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Re: Gell-Mann, QM, Charisma

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  • Jack Sarfatti
    ... I cannot say in that specific instance whether Murray understood or not. What he does understand about the interpretational issues in QM is pretty clear
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2001
      George Hansen wrote:

      > Dear Dr. Sarfatti:
      > Many thanks for emailing me your exchange with Leon
      > Jaroff. I found two points especially interesting.
      > Gell-Mann
      > Some years ago I attended a CSICOP convention where
      > Gell-Mann made some comments on QM. Though I am not a
      > physicist, his statements didn't seem quite right to
      > me. I later spoke to a PhD physicist in the audience
      > who told me that Gell-Mann didn't correctly understand
      > the problem.
      > I am very pleased to have your confirmation on this
      > matter.

      I cannot say in that specific instance whether Murray understood or not. What he does understand about the interpretational issues in QM is pretty clear from his Ch. 11 of "The Quark and the Jaguar". Basically he opts for many-worlds without counterfactual definiteness in a desperate bid to avoid quantum nonlocality. See Stapp's papers on this. He never even dreams that orthodox QM may be only a limiting case of a more general theory. Radin-Bierman presponse is a clear experimental violation of the "signal locality" of orthodox QM.

      Hence, Murray is wrong because facts contradict his position. I do not deny,of course, that Murray has done good things in conventional physics "inside the box", the point here is that

      Also from Neal Pollock; pollockn@... Chief Acquisition Engineer, PEO(IT)C1 http://www.usafa.af.mil/jscope/JSCOPE00/Pollock00.html

      "B. People like to believe they are in control (i.e. conscious)
      1. simple observation belies this belief
      2. belief differs from knowledge; few study epistemology
      3. people ascribe expertise to college degrees and job titles
      a. most scientists have never studied the Philosophy of Science
      b. understanding a specialty does not imply understanding per se
      C. Our society supports a belief in causation--a bottoms-up approach--past drives the present
      1. Jung developed synchronicity--meaningful coincidence
      2. Jung spoke of a top-down approach, a teleological approach
      a. the desired goal, for instance, drives the present from the future
      3. when planning a journey you need both the start point and the end point
      a. as the Mad Hatter told Alice, if you don’t know where you’re going, any road
      will take you there."

      I am not knocking the Gell-Mann-Hartle decoherent histories method which has some utility in its proper domain of validity.

      > Hitler and bin Laden
      > You mentioned the:
      > "source of the strange evil power that people like
      > Hitler and bin Laden have been and are able to exert
      > over weak minds. This goes beyond politics and history
      > theory as normally conceived."
      > I am very pleased to see you raise this issue. The
      > source of this power is charisma. Sociologist Max
      > Weber addresses it at length, but sociologists have
      > almost universally ignored what Weber really said. In
      > discussing "pure charisma" Weber explained that the
      > leader must work miracles, and he specifically
      > mentioned prophecy, telepathy, and weather control.
      > The avoidance by sociologists of these direct
      > statements of Weber is quite incredible.

      You should read Jeffrey Mishlove's "PK Man".

      The point here is that all of these alleged phenomena require post-quantum signal nonlocality, e.g. violation of the no-clone theorem of quantum computing-cryptography.

      See http://stardrive.org/Jack/new.pdf

      This is a relatively small technical file excerpted from my book "Destiny Matrix" - soon to be released on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders et-al.

      The free preview of the complete book is at http://stardrive.org/Jack/Book.pdf 11 megabytes

      still undergoing modifications of details, typo corrections etc. till it goes to paper printer soon after New Years.

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      The Life and Times of Theatrical Physicist, Jack Sarfatti

      The Creation of Adam, Michelangelo, Sistine Chapel, The Vatican - image

      A pageant, a post-modern “Pilgrim’s Progress” and “Divine Comedy”, a rich tightly woven tapestry of uncanny synchronicities; a true larger than life panoramic epic; an Anthology of North Beach San Francisco half-Beat writers created in Super Vision by

      Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D.

      The man who made “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” possible and co-author of the original
      “Space-Time and Beyond” with His Father, The Mystic
      Hyman Sarfatti at Age 88
      Saul Paul Sirag
      Jagdish Mann, Kim Burrafato, & Creon Levit
      Cartoons by Norman Quebedeau and James Anderson
      “A Harry Potter for enlightened adults.” Frank Lauria, author “Raga Six”

      © Copyright 2002, Jack Sarfatti, All rights reserved.
      No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author.

