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high crimes? Astronaut Ed Mitchell says ET Contact is real.

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Oh great wise good doctor of mental gymnastics, Shouldn t this new information motivate humanity to quit fighting among ourselves and unite as humankind to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2008

      Oh great wise good doctor of mental gymnastics,


      Shouldn’t this new information motivate humanity to quit fighting among ourselves and unite as humankind to understand and implement how to best protect and prosper our species and home planet? 


      That would seem a message that even the folks who claim the trips to the moon were faked would agree with. 


      It is very important that the good doctor Mitchell makes the point that they must be friendly or we would already be dead.  


      Does that mean the star wars can be over before they start? 


      Is it time to turn the Jaguar onto the Stardriveway to Hollywood instead?


      BTW, do you think Dennis Kucinich’s bid in Congress on Friday will further the impeachment of the current president for high crimes?


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      I can confirm the essential correctness of what Edgar says. I have my own intel connections as in my Youtube interview on Lensman137 Channel

      part 1 of 5


      On Jul 23, 2008, at 7:17 PM, R B wrote:

      Interesting. That said, it would present more authentically if he had identified exactly by what agency, and when, he had been briefed. "To have been briefed" is a very passive construction. He doesn't claim any first person exposure.


      I think he did, but maybe I am wrong.

      The moon is just a big, boring, rock and the privilege of having had a junket there doesn't add much weight. These astronauts are simply turbocharged fighter jocks, with a penchant for tall tales, and were by all accounts viewed by the folks in charge as a small step up from Ham.

      We entered the Lunar tournament as a matter of prestige in the Cold War not because we had any expectation of running into some neighbors but to show off our technology and to boggle some minds. And we won. Yay us! (This whole manned mission to Mars thing is, well, extravagant lunacy. Unmanned probes can do it much better at a fraction of the cost and without endangering people. And if it were up to me I'd shut down the whole manned space thing forever, deorbit the International Space Station, and use the savings to fund a Manhattan Project on scaling up qubit teleportation, investigating Bell 's Postulate and the whole quantum entanglement thing, with some post-Hubble astronomical instruments both orbital and digital into the bargain.)

      Much more bang for the buck. And much more wonderful. National policy is captive of a 1950s Science Fiction taxonomy. Earth to Washington : the 50s are Over.

      Not disputing the reality of ET visits, which I lean towards on your authority alone,


      I do not claim to be an authority on ET. I can only say


      1) I have had much high strangeness with one likely Close Encounter with ET. Details in my autobio Destiny Matrix (on Amazon - up to late 2001 post-911

      but ... this is very weak hearsay.


      Edgar is a friend of George Bush Sr. I take Edgar's comments seriously.


      On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 7:40 PM, Jack Sarfatti <sarfatti@...> wrote:



      This is a new interview with Edgar Mitchell, and he is un-equivocal. Says some big disclosures are coming soon.


      My physics work supports Mitchell's claim.


      Begin forwarded message:


      Apollo 14 astronaut claims aliens HAVE made contact - but it has been covered up for 60 years

      Last updated at 8:55 PM on 23rd July 2008





      Edgar Mitchell was the Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 14

      Aliens have contacted humans several times but governments have hidden the truth for 60 years, the sixth man to walk on the moon has claimed.

      Apollo 14 astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, said he was aware of many UFO visits to Earth during his career with NASA but each one was covered up.

      Dr Mitchell, 77, said during a radio interview that sources at the space agency who had had contact with aliens described the beings as 'little people who look strange to us.'

      He said supposedly real-life ET's were similar to the traditional image of a small frame, large eyes and head.

      Chillingly, he claimed our technology is 'not nearly as sophisticated' as theirs and "had they been hostile", he warned 'we would be been gone by now'.

      Dr Mitchell, along with with Apollo 14 commander Alan Shepard, holds the record for the longest ever moon walk, at nine hours and 17 minutes following their 1971 mission.

      'I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomena is real,' Dr Mitchell said.

      'It's been well covered up by all our governments for the last 60 years or so, but slowly it's leaked out and some of us have been privileged to have been briefed on some of it.




      UFO theorists believe Roswell in New Mexico was the site of an alien crash in 1947


      'I've been in military and intelligence circles, who know that beneath the surface of what has been public knowledge, yes - we have been visited. Reading the papers recently, it's been happening quite a bit.'




      Dr Mitchell, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering and a Doctor of Science degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics claimed Roswell was real and similar alien visits continue to be investigated.

      He told the astonished Kerrang! radio host Nick Margerrison: "This is really starting to open up. I think we're headed for real disclosure and some serious organisations are moving in that direction.'

      Mr Margerrison said: 'I thought I'd stumbled on some sort of astronaut humour but he was absolutely serious that aliens are definitely out there and there's no debating it.'

      Officials from NASA, however, were quick to play the comments down.

      In a statement, a spokesman said: "NASA does not track UFOs. NASA is not involved in any sort of cover up about alien life on this planet or anywhere in the universe.

      'Dr Mitchell is a great American, but we do not share his opinions on this issue.'




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