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[ira-einhorn] Ira Einhorn Interview

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  • David Crockett Williams
    From: Jack Sarfatti Subject: Re:Ira Einhorn Interview Date: Tuesday, January 11, 2000 6:05 PM MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD OK, I add my
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      From: Jack Sarfatti <sarfatti@...>
      Subject: Re:Ira Einhorn Interview
      Date: Tuesday, January 11, 2000 6:05 PM


      OK, I add my comments for the official record. May Justice prevail!

      Ira Einhorn wrote:

      > Jack,
      > Part I of my EXCLUDED MIDDLE INTERVIEW which is the cover story -
      > you are of course mentioned.
      > Circulate it, please.
      > Ira
      > A CONVERSATION WITH 886114
      > Q: Isn't it your position that Holly Maddux's body was planted in your
      > Philadelphia apartment? If so, then do you have any idea who would have
      > been trying to set you up? You have stated that the CIA had information
      > that could have potentially cleared you. What exactly is this evidence,
      > and do you think that you were set up because of the controversial
      > research you were involved in prior to Holly's murder?
      > A: I did not kill Holly Maddux, and am still not sure who did, though I
      > am involved in on-going research on the matter that will eventually be
      > a large book. I knew intuitively, the summer before Holly disappeared,
      > that something was going to happen. I told a couple of friends about my
      > apprehensions. One of them, an internationally known scholar, Stafford
      > Beer, has put our conversation about the matter on record.
      > I was actively researching and linking together a number of areas:
      > UFOs, PK, psychotronic weapons, mind control, free energy devices, and
      > Nicolai Tesla, among others. This information was going to scores of
      > significant people in 26 countries, on both sides of the Iron Curtain
      > on a weekly basis. I was operating under the protection of the world's
      > largest corporation [AT&T.] I had the ear of lots of important people.
      > These areas of research are still controversial today. If I had
      > remained in place the issues connected with these areas of research
      > would have moved into large public notice years ago, as I seem to have
      > a talent of putting people together in such a way that results arise
      > from the interactions I set up.

      [Jack Sarfatti]

      Yes, I support Ira on this. I think my situation at Esalen and est had
      to do Holly's murder. There was a concerted effort to derail me in 1977 at
      same time Holly was murdered. Had Ira Einhorn not been framed at that time
      Holly's murder, my connection with the Power Elite would have been much
      much sooner because Ira was championing me and my ideas. Certain powerful
      did not want that to happen. Stop Einhorn and you also stop Sarfatti the
      might have gone. The vicious efforts to defame me continue to this day. For
      details go to
      This latter URL done in 1978 for Pacifica Radio by Stephen Hill of "Hearts
      Space" was written by me a full year BEFORE I had any idea Holly was missing
      that Ira may have had anything to do with it.
      The film "The Cradle Will Rock" though fiction is based on real events which
      be relevant.

      > [Ira Einhorn]
      > Holly Maddux was seen alive by three bank employees, 6 months after her
      > supposed death. To keep that information away from us, the woman in
      > charge of my case used a Xerox machine to shorten the pages, thus
      > removing the page numbers and allowing her to remove the information
      > due to us under normal discovery procedures that precede any trial. My
      > lawyer smelt a rat and uncovered the ruse, but we had to go to court to
      > get the missing pages.
      > When we received the first autopsy report-after much screaming and
      > yelling-it became apparent to my lawyer that my contention of innocence
      > was now based upon more solid ground, as it became obvious that the
      > body had been moved into my apartment. Incidentally, a window in my
      > apartment had been tampered with the night before my arrest; a
      > tampering that was noticed by a friend, not me.
      > The forensic report just did not support the contention that the DA was
      > making about my having murdered Holly in that apartment. No blood at
      > all was ever found in the very small apartment, and the body had been
      > struck about the head many times. There should have been blood
      > everywhere. There was no blood at all, not even on the corpse.
      > The FBI did the first forensic report. Normally there is only one, but
      > it didn't get the results the DA wanted, so at great expense the DA went
      > the lab
      > involved in the O. J. Simpson case. They again came up with the same
      > no blood, no human protein..
      > So adding a twist to the choices in a Chinese restaurant, they went to
      > column C and went back to the man they had skipped over twice-his
      > results were inconsequential, so they stopped there.
      > Since I surfaced, I have learned some other facts: the Director of the
      > Life Sciences Division of the CIA looked at the autopsy report (he is
      > an expert in the area) and came to the same conclusion as we did: the
      > body was moved into the apartment after Holly was killed. At the time
      > of my arrest, there were seven strange deaths that he was
      > investigating. This from a friend to whom he spoke at the time.

