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Latest idiotic flying saucer pseudoscience!

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  • Jack Sarfatti
    Everything below is worthless Cargo Cult pseudoscientific not even wrong garbage! This is the sort of idiocy that gives real work on the physics of UFOs a bad
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2001
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      Everything below is worthless Cargo Cult pseudoscientific not even wrong garbage!
      This is the sort of idiocy that gives real work on the physics of UFOs a bad name.
      It shows how most people are incredibly stupid in this area!
      I am completely disgusted by what I see below.
      It's almost as bad as Victor's plan to use David Hudson's Occult Nazi SS derived Ormus "white powder" to power space ships.

      BTW 99.9% FREE final version of my book, exposing all this nonsense is now online


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      Just like we are driving out al Qaeda we must drive out the toxic cosmologists that "weaken American Science" (Ed Teller) and defraud investors with obvious "vapor ware" that has no chance of working as advertised because it's completely idiotic.

      Mark McWilliams wrote:

      > Dear Dr. Sarfatti --
      > Someone (I assume the author of this site) e-mailed me referencing the
      > article at => http://www.grantchronicles.com/astro19.htm . Sounds like
      > another "twist" using known theories. It's interesting that he believes in
      > a 5-dimensional universe. The new Ekypyrotic alternative to the
      > Inflationary part of the Big-Bang theory also is based on universes created
      > from collisions between 5-dimensional parallel membranes (somehow this is
      > based on superstring and M-brane theories). Also his belief in a
      > 'repulsive' particle (quantum counterpart to the 'graviton') seems to
      > bolster Lazar's claims of witnessing tests where golf balls were bounced off
      > of the alien disc's power field. Didn't Stan Deyo and Richard Crandall
      > suggest "gravity" was the result of 2 interacting "forces" ?
      > Taken out-of-coontext from this site: "First, Bob Lazar is right about
      > element 115 as the primary element that fuels the advanced reactor in
      > spacecraft. ... His theory concludes, that faster than light space travel is
      > accomplished by closing the distance between two points with amplified
      > gravity waves. The theory falters, when you have to consider an anchor point
      > in space needs to be established in order to compress linear distances
      > between the initial start point and its destination. ..."
      > "Curves and folds in the fabric of space and time do not exist in the
      > version presented by mankind; there are no shortcuts. Considering Albert
      > EinsteinÂ’s work, he is correct in his Unified Field Theory with an
      > explanation of new phenomena. He proposed that there are four primary forces
      > in the universe: a vibrational force, which controls the frequencies of
      > matter and energy, nuclear force, gravity, and its opposite and balancing
      > counterpart, the repulsion force. The vibrational and repulsion forces are
      > new phenomena, and were dismissed by scientists and are still unknown to
      > general science. Both are key
      > elements for movement to occur in exotic spacecraft. ..."
      > "The movement of a spacecraft through the cosmos is a multi-step process.
      > Three main steps have to occur in order to achieve
      > travel throughout the universe. Step 1: The creation of an internal
      > gravitational and external repulsion fields to provide gravity and
      > protection of the exterior skin of the ship. Step 2: The ability to engage
      > local gravitational fields emanating from moons, planets and
      > stars. Step 3: Density switching, it is an advanced technology, which can
      > transmute matter and energy to different vibrational levels, allowing access
      > to parallel universes. These steps, none of which to the dismay of mankind
      > involves propulsion. Instead, it is the elimination of an unknown balancing
      > force to gravity, the repulsion force, which is perceived as weightless to
      > mankind when in outer space. The repulsion force, once removed from a
      > craftÂ’s equilibrium as a stationary object, allows the force of
      > gravitational particles flowing towards nearby cosmic objects to attract the
      > spacecraft at speeds approaching the speed of light for the corresponding
      > density level or parallel universe. ..."
      > "The composition and properties of the metal, which make up the exterior of
      > the spacecraft, are similar and different in many ways to what is known here
      > on Earth. The metals are similar in their elemental composition found here
      > on Earth, but differ in the purity of the metals and the structure,
      > placement and number of molecular bonds linking the atoms. This new
      > structure of the atoms can be referred to as Molecular Interlacing, where
      > the atoms arrange themselves in an interlocking pattern based on a
      > crystalline formation of triangles. To visualize the links between the
      > atoms, I will set a pair of hexagons that intersect in the middle of each
      > form at a 90-degree angle and share two opposing angles on their perimeters.
      > ..."
      > I added a <link> to his site with the rest of the
      > UFO/P-X/Montauk/time-travel/remote-viewing material at
      > http://www.geocities.com/stealthskaters/index.html .
      > ALL of these New Age and post-Quantum theories have their share of
      > detractors/skeptics/cynics. Probably like all of the world's religions.
      > The only way to prove which is correct (in this mortal life) is to actually
      > fly a man-made UFO (whose construction was based on one of these theories)
      > or "walk on water" (in the latter case). Maybe all of these theories have
      > some grain of truth in them that will yet be explained in a much more
      > rigorous hypothesis. I would hate to discard an entire theory just for its
      > "bad" parts (like junking an entire car because is radio doesn't work).
      > This is just more food-for-thought (in case you never heard of this guy) ...
      > Regards --
      > Mark

      "What I cannot create. I do not understand." Richard Feynman
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