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open source free energy project per IEEE engineer, and what to do about Fukushima Fallout

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  • DC Williams
    ... [key excerpts:] Please be advised of this latest Cesium-137 (not shown to public) with a 30-year half life being showered all over the US and Canada.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 20, 2011

      ----- below fwd from a leading new energy researcher Gary Vesperman, http://www.padrak.com/vesperman

      [key excerpts:]


      Please be advised of this latest Cesium-137 (not shown to public) with a 30-year half life being showered all over the US and Canada.

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=BnRMS71OpCY  on Apr 17, 2011 (12:46min)


      Open Source

      Steve Jackson in coordination with PES Network is launching an open source project that will offer plans, instructions, and kits to help with such replication efforts. This open source project will allow anyone with even a modest degree of technical know how (who can follow written instructions) to reproduce Tesla's power broadcasting technology. 

      Let's get serious about developing the potential of Tesla Coils so we can harness the power of the aether and all its auxiliary capabilities including harnessing of aetheric energy, superluminal communication, wireless transmission of power through any barrier, anti-gravity capabilities, and creating defensive shields to make conventional war obsolete! 

      • pdf [coming in next day or so] (1.5 Mb) - these are not the most current plans, which are pending; but we wanted to post at least something with this story.  Steve said he needs one more day to finish the Replication Instructions. "We were running tests today and we are defining a smooth path to Replication using the Hantek generator. We are also enhancing our software console for the control of the Hantek frequency."
      • OS:Tesla, Meyl, and Jackson's Wireless Aetheric Power Transmission - open source project page at PESWiki
      • http://groups.yahoo.com/group/jk_wireless - OS forum
      • Tesla's Scalar Field Still Beaming On! - IEEE engineer, Steve Jackson, discusses and demonstrates how superluminal scalar or longitudinal waves can be utilized today. (PESN; March 26, 2011)


      Steve can be reached by email at steve.jackson@... 


      [whole post/email from Gary]


      From: Gary Vesperman [mailto:garyvesperman@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 7:27 AM
      To: Gary Vesperman
      Subject: Ground a 6' rebar to protect from Fukushima radiation


      I have seen a report that the Fukushima reactors have an accumulated radioactivity of over 70,000 HIroshima A-bombs. The rule of thumb is that a typical 1000-megawatt nuclear power plant operating at full power for two years accumulates 4600 Hiroshima bombs of radioactivity before shutdown for a couple of months to replace one-third of the fuel rods.


      For new energy inventions which don't kill people, see www.padrak.com/vesperman.


      Gary Vesperman


      [apparently Gary is fwdg the below email from Keith who has compiled the emails following his here]


      ----- Forwarded Message ----
      From: Keith Lampe <us.exile.govt@...>
      To: Prez <Prez@...>
      Sent: Wed, April 20, 2011 4:42:04 AM


                                Government of the USA in Exile

                       Free Americans Reaching Out to Amerika's Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free

                                                                                    Via <prez@...>

                                                                                                April 20, 2011


      Dear Free-Energy Friends and Colleagues,

           Yesterday I received a relatively reliable report that people in Santa Cruz, California, already are getting sick from the radiation descending upon them.  [or the anxiety associated with it]-dcw

           Please reach me if you know of any recent strange illnesses elsewhere.

           This new info certainly should serve as a goad for folks to make greater efforts to protect themselves as well as they can.  To this end I'm recirculating a piece from physicist John Hutchison and his colleague Nancy Lazaryan.

           Of course I can't guarantee that their proposal will work because I haven't tried it myself.  But it doesn't take much money or time or tech know-how to try it.

           I know that most of you know that your governmental organizations and media are lying to you in order to conceal the current great dangers of nuclear radiation from Fukushima.  I hope you're also aware of the degree to which you're being lied to, for this will serve as an additional goad for you to take matters into your own hands.  A good source for this info and for radiation protection info is: <http://iamthewitness.com/audio/Nancy.T.Banks/TFC.SMITH.N.T.Banks.4-19-2011.mp3>.  Also quite helpful is a 114-minute video of a recent talk by Leuren Moret at <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Be0ow2Jjs9E&feature=youtu.be>.  And a 16-minute video of Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor of the Japan Times Weekly, interviewed by Jeff Rense at <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpSv9qRObBU>.

           Two exemplary chaps--Dutch and Mike--who've been serving us well at <http://www.dutchsinse.com/blog/> now have announced an additional personal effort.  Dutch is leaving St. Louis, Missouri, today with his wife on a road trip to help local folks along the way analyze their water.  Mike is volunteering to analyze water samples mailed to him.  Right on, Dutch and Mike.  Dutch is first heading south on his tour, then west to California.  You may wish to reach him if you're on or near his path.