      [Jack Sarfatti]

      Yes, that is true. I was already aware of a weird pattern of strange deaths
      in our
      group starting with the murder of Robert Anton Wilson's daughter Luna. I
      felt I
      was in the movie "Ten Little Indians". My intuitive list of suspicious
      surrounding our groups investigations into the weird world of the
      paranormal, UFOs
      and covert Cold War Psy Ops include:

      1. Luna Wilson
      2. Holly Maddux
      3. Marcia Moore
      4. Itzak Bentov
      5. Nelson Rockefeller
      6. Jean Reisser Nadal
      7. Francois Truffaut
      8. Wilbur Franklin
      9. Heinz Pagels
      10. George Koopman
      11. Harold Chipman
      12. Andrija Puharich

      There may be others I have forgotten? Again I cannot prove anything. This is
      my strong intuition.

      > [Ira Einhorn]
      > One of the FBI pathology experts involved in the case told my lawyer
      > privately that he had no doubt that the body was moved into the
      > apartment after Holly was killed.
      > I have been judged and convicted on hearsay and testimony tailored to
      > fit the accusations during the now two IN ABSENTIA trials. The last
      > being a civil suit whose award was a staggering $907,000,000-almost a
      > billion dollars. After the trial ended, the judge allowed the jury to
      > embrace the Maddux family. The chief judge of the court system that is
      > in charge of my case made a public comment about the amount of the
      > award reflecting my guilt.

      [Jack Sarfatti]

      This is "The Lynching of Ira Einhorn by Occult Nazis of The New Reich" IMHO.
      Herbert has recently circulated (about a year ago) evidence for this in a
      someone sent him in which Jews are attacked in general and Ira Einhorn is
      explicitly described as the "greasy ugly Jew". The framing of The Jew, Ira
      Einhorn, for the murder of the Aryan Blonde woman is in the classical style
      Nazi Propaganda.