      Table of Contents

      SUNDAY INTERVIEW – The Universe, As Seen From North Beach by Stephen Schwartz, San Francisco Chronicle, August 17, 1997 6
      Breakdown of a Paradigm 7 image
      “Science proceeds as if the past were the home of explanation; whereas the future, and the future alone, holds the key to the mysteries of the present.” Henry Dwight Sedgwick, An Apology for Old Maids, House of Sorrow (1908) 8
      Another Eccentric Genius in North Beach? By Jerry Carroll, San Francisco Chronicle, May 11,1981, p. 23 8
      Stephen Hawking’s Questions on the Mind of God 8
      Jack’s Answer: Hawking’s Mind of God is the Sentient Self-Organizing Backwards Through Time Post-Quantum Wave Functional of Super Cosmos. 9
      “The Woman” is the symbol of “Torah”. 9
      The same idea is in Islamic Mysticism and in Christian Chivalry and the Troubadour’s Idea of Romantic Love. 9
      This is Cabala, “The My Fair Lady” Principle! 9
      The Witch's Curse! 9
      Once upon a time there was a boy called Jack 10
      Jackie in Coney Island 1943 WWII 10 image
      Jack (front left) on Grail Quest as Jedi Knight in search of My Fair Lady, the Princess Angela Nissim Benadoud among the Mujahadeen of LA, 1967 J 11 image
      Jack’s Mission: Awaken Sleeping Beauty 12
      Princess Angela Nissim Benadoud , ”The Woman”, My Fair Lady, make me immortal with your kiss. 12 image
      Oh delicate beauty, yours is indeed the face of “The Woman” that launched a thousand Star Ships. 13 image
      This book warms the cockles of your heart while super charging your intellect – Start your engines. VROOM, VROOM, VROOM! 14 image
      Bio-RAM nano-quantum chip cartoon by James Anderson based on an idea by Jack Sarfatti 14 image
      Guadalcanal Diary 15
      Jackie’s Uncle Arthur on Guadalcanal in WWII. 15 image
      In solemn memory of the thousands of slain innocents of all nations on September 11, 2001 and to the hundreds of magnificent fallen American Heroes of NYFD and NYPD who, above and beyond the call of duty, tried to save them. 16
      “Grand Contested Election for the Presidency of the United States 16
      Whaling Voyage by One Ishmael 16
      Precognitive “Dreams of tall buildings”? 16
      General MacArthur on “harnessing the cosmic energy” and “the ultimate conflict between a united human race and the sinister forces of some other planetary galaxy” 17
      Acknowledgments 17
      “The Woman” in Venice, photo by “The Child ” 18 image
      Preview on Time Travel: Nefertiti’s Eye by Jagdish Mann 18
      Preface by Jack Sarfatti 20
      The Big Picture by Jack Sarfatti 21
      “Drawing Hands” by M. Escher http://www.worldofescher.com/ 21
      “When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks back at you”- Nietzsche 22
      “It brings about its own existence”- Hawking 22
      “Spectra Calling!” by Jack Sarfatti 23
      The whole point of this book 31
      Flying Saucer Physics by Jack Sarfatti http://stardrive.org/ 33
      Covert Black Ops, Zero Point Energy, Anti-Gravity? 33
      Hyperspace 33
      Merlin’s Super Kids 35 image
      Jack’s “Gramps” with Jack ~ 1955 37 image
      Jack Sarfatti at our “rocket testing ground” near Floyd Bennett Naval Air Station, 1954. 38 image
      Jack Sarfatti in Civil Air Patrol Piper Cub, Griffiss AFB, ~ 1954 39 image
      The Mists of Avalon 40
      Front: Millie, Eva and Murray Jacobson Back: Jack Sarfatti and Arthur Jacobson 40 image
      Twenty Years Later by Jack Sarfatti 41
      Fritjof Capra 41
      Jack Sarfatti, Assistant Professor of Physics at San Diego State 41 image
      Bob Toben and Fred Alan Wolf 42
      Jack and Fred in Paris writing “Space-Time and Beyond”, 1973-4 43 image
      Jean Cocteau 43
      Brendan O’Regan and SRI Remote Viewing 44
      Dr. Kardec, Baphomet and The Knights Templar 45
      Jack and Sharon in London “In the thick of it”, 1973. 46 image
      Solomon ha-Zarfati, AKA Rashi de Troyes (1040-1105) 50
      Cabalist Carlo Suares (Balthazar of “The Alexandria Quartet”) 51
      “The Woman” awakened “after 3300 Years” J at Esalen in Big Sur, California 53 image
      Psi Wars! 53
      G-Strings and Flying Saucers by Jack Sarfatti 55
      “Life is a beautiful thing as long as I hold the string.” Sinatra 55
      Enigma of the point particle 55
      Vibrating G-Strings 56
      My World Line by Jack Sarfatti 57
