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646Re: [IrelandOldNews] Memorials to the Dead

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  • E Macklin
    Jan 4 10:10 AM
      Hi Rhonda:

      Absolutely, the sooner this massive archive is put into a data base the
      better. It represents the last frontier especially for those families that
      could afford a headstone from the 1800 to 1900 practically all of which were
      recorded and are just siting there in these beatiful old Journals, Someone,
      needs to be seriously prodded in the right direction!

      Eric Macklin
      Macklin Foundation

      From: "Rhonda Jordan" <RLBJ1161@...>
      To: <IrelandOldNews@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2005 4:09 AM
      Subject: Re: [IrelandOldNews] Memorials to the Dead


      May I post your informative letter to the Irish Research list?

      Let me know,

      Good evening Syl:
      > In order to promote "the lets get up and go" on this little item of
      > 180++ Journals and the effort of others who have used the Journals as a
      > guide to their own area of special interest, including Galway and Cork
      > Wicklow, including the efforts of the Cantwells, both father and son,
      [and J
      > S Clarke for that matter] these Journals represent the last great
      > of Irish genealogy written in some form of stone, marble and concrete.
      > illegible to the human eye is the last excuse one would tolerate in this
      > of electro photo enhancement and digital enhancement. Even older stones
      > have been retrieved from blow ground. A great many stones have had their
      > etchings successfully retrieved over the years. If we can do it in
      > and the great standing stones of the Vikings then a few stones a couple
      > hundred years old is "a piece of cake". So we'll hear no more of this
      > nonsense from others especially in regards to stones cut since the
      > Having said that, and knowing that Eneclann is working on the data
      > with Trinity Archives [probably one of the few complete Journal sets] is
      > we need to know. Searching via cemeteries is a total waste of time in
      > day and age. Eneclann [one clan] has assured our Foundation that once
      > completed that is will be searchable by surname and will take another
      > of so.
      > My recommendation is to cheer Eneclann on, to diarize the process
      > other month and ask them to finish the job, not only for ourselves, but
      > those genealogical enthusiast to come after us.
      > Eric
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