      > [Ira Einhorn]
      > That same day the lawyer for the Maddux family went into court and got,
      > within a month, an additional sum of $9,500,000 tacked onto the suit.
      > Something about my not having made an offer to settle. As a result of
      > interest, my debt is now growing at the rate of over $1,000,000 a week.
      > The pursuit of me has been completely and utterly out of proportion.
      > Why? The book published about me (<italic>The Unicorn's Secret: Murder
      > in the Age of Aquarius</italic> ) is a tissue of lies, based upon
      > material stolen from my apartment and then turned over illegally to the
      > writer who used it without any statement about how he got the material.
      > There are no footnotes in the book and no interview citations. My words
      > are quoted out of context and often quotes of famous writers are
      > attributed to me. A hatchet job initiated by the DA's office in
      > Philadelphia.
      > The writer, Steven Levy is a thief, a plagiarist and a liar. The
      > confirmation of the lies is evident in the recently circulated
      > statement that claims that I had little to do with Earth Day.
      > Q: What is your present legal status? From what I gather, France has
      > agreed to extradite you, but you have appealed the extradition, and
      > that the appeal process will take at least two years to complete. Is
      > this correct?
      > A: France has not agreed to extradite me-a judge has said I can be
      > extradited under certain conditions and the cour de cassation has
      > agreed. One of the basic principles of human rights is the right to
      > defend oneself in an equitable trial wherein one is present. This right
      > has been taken from me by the IN ABSENTIA trial.
      > American law does not permit a second trial. To try to get around this
      > self-created difficulty the state of Pennsylvania has done an
      > extraordinary thing. It has passed an unconstitutional law directed
      > against one person. This law is an attempt to fool the French, as my
      > judicial decision is final and final decisions can't be changed by
      > laws. It is a principle based on the SEPARATION OF POWERS which is the
      > very basis of the US system of government.
      > The decision in France is now political, and then administrative, which
      > could take lots of time: there is no way to predict that.
      > We will take the case to the European Court of Human Rights, if
      > necessary.
      > In the meantime, I am living my life fully, by involving myself in
      > matters both ecological and psychic that I consider to be necessary for
      > the continuation of a life of quality on this small blue planet.
      > Q: How did you get involved in the first Earth Day celebration? And
      > what were you, and the others participating in it, trying to accomplish
      > by bringing your environmental concerns to the attention of the world?
      > A: The violence that occurred in Chicago in 1968 made a number of
      > people aware that Kent State was in our future. Our turn towards
      > Ecology was hence both anticipatory and necessary as a number of us
      > were then reading widely in what was available at that time.
      > A number of antiwar people began to focus on ecology and Keith Lampe
      > began to produce Earth Read Out . I wrote for it, began reading widely
      > in the field and as always went to see the experts, building up a group
      > of advisors who were armed with up-to-date info, as a preparation for
      > doing media.
      > When Earth Day was in the air, one of those advisors sent a graduate
      > student to see me, as I had run a number of large public events and had
      > contact with a large number of people. Earth Day in Philadelphia-which
      > was by far the largest in the country-resulted from that meeting. We
      > held two massive outdoor events which I organized and brought my
      > friends and contacts to speak and perform at. Earth Day itself brought
      > 250,000 people to Fairmount Park.
      > Our intentions were to make people aware of basic principles. For
      > example, in the phrase: taking the garbage out, we wished to make
      > people aware that there was no "out". Everything had to be recycled. A
      > simple idea that all producers must heed. No operation that does not
      > own the entire cycle should be allowed to produce. This would have
      > stopped nuclear energy in its tracks.
      > I enunciated three basic ideas, in the form of slogans:
      > Nanoseconds now, can the emotions follow.
      > STRESS is information the body can't handle.
      > POLLUTION is information the ecosystem can't recycle in adequate time.
      > We enhanced awareness enormously about the fact that we live in a
      > limited, almost closed system, and made people conscious of what
      > consumption does to the surroundings in which we live. But thirty years
      > have been lost as there has been little real change and we are heading
      > towards disaster, as the corporations have spent billions lying rather
      > than on change.
      > Q: After so many years underground, how does it feel to be visible once
      > again? I've noticed that you've become active in Internet
      > newsgroups-namely, the Sarfatti discussion group. This sort of
      > networking is quite similar to the networks you pioneered back in the
      > 70's, focusing at that time on such topics as Tesla technologies,
      > remote viewing, psi phenomena, and psychotronics. Do you feel like
      > you're picking up where you left off back then?
      > A: I could have remained underground until my death, as I rather
      > enjoyed the relatively quiet life we were leading. If I had stayed
      > underground, I would have written lots more novels-a very demanding but
      > fascinating task. I look longingly at my half completed fifth novel and
      > wonder whether I will ever get back to it. However my wife hated being
      > clandestine, so on balance I have adjusted to the abrupt change in life
      > that has brought both great personal danger and the opportunity to
      > speak out on the issues that compel me. A great contrast to my life
      > underground that was satisfying
      > but provided less opportunity for me to exercise my decidedly activist
      > Our intimacy and growth as a couple is as important as my work which
      > has now switched back to the concerns of my earlier days.
      > Networking was very new in the 70's and what I was doing was rather
      > unique. There are now thousands of people doing what I was doing, using
      > the Internet instead of hard copy. When I left the USA I could get
      > $1,000 an hour for teaching others how to network. As 95% of my work