                                                                  Yours for tapping the ether,

                                                                  Keith Lampe, Ro-Non-So-Te, Ponderosa Pine

                                                                  Transition Prez




      Hutchison Gives Instructions for Earth Radiation Shield from Japanese Fallout



      Preface by Sterling D. Allan 
      Pure Energy Systems News

      I received the following email from John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan.

      Apparently they think that a network Ham Radio, CB radio and Tesla Coil operators could form a protective barrier, not just in the U.S., but worldwide, even in Japan, from the radiation that is spewing from the damaged reactors.

      The email describes a method that is relatively simple.  This is far outside my area of expertise, but Hutchison does have a track record of being able to accomplish some very unusual effects via frequencies.  We have published his documentation about clearing regions of Gulf waters nearly back to a pristine state using radio and audio frequencies.

      ----- Original Message -----

      Sent: Friday, March 18, 2011 11:44 AM

      Subject: SOLUTION to Japan Nuclear Radiation.---Ham --CB radio--Tesla Coils--CREATE A SHIELD for the Earth NOW!!!!!


      To everyone with a Ham Radio, CB radio or Tesla Coil...

      and if you don't have one of these, get a piece of REBAR and put it in your yard...

      then pass this email to everyone you know!!!!


      MEDIA PEOPLE:  Please post, announce, distribute.


      John Hutchison has been in the Gulf of Mexico using certain audio and radio frequencies to RESET the polluted waters.

      THE SAME SCIENCE can be used to try to PROTECT the Earth from the radiation being released in Japan.


      Hutchison is transmitting RIGHT NOW.

      People need to pick up the signal and "bounce" it to attempt to create a SHIELD.


      Here are John Hutchison's instructions:




      TUNE INTO  the

      ULF bands at 16 kilohertz

      VLF bands at 19 kilohertz to 400 kilohertz  and then into the

      HF bands at 4 megahertz starting at 2 mhz to 18 mhz then at up to 27 mhz 

      there will be lots of side carriers

      You should hear something SIMILAR to this (this is not the exact audio, but close)


      The RF effects are also in the X band region

      the regions of the solar flux index and

      hydrogen bands 

      these are 21 to 24 centimeters  

      broad banded


      CAPTURE THIS and use AM and USB and lower SB to

      RETRANSMIT and set up a RELAY


      The frequencies can also be received by


      Tesla coils will do a lot on their own, plug them in and they will receive and transmit


      and if any folks have IMPULSE GENERATORS or RF GENERATORS

      feed the signal into them and fire them off.


      Ham Radio Operators

      use phase shifting and other devices to get the frequencies out.


      CB Radio Operators

      If you can pick up the signal from John Hutchison, rebroadcast it. Do a CB SKIP.


      We are working with sky waves, ground waves and interactions with a larger prime mover like the ionosphere, solar and geomagnetic fields and propagation.  THIS IS SAFE!!!



      We used REBAR as antennas to capture the RF frequencies.

      This worked in cleaning the ground around the rebar.

      GET rebar and put in the ground.


      Along with this, use your mind for healing the earth and helping Japan.

      This is called psychotronics.

      All the above information and psychotronics are accepted sciences in the military-industrial complex as well as noetic science teams.


      Please participate.

      Please help save the Earth.


      John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan           

      # # #



      Question: Using rebar to capture RF frequencies? How long a piece and how much is driven into the ground? What diameter rebar could be used? How many rebars would one use? Would one use 4, one for each direction? 

      Answer: March 19, 2011 2:32 PM MST
      roughly 6 feet long
      about a foot into the ground
      1/4" to 1/2" diameter...or whatever is available
      one is okay, 4 is better




                            Tesla Coils: Unleash the Aether

      Nikola Tesla's most significant contribution was not AC power, radio, or the induction motor, but what we call the Tesla Coil - a tool which allows for the power of the aether to be unleashed and harnessed.  Now being launched through an open source project.

           "We've all heard of 'Tesla Coils', but this outstanding report brings a level of clarity and relevance hitherto unseen.  We now call for a peaceful revolution to see this technology finally implemented for 1) harnessing aetheric energy, 2) superluminal communication, 3) wireless transmission of power through any barrier, 4) anti-gravity capabilities, and 5) creating defensive shields to make conventional war obsolete.  And we are pleased to announce an open source project to facilitate that." -- Sterling D. Allan

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      The Tesla coil, wireless aetheric power transmitter described in Steve Jackson's open source project.


      by Hank Mills 
      Pure Energy Systems News 

      The inventions of Nikola Tesla are numerous. He invented radio, teleautomatics (remote control technology), poly-phase alternating current, the induction motor, and many other innovations that established the foundation for our modern civilization. However, the true significance of his greatest discovery - the "Tesla Coil" - goes mostly unrecognized. This tool provides a way for humanity to tap into the wheelwork of our universe--what many describe as the "aether."

