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[ira-einhorn] Sarfatti: Einhorn frame part of pattern?

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  • David Crockett Williams
    From: Dr. Jack Sarfatti PhD http://www.well.com/user/sarfatti/ Subject: Re: Sparkling Holly Date: Wednesday, December 22, 1999 12:41 PM ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 1999
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      From: Dr. Jack Sarfatti PhD <sarfatti@...>
      Subject: Re: Sparkling Holly
      Date: Wednesday, December 22, 1999 12:41 PM

      RW wrote:

      > Jack Sarfatti wrote:
      > > I do not have time, but with the web who knows what may happen? The
      facts that there is
      > > a pattern of strange deaths in the Puharich Group in the 70's and Ira
      cannot have done
      > > all of them. One of the main reasons I think he did not do it is that he
      would not have
      > > been so stupid to keep Holly's remains around for 18 months if he had
      done it. Also NO
      > > BLOOD in the apartment right? I was in that apartment- no way Ira could
      have cleaned it
      > > up so that forensics would not have detected it.


      > Remember that he is a first-class procastinator.


      No that is nonsense. Also why no blood?


      > He tried to get help in getting rid of the
      > trunk a few days after Holly's disappearance, but the candidates freaked


      That's bullshit also. Those flakes are lying for that fraudulent woman DA. I
      would not be
      surprised if that DA has something on those girls? One of Ira's close
      friends ran the teamster union garbage trucks. In that 18 months Ira could
      have gotten his macho buddies to move anything. Ira was totally connected in
      Philly. If he wanted to move a trunk, he would not have waited 18 months
      especially that trunk! Again NO BLOOD IN THE APARTMENT!!! What about that?
      No Jury could convict on such flimsy circumstance given a fair trial with a
      really good lawyer and Ira there of course. Now it's too late.


      > The odor was definitely there within a short time, along with the oozing
      of a dark >liquid. He refused to let anyone investigate or to go near the


      How short exactly? What's the number? I thought the odor and oozing was many
      months later. Also
      it it were that soon where were the stupid Philly Cops? Are they totally
      incompetent boobs? Why
      were they not on the job? Ira was obviously THE PRIME SUSPECT. Why did the
      cops not get a court
      order for a search warrant? That would have been a cinch. C'mon I was not
      born yesterday.
      Something smells rotten in the State of Pennsylvania all right, and it's a
      lot more than the
      alleged stink and oozing of the liquid from the storage room OUTSIDE of
      Ira's apartment soon
      after her disappearance. Hell, with my BIG NEW YORK CITY MOUTH, I could have
      been a good trial

      > [Amgot]
      > After 18 months, organic material is well decomposed. It's also a
      question of where and
      > how the bludgeoning took place, how easy it was to clean up.


      You are using a double standard. You can't have it both ways. Now you are
      suggesting Ira hit
      Holly on the head with a hammer, dismembered her body like in some Orphic
      Templar Baphomet
      Ritual Murder (a favorite myth of Occult Nazis), embalmed her with some
      liquid like in Ancient
      Egypt, and then move her pieces BACK to the storage room OUTSIDE his
      apartment and kept it there
      18 months! Preposterous! Ira procrastinates? Where is the evidence for that?
      He certainly moved
      fast getting out of Philly and moved fast for 20 years making fools of
      Philly's "Law & Order".
      Ira can hardly wipe his own ass without some woman to help him. Ira is, I
      strongly suspect, a
      pampered Jewish Prince never allowed to do any menial work by his mother,
      who is not adept at
      using knives and would probably throw up at the very sight of blood.
      Imagine Woody Allen trying
      to cut up Holly. The idea that Ira killed Holly splattered blood all over
      his apartment cutting
      her up with a butter knife, if he even had one, then meticulously got rid of
      all the blood so
      that modern forensics could not find a trace in the actual alleged murder
      scene inside his
      completely messy apartment, is not at all credible. Think about it! Ask
      Jenny Birkett who is on
      this list and who lived with Ira after Holly if she thinks Ira could have
      done all that.

      "But the real glory of science is that we can find a way of thinking such
      that the law is
      evident. ... For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over
      public relations,
      for Nature cannot be fooled." Feynman
      "I want to know God's thoughts ... the rest are details." Einstein

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