      > was pro bono publica, I did not do it very often.
      > My networking during the 70's focused on certain topics that people
      > laughed at then, but are now all the rage. However, if you would be
      > able to survey all that I distributed, you would quickly discover that
      > I was dealing with edge discoveries in conventional as well as
      > unconventional areas.
      > I was supported by the then world's largest corporation: A.T.& T., who
      > handled all my duplicating and mailing. I was sending out mail on a
      > weekly basis to 250-300 people in 26 countries. Each item of
      > information had a separate list of names to whom the information was
      > circulated. My concerns often impinged upon their future and I had a
      > wide range of friends within this very large organization. Their far
      > watchers-those paid large sums of money to avoid surprises-often sat
      > with me, as I had information they didn't have...
      > Q: Far watchers?
      > A: Yes, I am talking about AT&T executives who were paid, as the people
      > in think tanks, to anticipate the future. "Far watchers" is a term that
      > goes back to Babylonia, but is used, or was used in the futurist
      > community. All large corporations used to have people like that around,
      > in positions off to the side who advised those who made decisions. They
      > were not in the direct chain of command. Sort of a corporate general
      > staff...
      > The people on my list back then would easily form an international
      > Who's Who. One of the Baby Bells-now one of the world's largest
      > corporations-was headed for years by a man who followed my reading
      > suggestions with avidity. We spent much time together. The direction in
      > which he took this most adventuresome of Baby Bells can easily be
      > traced back to those years.
      > Right before I left the USA, I was asked by one of the world's richest
      > women to teach her all I knew as she was thinking about initiating a
      > general media corporation. Sickness prevented this, but twenty years
      > later her nephew is following in footsteps he might not even know
      > about.
      > To come back-after twenty years in the wilderness-to a world I helped
      > create, has been a surprise and a delight. Working with Jack Sarfatti
      > and watching his theory of consciousness grow before my eyes has been
      > joyful.
      > I am now involved in a number of projects, limited only by the fact
      > that there are twenty-four hours in the day and that I have a large
      > property to care for.
      > The Internet is rife with noise. A small price to pay for being able to
      > connect to the entire world, irrespective of distance. Information is
      > the future of the species and we are just beginning to come to grips
      > with its sheer power. Most people are overloaded and over
      > communicating. Some are addicted, but that is us not the medium.
      > The primitiveness of both the e-mail programs and our word processing
      > programs are examples of how far we have to go in creating computer
      > structures that map the human mind in an effortless manner. That is
      > part of my future work. Another joyous task- added to the release of
      > the top secret information connected to the UFO files which will lead
      > to:
      > 1) Free energy devices.
      > 2) FTL transportation and communication devices.
      > 3) Total recycling
      > Stop gaps that we need while we learn how to live
      > for each other and the health of a planetary environment based upon
      > empathy and compassion rather than consumption.
      > Q: This isn't the first time you been involved in UFO research-in one
      > form or another. Could you talk about your past involvement with
      > Puharich and Geller regarding UFO's, ET's and the paranormal, as well
      > as your own personal first hand experiences in these areas?
      > A: Anyone seriously interested in UFOs should read Timothy Good's
      > <italic>Above Top Secret</italic>.. If that does not convince you that
      > the phenomenon is real, you will never be convinced by evidence, as his
      > research is scrupulous and based upon a world wide survey.
      > My experiences run the entire gamut of the UFO experience from
      > sightings to inferred close encounters of the fourth kind and are not
      > limited to the period in my life that I spent in deep mind lock with
      > Andrija Puharich. Our concerns were different in many instances, but
      > the present tendency to literally shit all over a man who devoted most
      > of his life, energy and money to attempting to bring PSI research into
      > the arena of science is part and parcel of the present negativity, back
      > biting, begrudging and disinformation that I will resist with all my
      > energy.
      > Andrija pioneered physics and consciousness research which is now all
      > the rage. He did this in the 50's and his work in this field can be
      > seen best <italic>in Beyond Telepathy</italic>, which I introduced and
      > had republished by my editor at Doubleday/Dutton, Bill Whitehead. The
      > interaction around that book which Bill, Andrija and I celebrated with
      > an outdoor Central Park luncheon was described by Bill to me as
      > listening to two Martians talk. That celebratory luncheon began a deep
      > interaction that lasted for a decade.
      > Uri was the psychic that Andrija had always dreamed about: one who
      > could go into a lab and reproduce measurable effects upon demand. When
      > he encountered Uri, he dropped all his complex present work (artificial
      > heart, micro miniature hearing devices, etc.) and concentrated upon
      > Uri.
      > It would take a book to describe what went on in those years, though I
      > continued with all my other activities and added many more. What I saw
      > in those years-in terms of UFOs-runs the full gamut of experience and
      > reaches over into strange animals (see Keel's work, for example) and a
      > range of PK and time reversal effects, among others, that has yet to be
      > recognized or even nibbled at theoretically. Only Dean Radin, in an
      > interview given to this magazine, begins to touch upon what lies ahead
      > for us. The region opened up by those years is vast. To most scientists
      > it was a Pandora's box that they fearfully slammed shut. That slamming
      > shut is a loss for us all, as is the present secrecy around the UFO
      > material that is allegedly being withheld from the world public, by
      > forces who are pretending to protect us, but who are actually
      > protecting their own interests.