      There are many misconceptions about Tesla coils and their intended use. The light shows that can be produced by them are spectacular, but these stunning visual displays have little to do with their true function and capabilities. In addition, many people consider them as nothing more than high voltage transformers. But a Tesla coil is not a conventional transformer and does not utilize magnetic induction. 

      Tesla coils have capabilities beyond even the highest voltage transformers of our day, because they are something far different. Their emissions of longitudinal impulses can exceed the speed of light, can penetrate all known materials (including Faraday cages), travel great distances without their intensity diminishing, power remote devices, and allow for "overunity" gains of energy. 

      Radiant Blasts

      When an electrical switch in an electrical circuit is opened or closed, a spark of high voltage can be created. In Tesla's day, engineers and workmen had to be very careful of this phenomenon when working with high voltage DC generators. A sudden closure of a circuit being powered from a dynamo capable of generating a few thousand Watts, could produce electrical discharges of several hundred thousand volts. These discharges were often fatal to those who were exposed to them. This phenomenon interested Tesla, and he began to research what he called, "disruptive discharges."

      In his lab, Tesla would utilize a dynamo to produce very quick pulses of high voltage direct current. He noticed these pulses could completely vaporize thin wires. In addition, these pulses could produce what seemed like pressure waves that would induce stinging sensations. At first he thought these blasts waves were composed of tiny particles of the vaporized metal. This possibility was ruled out when he noticed nothing could shield them, including glass or even copper sheets. If these were high speed particles of some sort the glass should have shielded him from them, and if they were purely electrical the metal should have blocked them. However, they penetrated any barrier!

      He continued testing with larger wires, faster pulses, and with higher voltages. Before long, he started to gain an understanding of the variables that controlled the intensity of these disruptive discharges. Eventually, he did away with the wire and utilized a simple spark gap. By increasing the voltage from the dynamo and shortening the length of the pulses he could make these discharges much more powerful. He could feel them from all the way across the room!

      Many more variables came into play. By adding one or more capacitors (he called them condensers) between the dynamo and spark gap, he could intensity the effect. Additionally, he was able to prevent a "back rush" of current across the spark gap with a variety of techniques. This was important because any flow of current reduced the maximum intensity of the disruptive discharge. As one example, he used a magnet to rapidly quench or magnetically "blow out" the arc across the electrodes to prevent such current flow. He could also use this system to increase the frequency of his discharges. In other setups, he put the spark gap in oil with a high dielectric value or had heated air flow through the spark gap. There were benefits and drawbacks to each method. 

      Decoupling Aether and Electron Current

      A very interesting effect was creating these powerful discharges. When the high voltage input jumped across the spark gap the conducting material's resistance created a delay that would prevent current (electron flow) from instantly flowing. With sufficiently rapid pulses, current could be completely prevented from flowing in the conductive material. This would produce a decoupling of the current and voltage. The pure voltage potential became untangled or unbounded from the current, and would produce a shock wave that would move out in all directions nominally perpendicular to the spark gap.

      It is theorized by many that electrical voltage is in fact a form of "aether" bonded to the current flow in a conductive material. The aether was thought to be a gaseous atmosphere of tiny (potentially much smaller and less massive than the electron), energetic (traveling at speeds faster than the speed of light), and penetrating (capable of traveling through solid matter) that fills our universe. Tesla and other men of science considered the aether to be the medium in which electromagnetic waves flow. Some individuals theorized it could be the true source of gravity, what produces radioactive decay in elements, and the fundamental "stuff" of which all matter in the universe is composed. 

      Tesla's disruptive discharges produced longitudinal waves in the aether. Unlike transverse waves that vary in amplitude up and down, longitudinal waves only move in the direction of propagation. They could be described as a series of compressions and rarefactions in the atmosphere of aether. These longitudinal waves are sometimes called, "scalar waves." However, this is not a precisely correct description. Technically, the term "scalar" describes a constant value that does not change. A longitudinal wave is periodically expanding and contracting in the direction of propagation, so this term does not fit. Despite the inconsistency, the terms "scalar wave" and "longitudinal wave" are used interchangeably by many. 

      Safety Enhancements

      Over the course of his investigations, Tesla realized that the duration and frequency of his pulses were of tremendous importance in terms of safety. Slower rates of these discharges would produce stinging and painful effects. Moderate rates of discharges eliminated the stinging, but could produce a thermal sensation. If properly controlled, this thermal sensation would not burn, but could actually be pleasant and therapeutic. At very high rates of discharges the stinging and thermal effect vanished. A physical "pressure" could still be felt from the area around the spark gap, but sensations of needles or heat were gone. 

      At these high rates of pulsing, the visual arcs and streamers of pure voltage from his device were actually safe to interact with (at least that is what he concluded). In many experiments and demonstrations, he allowed these pulses of purified aether to flow across his body. No detectable harm came to him when utilizing these high frequencies. This energy could flow through him and power light bulbs. If traditional current had been flowing he would have been killed, but this flow of energy was truly something unique.