      The Tibetan Connection 57
      My World Line 1979 Cover of North Beach Magazine by Bob Jones 59 image
      The Cradle Will Rock – Tea With Sarfatti 60
      The Pope’s Jew 62
      The Occult Third Reich 62
      Hitler’s “Private Buffoon – a light-hearted loon” 63
      Hitler’s 1923 suicide attempt foiled at last moment! 64
      Ciao Manhattan! 65
      Jack Sarfatti and Suky Sedgwick mid-80’s 66 image
      Sarfatti Crest, Venice, Italy 67 image
      “More is Different” (P.W. Anderson) by Jack Sarfatti 68
      Jack Sarfatti at UK Atomic Energy Research Establishment 68 image
      Tilting at Windmills; Jack Sarfatti’s Impossible Dream? By Jagdish Mann 71
      Jagdish Mann, Saul-Paul Sirag, Jack Sarfatti, 2001 71 image
      Contact by Saul-Paul Sirag 79
      The Yeshiva Boy asks Rabbi Sirag Four Questions 79 image
      “Rabbi, why does anything exist? Does the universe create itself? Does the universe need God? How is Jack’s theory different from all other theories?” 79
      The Godfather made an offer Carl Sagan refused 79
      Jacob Atabet at the End of Ordinary History 81
      Uri Geller meets Spectra 82
      “A Thoroughly Modern Millie” 82 image
      Ezekiel’s Vision 83
      The Minds of Robots 84
      Nick Herbert, Saul-Paul Sirag in Vulcan Mind Meld J induced by Jack Sarfatti ~ 1994 85 image
      Ghost Busters 87
      Sharon and Jack in Venice, 1973 89 image
      Horus, the Egyptian Sky God through the Star Gate? 90
      Young Frankenstein 92 image
      The usual suspects 25 years later at Russell Targ’s house. 93 image
      Bell, Book and Candle 93
      Werner Erhard 95
      The French Connection 95
      The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test 96
      Physics Consciousness Research Group at the Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma 1976 100 image
      John Archibald Wheeler, Jack Sarfatti, Cheryl Haley at the Cal Tech Kip Fest, 2000 101 image
      Cheryl Haley and Richard Feynman at Esalen, Big Sur, CA 102 image
      Cheryl Haley with Jack Sarfatti at the Cal Tech Kip Fest 2000 103 image
      Lynda Williams (The Physics Chanteuse), Jack and Cheryl at the Cal Tech Kip Fest 104 image
      A Biographical Note: Growing Up in a Japanese Prison Camp by Saul-Paul Sirag 104
      The Men in Blue, a short surrealist playlet by Eugenia Macer-Story and Jack Sarfatti 107
      “The Star Gate Conspiracy” by Jagdish Mann 108
      The Genius And The Golem by Jagdish Mann 111
      The Dancing Wu Li Masters 111
      Seat of the Soul and Oprah Winfrey 112
      On the Hidden Origins of Reagan’s SDI by Kim Burrafato 113
      "I do not know how President Reagan arrived at his decision..." Edward Teller 113
      Jack Sarfatti and Kim Burrafato in 1979 at Savoy Tivoli 113 image
      Stephen Schwartz lambastes Saudi Royal Family’s financing of the Wahabi Madrasa Schools that brainwash young Muslim boys into terrorists on MSNBC Dateline’s “Pearl Harbor” program of Dec 7, 2001. 114 image
      Jack Sarfatti and Stephen Schwartz at Caffe Trieste in early 90’s. 115 image
      Close Encounters 115
      Faster Than The Speeding Photon 116
      From Russia With Love 118
      Jack Sarfatti on CV 61, USS Ranger, Indian Ocean, 1987 121 image
      Kim Burrafato meets Richard Nixon. Kim explains Sarfatti’s physics and its relevance to the Strategic Defense Initiative. 122
      The Famous Chickering Letter 123 image
      “Aye, Aye, Captain, Anchors Away!” 127 image
      Review of Herb Gold's book, “Bohemia: Where Art, Angst, Love, and Strong Coffee Meet”, by Jack Sarfatti 128
      Herb Gold, Jagdish Mann, Jack Sarfatti, North Beach , 1999 128 image
      Jagdish, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Jindan and Jack at Enrico’s 128 image
      Jack, Enrico Banducci and Jagdish (2000 AD) in fond memory of the many good times with Marshall Naify 129 image
      John Updike 129
      It takes two to tango! 130
      “Darryl Van Horne” and “Sukie laughed” 130 image
      There’s a formula out there, and it’s going to be as elegant as good old E = mc2. 130
      Vladimir Nabokov 131
      Student Princes: Sergio Sismondo, David Green (3rd from left) and Jack Sarfatti (far right) Cornell 131 image
      Super Amazon Woman with Jack on her short leash! 133 image
      Morning of the Magicians and The Spear of Destiny 134 image
