.
      Ceylon Regiment - Lieutenant T.E. Hodges, from half-pay 21st foot, to
      be lieutenant, vice Campbell, appointed to the 2d West India Regiment.
      Royal African Colonial Corps - Hospital Assistant John Bell to be
      Assistant Surgeon, vice Geddes, whose appointment has not taken place.
      1st Royal Veteran Battalion - Captain Wm. Smith, from the 63d Foot, to
      be captain, vice Kerr, who exchanges; assistant-surgeon William Dillon, from
      half-pay 72d foot, to be assistant-surgeon, vice Wm. Gardiner, who
      Veteran Companies for service at Newfoundland - assistant-surgeon James
      Strachan, from half-pay 3d West India Regiment, to be assistant-surgeon.
      STAFF - Lieutenant Henry Anderson, from the 39th foot to be Adjutant of
      a Recruiting District, vice Valentine Munbee, who retires upon half-pay ?9th
      HOSPITAL STAFF - Staff Surgeon William Lyons, from half-pay, to be
      surgeon to the Forces vice Tully, promoted; Assistant Surgeon Isaac James,
      from the 7th foot, to be Assistant Surgeon to the Forces, vice Muir, who
      retires upon half-pay, 1st foot.


      Henry Grattan Douglass, a native of Ireland, is appointed Chief
      Magistrate of Van Dieman's Land.
      Lieutenant-Colonel Sutherland, who commanded our troops in defeating
      the Ashantees, was stationed in Limerick garrison, not long since, as Major
      of the 93d Highlanders.
      Captain Morgan, of the 2d battalion 35th Native Infantry, is discharged
      the East India Company's Service, for insulting his Commanding Officer.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News
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