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1109!! Connaught Journal; 6 Dec 1824; Provincial Intelligence

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  • Cathy Joynt Labath
    Oct 14, 2006
      Galway, Monday, December 6, 1824


      MAGHERA, CO. DERRY , Nov. 22 - On the 12th alt., as Doctor M'Collough,
      alte of his Majesty's 8th foot, had retired to bed, Mrs. M'Collough
      discovered that some flax on a table was on fire, when she called out to the
      Doctor, who lost no time in getting up; and, in consequence of his great
      exertions in saving his wife and children from the devouring flames, he was
      burned in a most shocking manner, which confined him to bed upwards of five
      weeks, with little hopes of recovery. The fire was so rapid at the house,
      wearing apparel, furniture, &c. were consumed almost in an instant, although
      the inhabitants, together with Captain Burgess and his party, rendered every
      assistance without effect. Two of the children had a most miraculous escape,
      as several attempts were made, in the front part of the house, to save them,
      but all in vain. However, a brother of the Doctor said, he would bring them
      out dead or alive, or perish himself in the attempt. He ran to the rear, and
      entered through a small window and succeeded in rescuing them from an
      untimely end. One of the children's arms was severely burned. Much credit
      and praise is due to the Rev. James Spencer Knox, son to the Lord Bishop of
      Derry, who stepped forward at the time when this dire catastrophe took place
      to comfort and relieve this distressed family.

      TRALEE, DEC. 1 - A melancholy case of poison occurred on Saturday last.
      A man employed to poison rats at Oak-park, the seat of John Bateman, Esq.,
      incautiously left behind him a cake made up for this purpose. A young woman
      named Ellen Moriarty, who lived at the Rock, in this town, and who received
      occasional employment at Oak-park, observing the cake, asked, and obtained
      permission of the maid servant to take it away; having returned home, and
      baked the cake, she ate some portion of it, and in two minutes after was
      taken violently ill. She remained in dreadful tortures for six or seven
      hours, when she expired, at the infirmary, whither she had been conveyed.
      The cake was composed of flour, sugar and arsenic.
      We understand that the unhappy sufferer was to have been married on the
      very day on which her existence so miserably terminated.

      MULLINGAR, DEC. 3 - A few days ago, the house of Mr. Andrew Wilder, of
      Oldtown, in this County, was entered by two men in Mr. Wilder's absence, who
      compelled the servant girl to go with them through the house while they
      searched for fire-arms; they succeeded in finding Mr. Wilder's fowling-piece
      which they carried off. Several men were apprehended on the following day by
      the police constables, on suspicion, and brought before W.D. Meares, Esq.,
      Magistrate. On the following Sunday, we are informed, the gun was restored
      to its right owner, thru the intelligence of the Priest of the Parish.

      Sunday night, a barbarous and cruel murder was committed at Bilboa, in
      the barony of Coonagh, in this county. About 10 o'clock that night, a party
      of men consisting of 10 or 12 armed with scythes, pitchforks, and swords,
      attacked and broke into the house of a farmer named Daniel Connell, who,
      with his brother, had taken 88 acres of land, on Lord Stradbrooke's estate
      in that neighbourhood, of which the former tenants were dispossessed in
      March last. After they had got into the house, in which were Daniel Connell
      and his brother and sister, Michael and Honora, and some female relations,
      they attacked them all indiscriminately with the murderous weapons they
      carried and gave the elder brother, Daniel, so severe a beating or rather a
      backing, that almost immediately death was the consequence- his brains were
      beaten out and his nose cut off. The other brother, their sister, and one of
      their relatives, were cut in a shocking manner, and were received yesterday
      into the County Infirmary, where every attention continues to be paid them.
      The name of the woman who was beaten is Bridget Connell.- An inquest was
      held on the body of the murdered man yesterday, at which Surgeon Franklin,
      jun. of the County police, attended, when a verdict of "Wilful Murder" was
      returned, against several persons who are known. Mr. Dames, of the barony in
      which the murder was committed, has been unremitting in his exertions to
      discover the lawless perpetrators of this outrage, and has apprehended three
      persons, named Ryan, from Newport, the former occupiers of the farm one of
      whom was identified, as belonging to the party, " by the surviving brother,
      on Monday. There is every reason to hope that the monsters who committed
      this disgraceful outrage will be brought to condign punishment. It may not
      be irrelevant to state, that the land on which this outrage was committed,
      is that from which so many families were ejected in April last, and turned
      out on the road-side, to which we alluded to at the time.-- Limerick Paper.

      Last week, two men in the employ of Edmond O'Meagher, Esq., of Marlhill,
      and another in that of R. Phillips, Esq. were visited by parties of Rockites
      and menaced with death if they did not give up their farms and situations.

      The drying-house belonging to Mr. Burke's woollen factory, at Miltown,
      was accidentally set on fire yesterday morning, and totally consumed
      together with about 50 stone of wool.-- Dublin E. Post.

      We have authority to state that law proceedings have been taken against
      the Rev. John Galbraith, Rector of Killereran, by the Rev. William Jennings,
      P.P. for defamation of character.-- Dublin Paper.

      Cathy Joynt Labath
      Ireland Old News