      Joan Zajac, Jack Sarfatti, Alfred Kahn at Cornell 138 image
      Jack as Colonel Fairfax in white cape in “Yeomen of the Guard” 139 image
      Cornell 1964 140 image
      Jack Sarfatti as Alfred. Timothy Jerome as Falke , “Fledermaus” 1964, Oberlin Conservatory’s Highfield Theater, near Hyannisport, Cape Cod, Massachusetts 141 image
      Jack Sarfatti, Suky Sedgwick and John-Paul Marshall, Buena Vista Café, San Francisco 142 image
      Causality-Violating Quantum Action-at-a-Distance? 143
      Nefertiti’s Eye by Jagdish Mann 146 image
      PROLOGUE 146
      THE PRESENT 147
      THE FUTURE 150
      THE PAST 154
      Thutmos Sefari at the Inn 156 image
      The Face of Eternal Beauty 160 image
      Sleep Beauty for 3300 Years Till The Great Awakening 162 image
      Joe Firmage and ISSO 163
      Jack Sarfatti, Jagdish Mann, Creon Levit, Faustin Bray, Jean Pierre Vigier, 1999 163 image
      Faustin Bray and Jack Sarfatti at Joe Firmage’s “Last Hurrah” 163 image
      Sound Photosynthesis 163
      Vigorous Vigier at age 81, Viva La France! 165 image
      Cold Fusion? ISSO Science’s Position by Creon Levit 165
      Jagdish, Vigier and Jack, Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, 1999 at ISSO Live-Work Space 169 image
      Saul-Paul, Jack, Tina, Vigier, Eldon Byrd , ISSO Telegraph Hill, 1999 170 image
      ISSO/ISEP Research in the Physics of Consciousness 171
      Dick Bierman and Jack Sarfatti at ISSO Telegraph Hill 171 image
      Related links 171
      Explaining Radin’s and Bierman’s pre-sponse brain data. 172
      Henry Stapp’s Bohr-Heisenberg idealistic model of pre-sponse 172
      Jack Sarfatti’s Bohmian realistic model of pre-sponse 172
      The Right Stuff 174
      Spirits of Christmas Future and Christmas Past, eh? J 175
      Telos as Final Causes in Post-Quantum Physics 178
      "Like most of modern science, which characteristically shuns the deeper questions of ‘final causes’ and human purpose.” Colonel Robert Hickson (January 6, 2001) 178
      “Suppose there is even something vaguely teleological about the effects of consciousness, so that a future impression might affect a past action.” Roger Penrose, “The Emperor’s New Mind” pp 442-445 (1989) 178
      “It seems to me that biological systems are able in some way to utilize the opposite time-sense in which radiation propagates from future to past. Bizarre as this may appear, they must somehow be working backwards in time.” Sir Fred Hoyle, “The Intelligent Universe”, p. 213 (1986) 178
      "Strategic Defense-In-Depth of the Homeland and the Moral Hazards of Two New Materialist Ideologies of Sociobiology-and-Neuroscience’s View of Man in Full and Their Likely Effects on the Moral Character of the Citizen by Colonel Dr. Robert Hickson, Visiting Professor, Joint Special Operations University , U. S. Special Operations Command" 179
      "Space-time approach to non-relativistic quantum mechanics", Reviews of Modern Physics, Vol. 20, p. 267 (1948), Feynman 181
      The Cat’s Cradle Principle: Collision of History with Destiny and Ice-9! 183 image
      Spontaneously Sentient Self-Organization by the Time Loops of History’s Collision with Destiny 187
      Send in the clones! The Achilles Heel of quantum cryptographic computing? 188
      Spectral Associative Memories 195
      My Spiritual Path by Hyman Sarfatti 196
      Hyman Sarfatti at Age 87 and Jack Sarfatti 196 image
      Born in The Cave 1914 196
      Beat The Devil 199
      The Four Noble Truths 202
      The Eightfold Path to Perfection 202
      God makes His devotees like Himself in order to bring others back to God. 228 image
      Prospero’s Cell, Shakespeare’s “Tempest” 231 image
      Index of names of people and key words. 232

      > I address this issue in my book The Trickster and the
      > Paranormal (which has a full chapter on Max Weber,
      > Charisma, and the Disenchantment of the World). Also,
      > on my website, I have a page discussing this briefly.
      > You may find the following page of interest--
      > http://www.tricksterbook.com/BookDescriptions/Sociology.htm
      > Sincerely,
      > George P. Hansen
      > =====
      > The Trickster and the Paranormal
      > http://www.tricksterbook.com

      "What I cannot create. I do not understand." Richard Feynman
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