      Tesla was still utilizing high voltage dynamos and spark gaps which were an obvious safety concern. The electrical energy running through them could easily electrocute a person. He took great care during his testing and experiments to avoid accidents. Anyone trying to replicate Tesla's work or experiments should be aware of the dangerous electrical forces involved. Although at certain high pulse rates the radiant energy produced was relatively harmless, the setups to create the discharges were still potentially lethal. 

      Continual Development

      These disruptive discharges emitting longitudinal waves in the aether could produce many unique effects. Tesla could power a light bulb by connecting it to his device with a single thin wire or sometimes in combination with a metal plate. In addition, when placing a plate of metal close to the discharges from the spark gap, he could see electrical arcs and streamers dancing on it. He could also hold a capacitor in proximity to the spark gap and charge it to a very high capacity. In fact, he could charge them until their capacity was exceeded and an explosion would occur. Considering all of these effects, he realized this technology would allow for the wireless transmission of power.

      By this time, Tesla had already succeeded in developing conventional poly-phase alternating current transmission systems. They were being implemented in areas such as those near the Niagara Falls power station, where he designed the generators that converted the energy of the falling water into electricity. He felt that a wireless transmission system could exceed his previous accomplishment. 

      During interviews and in his writings, Tesla described how his new discoveries could be used to power the entire world. To accomplish this, he would need to improve his technology even further. There were still additional optimizations that could be made. 

      One of these improvements was the design of what we would today call a "Tesla Coil." He designed and patented a setup in which the "disruptive discharges" flowed across the surface of two bars of a conductor. This was the "primary" of the setup. These bars would wrap loosely (only a few turns) around a "secondary" coil that would be positioned inside the diameter of the primary. This "secondary" was composed of a flat "pancake" style core of many more turns than the primary. The wire used in the secondary was much thinner than in the primary. He matched the total weight of the primary and secondary windings so the two would be in a state of resonance. One end of the secondary could be grounded and the other end of the secondary would rise above the coil. 

      The impulses from his spark gap would flow over the surface of the primary and then across the windings of the secondary. In doing so, the voltage would climb tremendously. Huge discharges would appear at the end of the secondary wire. The already magnified voltage produced by the disruptive discharge was being increased even more! Somehow the longitudinal waves or impulses of "aether" were concentrating on the surface of the secondary windings and magnifying or focusing themselves. 

      Gerry Vassilatos, author of "Lost Science" and "Secrets of Cold War Technology" (both of which are excellent sources of information on Tesla's aether technology) stresses that although Tesla's system increased the output voltage, it was not in anyway a conventional transformer. He describes it as a system using electrostatic induction. Gerry and other researchers have made many valid distinctions between Tesla's system and a traditional transformer.

      • There was no current flowing through his primary and secondary of his setup. Tesla made great efforts to prevent such electron flow. Traditional transformers absolutely require electron flow.
      • Due to the fact there was no electron flow there was no magnetic induction, which is the principle by which transformers operate. 
      • The primary and secondary of his setup were loosely coupled, in that there was a significant space filled with air between his primary and secondary coils. The primary and secondaries in traditional transformers are usually tightly coupled for efficient operation. 
      • Tesla coils can be made of non-conductive materials. This eliminates the possibility of any conventional transformer effect utilizing magnetic induction. 
      • The flow of voltage or aether would not follow the path of least electrical resistance. This should be the case if current was actually in the circuit and electrons were moving. However, the radiant impulses of Tesla's system would ignore almost zero resistance shorts to flow across higher resistance paths across resistive elements such as light bulbs. An example of this is Tesla's "hairpin" circuit. 

      Getting Ready for Broadcasting

      Tesla continued to prepare for his global power broadcasting system by further developing his technology. For example, he discovered by placing a round conductive sphere on the elevated end of the secondary winding the impulses were magnified and more evenly broadcast. Another improvement was made by adding additional coils to the secondary or changing the shape of the secondary coil. In one setup, above the "pancake" portion of the secondary was an additional coil in the shape of a solenoid. One of his most effective secondary shapes was that of the cone. It provided a tremendous increase in voltage. 

      The shapes of his coils were not the only improvements he tested. He would place the secondary of a system in liquified air which super-cooled the copper winding. For some reason, this amplified the voltage increasing effect without inducing an unwanted current (electron) flow. By utilizing combinations of these methods he was able to produce gigantic outputs of several million volts.

      Of course to broadcast power it had to be received. He designed a variety of receivers. Some of these receivers were composed of metallic plates. When the longitudinal waves impacted them a current would be induced that could power lights or motors. Tesla actually discovered that he could focus the output of his device into a narrow beam utilizing a special tube. This allowed him to specifically direct t

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