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Kucinich for President 2012 - SayNo to the CapandTrade SCAM (tax on everyone while continuing production of greenhouse gases); RE: [K4P] More Tentacles Surface at Rightwing Front Group

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Dear Friends and Colleagues, Concerned Activists: Cap and Trade should be killed; it is a SCAM to allow and encourage corporate polluters to continue to do so
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2010

      Dear Friends and Colleagues, Concerned Activists:


      Cap and Trade should be killed; it is a SCAM to allow and encourage corporate polluters to continue to do so by using carbon credit “offsets” paid for by raising prices artificially justified by the illusion of the “Cap” part of Cap and Trade, or by earning “credits” to offset carbon releases by stupid stuff like fencing in a bit of forest and keeping people out; it is also a Global Tax Scam by the elite to impose a global corporate government to exploit the people. 


      Buying and selling carbon credits (the Trade part of Cap and Trade) is the next planned “derivative bubble” major financial scam on the populace and naïve investors.


      “Cap and Trade” in reality is the “Climate Tax and Investment Scam” to impose plutocratic global government in the name of profits for the elites using oil industry economics to enslave the global populace. 


      It does not even really matter on this issue if global warming is man-made or not --- that argument is a contrived distraction from what is really happening to continue suppression of “free energy” since Tesla.


      What is missing from the climate change debate is the reality of the suppressed new energy technologies to replace nuclear and fossil fuel power and to end justification for wars over oil !




      We need Rep. Dennis Kucinich to hold hearings on this issue in his domestic policy subcommittee and invite experts to testify and have it covered on CSPAN


      I suspect the Koch operation “against” cap and trade is a shill operation to pretend to be against it while really trying to backdoor public support for it….especially since the apparently hoodwinked author below is characterizing it as simply a “tax on production of greenhouse gasses” which is not what it is really about but a cover story to make it palatable to the public.


      I sure hope Dennis Kucinich runs against Obama for the Democratic Party nomination for US President in 2012 and speaks the truth about the Federal Reserve and Cap and Trade and new energy technologies.


      What is really happening!





      David Crockett Williams

      Ending the Federal Reserve System is Priority #1 !




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      Subject: [K4P] More Tentacles Surface at Rightwing Front Group


      A CounterPunch Investigation

      More Tentacles Surface at Rightwing Front Group

      The Koch Empire and Americans for Prosperity


      This is a long article (I have copied the beginning here), the rest of the article is available at http://www.counterpunch.org/martens10192010.html 



      Lily Tomlin said it best: "No matter how cynical you become, it's never enough to keep up." Despite two solid years of progressive media tracking the billionaire Koch brothers' funding of right wing front groups, new details have emerged which show a more sophisticated and ominous network than previously understood.

      One of the key organizations funded by a Koch-controlled foundation is Americans for Prosperity (AFP).  While it has been widely documented and publicized that the group is orchestrating the Tea Party, AFP is also a veritable smorgasbord of other "grassroots" personalities.  The AFP or the AFP Foundation have  spawned the following identities: 

      DefendingtheDream.org (August 27-28 D.C. summit for right wing strategizing and rally);

      SayNoCapandTrade.org (kill tax on production of greenhouse gases);

      NoInternetTakeover.com (attacks on the Federal Communications Commission);

      SickofSpending.com ("…how to recruit, educate, organize, and mobilize fed up Americans to stop the radical left-wing agenda…");

      RegulationReality.com ("…educate citizens about the EPA's attempt to implement radical global warming regulations…");

      NovemberIsComing.com (phone bank; go door to door to beat back those liberals);

      TaxCutsForAll.com (don't raise taxes on the rich);

      SpendingCrisis.org (shrink the Federal government);

      CaliforniaSoS.com (cut spending in California);

      United4NoOn4.com (kill Amendment 4 in Florida that would give voters more say in local legislative decisions; an ironic position for people who say they want to promote more liberty).

      Americans for Prosperity also created PatientsUnitedNow.com and orchestrated hundreds of rallies to help kill the public option in health care reform.

      Americans for Prosperity now has chapters in 30 states, including those with the largest number of voters.  As part of the focus on state level efforts, key right wing foundations are funding another nonprofit, the State Policy Network, which says it has free market think tanks in every state. The work of most of the groups is to push for privatization of public services and public schools. The State Policy Network is fueling a new, rapidly growing  movement: right wing funded groups posing as independent investigative media outlets. So far, there is West Virginia Watchdog, Old Dominion Watchdog in Virginia, Texas Watchdog, Illinois Statehouse News, Missouri News Horizon, Capital Report New Mexico, Idaho Reporter, the Commonwealth Foundation's Pennsylvania Independent, TNReport of Tennessee, the Pelican Institute's Capital Reporter in Louisiana, Pacific Research Institute's Cal Watch Dog in California, Idaho Freedom Foundation's Idaho Reporter, the Cowboy State Free Press in Wyoming, and others in various stages of getting up and running.


      Also see http://www.commondreams.org/further/2010/10/20-0#comment-1646862

      Koch: Even More Powerful and Well-Connected Than You Thought

      by Abby Zimet

      "One person can make a difference" -- Dennis Kucinich

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