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IPPA : All visits for Emaddedin Baghi is now strictly prohibited

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  • M.Kianoosh Sanjari
    ارسالي کيانوش سنجري-همه ملاقات هاي با عمادالدين باقي ممنوع شدند All visits for Emaddedin Baghi is now
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2007
      ارسالي کيانوش سنجري-همه ملاقات هاي با عمادالدين باقي ممنوع شدند

      All visits for Emaddedin Baghi is now strictly prohibited

      Fatemeh Kamali the wife of Journalist Emaddedin Baghi who is also the
      head of Iran's Organization for the Defense ‎of Prisoners' Rights
      (Anjomane Defa az Hoghooghe Zendanian) declared today that her visit
      to her husband in Evin prison was prevented. The security guards of
      the 209 security lockup which is under the management of the
      intelligence agency, told Mrs. Kamali that according to the decree of
      the revolutionary court Mr. Baghi is strictly prohibited to have any

      On the 14th of October Emaddedin Baghi was present at the first
      security branch of the state attorney's office to respond against the
      allegations made against him regarding his responsibilities in the
      organization of "the Defense for press freedom", but was arrested at

      Mr. Baghi whom previously was the editor of the confiscated Jomhuriat
      newspaper was transferred on the 22nd of October from the security
      lockup of 209 to the revolutionary court for an interrogation,
      incidentally saw his defense lawyer Josef Molayi and there told him
      that in the security lockup 209, he was beneath severe pressure and
      disdain but unwavering about defending the human rights in Iran.

      Emaddedin Baghi is imprisoned in solitary confinement and is
      undergoing interrogation. Mrs. Kamali said that her husband is
      enduring white torture in the 209 lockup. White torture a.k.a. soft
      torture is utilized for putting pressure on the political prisoners
      without resolving to physical violence in the security lockups.

      Mrs. Kamali has expressed concern regarding the health condition of
      her husband. According to her, Emaddedin Baghi has lost a lot of
      weight and become rigorously frail.

      The accusations made against Mr. Baghi has been said to be spreading
      anti-governmental propaganda and disclosing classified governmental
      documents in order to gain information from the detainees in the
      security lockups around the country.

      As well as spreading these information's during meetings, gatherings
      and having published these materials through the "Defense of the
      prisoners rights" association.

      According to the defense lawyer of Mr. Baghi, none of the prisoners
      boast any undisclosed governmental information.

      Mr. Baghi has been a defender of the right to life and has been
      seeking an end to the death penalty. In the year 2005 he had received
      the Human right prize of the French national commission on Human
      rights. He had previous to that spent 2 years in prison from 2000 to
      2002, after which he supported freedom of speech by writing numerous
      articles. He then founded the Association in support of Iranian
      prisoners and continued his activities in support of Human rights
      beneath extensive suppression.
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