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1190Ballina Chronicle; Oct 2, 1850

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Jun 1, 2007
      Ballina, Co. Mayo
      Wednesday, October 2, 1850

      Carrying Away Crops While Under Seizure

      Thomas Carpenter, Esq., of Cherrymount, county of Waterford, seized on
      the produce of two acres of wheat and some furniture, &c., which belonged to
      a defaulting tenant named James Egan, residing at Kilcronin, near
      Ballinakill, in the Queen's county. the wheat had been removed to the barn,
      threshed and put into sacks and a bailiff named James Malone was placed in
      charge of the property. at night several persons with cart came to the
      premises and removed all the wheat, furniture, &c. While this was being
      done, Malone states that one of the party, who was armed with a blunderbuss,
      came into his bed-room, and kept him prisoner there; swearing at the same
      time that he would blow out his brains if he attempted to give alarm or make
      any resistance. When the property had been removed from the premises for
      some time, the armed man departed, leaving the bailiff in charge of bare
      walls.-- Leinster Express

      The agent of the Right Hon. the Earl of Portarlington, having seized on
      a quantity of corn belonging to defaulting tenants, named Whelan, Moore,
      Lalor, and Dalton, at Ballyroan, in the Queen's County, placed two bailiffs
      in charge thereof, until sale would be made or arrangements otherwise
      effected. At nightfall, while the bailiffs were at supper, a party of men
      fastened the doors of their houses on the outside and kept them prisoners
      until another party had cleared away all the property under seizure. When
      the bailiffs were released there was no trace of the corn; neither could
      they tell who were the persons that removed it, or kept them in confinement
      during its abstraction.-- Ibid.

      On Sunday about four hundred people, men and women, assembled on the
      lands of Cloneen, near Crettyard, county Kilkenny, and cut down four acres
      of oats belonging to a tenant on the estate of the Hon. Mr. Wandesford, of
      Castlecomer. It was threshed and winnowed as rapidly as it fell before the
      sickle and the produce was sold on the following day, in the Carlow market.
      This, it will be admitted, was "sharp practice."--Carlow Sentinel.

      THE WHITE QUAKER - At Henry-street, on Friday, Michael Meara
      (apparently a labourer, who had formerly been a White Quaker), and David
      Walker, were brought before Mr. Kelly, on a charge of having broken into the
      house of the above community, at Newlands, on the Naas road, and stolen a
      quantity of lead, a brass cock, a lantern, &c., therefrom.
      Constantine, a member of the sect, identified the trowsers worn by
      Walker, as their property; but he could not say that they had been taken by
      Mary Neale, a broker, said she purchased from Meara on Monday morning
      ten pounds of lead, a brass cock and lantern, which she had since disposed
      A boy named Duffan, about fourteen years of age, and attired in a
      rather imperfect uniform, said he as concerned in the robbery with Meara,
      and was with him when he sold the articles to the last witness.
      Mr. Kelly - Are you a White Quaker?
      Witness - I was; but am not now.
      Mr. Kelly - Who maintained you then?
      Witness - I was fed and clothed by the community free of expense.
      Mr. Kelly - Why did you leave?
      Witness - I was turned out for bad conduct; Meara belonged to them
      before I did.
      Mr. Kelly - How many are there altogether?
      Witness - There are twenty-six.
      Mr. Kelly - How many men are there among the member?
      Witness - I cannot say.
      Mr. Kelly - Do marriages take place there?
      Witness - Yes.
      Mr. Kelly - Are you married?
      Witness - No.
      Mr. Kelly - Was Meara married then?
      Witness - He was not.
      A Police Constable - Your Worship, I understand that he brought in his
      wife with him.
      Catherine examined - She was one o f the community, and on last
      Wednesday night, about twelve o'clock, having heard windows and doors
      breaking in she got up and saw Meara outside with a candle in his hand,
      which he was lighting with a match; there were two others with him, who were
      not then present; and she inquired what they wanted, and they replied, "Go
      to the d___l;" she then said, "Do not give yourself up to the d___l, but
      tell me what you want; that I may do it;" they said "We'll let you know when
      we get in." They afterwards got in through one door, having broken it open
      with iron bars, but took nothing, because a bell rang and they immediately
      made off.
      Mr. Kelly - Are you certain that Meara was one of the party?
      Witness - Yes, I know him for he had lived in the place with us.
      Constantine was then examined.
      Mr. Kelly - What age are you?
      Constantine - Turning eighteen years.
      Mr. Kelly - How long are you in White Quaker?
      Constantine - Five years.
      Mr Kelly - Are you married?
      Constantine - Yes, my wife is here.
      Mr. Kelly - By whom were you married?
      Constantine - By consent of the whole community.
      Meara - Sure, your worship, they just hold on their hands and that is
      the whole ceremony.
      Constantine's wife, in answer to Mr. Kelly, said she was nineteen years
      of age, and had only joined the White Quakers a fortnight ago, and since
      then she was married.
      Constantine re-examined.
      Mr. Kelly - Do you pay for your maintenance?
      Constantine - No.
      Mr. Kelly - Who is your head?
      Constantine - We acknowledge no head.
      Mr. Kelly - Who pays for your tea, sugar or milk?
      Constantine - We don't use tea, sugar or milk.
      Mr. Kelly - Then what do you live on?
      Constantine - On the produce of the land; such as wheat, meal and
      Mr. Kelly - Who pays for the land?
      Constantine - No individual person; all is paid for by the produce.
      Meara - Oh! your worship, one woman who lives with them pays 300l. a
      year for it.
      Mr. Kelly committed Meara, and discharged the other prisoner.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News