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how you can help address Fukushima problem via a Facebook comment re DoE Edison-Tesla 21Nov13 Debate Questions

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  • David C Williams
    If you want to do something potentially very important to address the Fukushima nuclear problem and the current move to expand nuclear power globally, you can
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 20, 2013

      If you want to do something potentially very important to address the Fukushima nuclear problem and the current move to expand nuclear power globally, you can go to the US DoE Facebook page and add your comment of support requesting an official DoE response to the below submission for tomorrow’s US Dept of Energy online meeting related to forefront energy technologies and the government obstruction of proven technologies to neutralize radioactive wastes as described below.


      You can go to this US DoE Facebook page and add a comment or like to the post there at about 9:15amPST from David Williams



      From: David C Williams
      Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 8:59 AM
      To: 'newmedia@...'; 'tips@...'
      Cc: Foster Gamble - Thrive Movement; Global Breakthrough Energy Movement (GlobalBEM); Tom Valone - Integrity Research Institute; Gary Vesperman; Mark Ward - BruceDePalma(com) Webmaster; Tony Craddock - Tom Bearden Webmaster; New Energy Movement; Sunburst Spiritual Community; Office of His Holiness Dalai Lama - Dharamsala India; Dalai Lama Foundation; Webmaster SathyaSai(org); George Noory - Coast to Coast Radio Network; Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Chief Arvol Looking Horse - attn: Paulah Horn; Traditional Hopi Nation Elders - Shungopavi Village; Carol Wolman
      Subject: DoE Edison-Tesla 21Nov13 Debate Questions




      US Department of Energy’s November 21, 2013, Online Edison-Tesla Debate Questions Submission from Santa Barbara California, remembering JFK:


      We of the Santa Barbara California Thrive Movement Chapter have three rhetorical questions to pose to the DoE’s recognized energy experts for this Google Hangout session:


      1) Isn’t it true that Nikola Tesla not only invented a way to broadcast/transmit electricity without using wires, but also a way to tap into the Earth's rotation and commensurate rotational magnetic field to generate "free" electricity –- (analogous to a macro-scale Faraday "homopolar generator" as independently rediscovered in 1978 by Sai Baba Devotee Bruce DePalma and proven to have incremental “over-unity efficiency” by him, when his tests were witnessed by DoE representatives in 1979 in Santa Barbara, under sponsorship of the Sunburst Community founded by Paramahamsa Yogananda’s disciple Norman Paulsen, where DePalma’s “n-Machine” was referenced by the US Department of Energy in its 1998 CNES [Comprehensive National Energy Strategy] report to Congress and the President as a device to potentially harness the energy field of space itself that DePalma discovered in his previous experiments showing inertial and gravitational mass variations induced by rotation and precession, and where his “n-Machine” was referenced in that CNES as a potential device to harness the theoretical Zero Point Energy Field of the quantum vacuum flux championed by DoE expert Hal Puthoff whose work as a laser physicist documented Uri Geller’s paranormal abilities published in Nature Magazine’s October 17, 1974 issue) -- as discussed in depth at recorded conferences, in so many Youtube videos and in books and articles at such websites as: http://thrivemovement.com, http://globalbem.com, http://www.integrityresearchinstitute.org/tesla.htm, http://depalma.pair.com, http://brucedepalma.com, http://cheniere.org, http://newenergymovement.org, http://projectearth.com;  http://tewari.org;


      2) Isn’t it true that hundreds of such “free energy” technology inventions including and since Tesla’s have been ordered secret by the US Government under dual-use secrecy restrictions because of military applications of this knowledge for advance electromagnetic weaponry so we cannot have these technologies developed for civilian purposes in the absence of a firmly determined and stable global peace because they are ordered secret and the inventors threatened with jail or worse if they do not keep quiet after filing a patent or submitting their research to DoE for analysis, as per example of the work of David Yurth and others on High Density Charge Clusters for radioactivity remediation systems like we need now for Fukushima cleanup where their results were independently validated by Los Alamos National Labs after submission to DoE and who were then threatened with confiscation and imprisonment under FISA if they continued to develop their technology, because government agencies are exempt from the restrictions that would otherwise protect an inventor’s intellectual property, as is discussed about many dozens of such inventors and their inventions including other proven technologies to neutralize radioactive wastes as well as the so-called anti-gravity technologies as discussed in so many videos on Youtube and in articles and links posted at websites like: http://www.padrak.com/vesperman


      3) If either 1) or 2) above is substantially correct, as many millions of Americans following the internet believe, and you tell us otherwise in this session, why should we believe you?


      Many Thanks and Much Love for All, Our Prayers are With You,


      David Crockett Williams

      Global Emergency Alert Response





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