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274!! Connaught Journal; May 3, 1824 "Shipwreck"

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Feb 1, 2004
      Galway, Thursday, May 3, 1824

      We are at length enabled to lay before our readers the following
      interesting particulars of the loss of the schooner Lively Kate, of
      Ballybriggan. This vessel sailed from Limerick on the 2d or 3d instant for
      Belfast, with a cargo of wheat and barley. On the 6th when off the Blaskets, the
      master, H. Lowther, was struck by a sea and carried overboard. Every exertion
      made to save him was fruitless. In consequence of this melancholy occurrence she
      put into Kilrush, where another Master was appointed, and, on the 8th instant,
      she again put to sea, but meeting with heavy and contrary gales, was obliged to
      take shelter in the harbour of Youghal. From there she sailed on the morning of
      the 13th instant, with a fair wind. Nothing particular occurred till about one
      o'clock, when in consequence of the wind dying away, and the tide running to
      leeward, she was driven on the Great Saltee Island. The Master and crew would,
      in all probability, have abated the fate of the former Master, were it not for
      the courage and humanity of John Parle, ( a farmer who resides on the island,)
      and succeeded in bringing them from the vessel, when the sea was making a free
      passage over her. The Master, Daniel M'Mahon, assigned the wreck and cargo to S.
      Boxwell, Esq. (the proprietor of the island) who, by exertions the most active
      and unwearied, saved the greater part of the cargo, including several packages,
      the property of private gentlemen. We understand the vessel has become a total
      wreck. -- Wexford Herald.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News