      [Jack Sarfatti]

      "Signal-nonlocality", in my "post-quantum" extension of David Bohm's
      interpretation of quantum theory" that grew out of his discussions with
      is the proper paradigm to understand what good honest scientists like Ben
      Dean Radin, and Dick Bierman have reported from their laboratories. It also
      a qualitative understanding of the CIA/DIA remote-viewing field operations
      initiated by Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ at SRI in the early 70's when I
      met them under strange, very strange, circumstances. The book "The Star Gate
      Conspiracy" by Picknett and Prince (Little-Brown, London, 1999) has an
      short synopsis of my real life adventures back then. This should not be
      misconstrued that I support their particular spin on what these weird
      synchronicities really mean. However, I will say, that in my judgement, an
      advanced technology of time travel to the past exists and explains what is
      happening to the world. My main effort today is to reverse engineer this
      travel technology in which consciousness as a physical phenomenon plays a
      role. Some of my ideas on this are presented on Ultra-Science "Time Travel"
      on the
      Discovery-Learning Channel of Liberty-Media Corporation/ATT where I am
      with David Deutsch of Oxford, the second "inventor" (after Richard Feynman)
      of the
      quantum computer and the man who made time travel to the past a respectable
      subject in the Physical Review. Michael Crichton's new novel "Timeline" is
      derivative of this.

      > [Ira Einhorn]
      > The phenomena is real. That is obvious to anyone who takes the trouble
      > to look at the evidence. What that phenomenon is can't yet be
      > determined. Some say ET, some say E[xtra] D[imensional.] Irrespective
      > of that eventual choice, what the phenomenon promises is an ability to
      > deal with some of our most pressing problems regarding our destruction
      > of the physical world.
      > When I turned to working on the Geller project, my ecological cohorts
      > were shocked, as were my antiwar cohorts when I turned to ecology.
      > During those years, 1970-71, it was evident that ecology would become
      > part of the future, but in terms of a consumer ethic that would still
      > spell eventual planetary destruction-the time frame varied depending
      > upon whose assumptions and equations you used. The consensus was that
      > we were in the process of destroying the very web of life that we live
      > off of and on. Few involved at any level would dispute that. Today, no
      > honest being can say otherwise.
      > Due to this awareness, I felt that we needed the kind of ontological,
      > metaphysical, scientific, technological and economical shocks that only
      > a revelation of ET/ED life could produce. I still feel that way. All my
      > work with Andrija was based upon that awareness, as is my present
      > return to that work, only now the situation is more critical.
      > If only one close encounter of the fourth kind is true, the government
      > is failing in its duties to protect the life and liberty of its
      > citizens. The US government dispenses billions of dollars per year to
      > guarantee those protections. If this money does not provide those
      > guarantees, it is the duty of the government to tell its citizens that
      > such is the fact. Not doing this is a dereliction of duty and a very
      > serious crime. It is a matter that a creative lawyer should bring
      > before the courts.

      "But the real glory of science is that we can find a way of thinking such
      that the
      law is evident. ... For a successful technology, reality must take
      precedence over
      public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled." Feynman
      "I want to know God's thoughts ... the rest are details." Einstein
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