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Einhorn warned of this coming in the 1970's, is that why he was framed for murder to discredit him? FW: Chinese reaction to earthquakes and cyclone as WMD effects of US HAARP Advanced Electromagnetic Weapon

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  • David Crockett Williams
    Chinese reaction to earthquakes and cyclone as WMD effects of US HAARP Advanced Electromagnetic Weapon --- see copious documented evidence, links, etc, in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2008
      Chinese reaction to earthquakes and cyclone as WMD effects of US HAARP
      Advanced Electromagnetic Weapon --- see copious documented evidence, links,
      etc, in draft "campaign letter" from China included following a paragraph

      One of the yahoogroups I am on gets posts from what seems to be a
      quasi-official Chinese government connected email outreach on various issues
      over the last couple of years. They include a long list of email addresses
      of news media to email their suggested form letter trying to influence US
      policy via activists here forwarding their information. Just after my
      recent post about the Advanced Electromagnetic Weapons /slash/ New Energy
      Technologies issue, I got a related post from them with the below snipped
      information about their view on this issue. At the end are the instructions
      how to access their whole email with the news media lists and their other
      current issues/logic, etc. This is a very big thing brewing now just ahead
      of the Olympics which will bring more attention to China and this suspicion
      of HAARP connection to these events.

      My previous article with youtube video links on this issue is in an email

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      From: gPeace [mailto:peace_10191@...]
      Sent: Monday, June 02, 2008 9:50 AM
      To: gear2000@...



      We are highly concerned to see those Earthquake, Cyclone and
      even the Prolonged Snow Storms Mega "Disasters" occurred within
      the past 4 Months since January 15th. And ALL have the
      Unusual "UN-NATURAL" MEGA-POWER equivalent to Hundreds of
      Atomic Bombs Each Time. ALL appear to be IN and AROUND CHINA.

      In our Citizens and Voters Opinion, we do think that the
      Pentagon might have "Engineered" the biggest Cyclone in
      Myanmar and the biggest Earthquake in China.

      However, we do ask OUR PRESIDENT TO INVESTIGATE the
      PENTAGON on these two Weather and Earthquake Super WMD
      possibly Imposed on Myanmar and China on May 2nd and
      May 12th respectively.

      We also urge all Concerned parties to INVESTIGATE PENTAGON'S
      WEATHER and EARTHQUAKE SUPER WMD. If our President think
      America is a Democratic country, then we ask our President
      please DO NOT BLOCK the INVESTIGATING & Publishing about
      America's Newest SUPER WMD in the World .

      Our Opinion on Cyclone and Earthquake are based on what
      we read from the domestic and foreign reports and experts
      Analysis and their years of investigations as well as our
      own analyis, Opinions and Summaries.
      The following are our Points (A. B. C. D.) :


      From All what we read that after more than 50 YEARS of
      Intensive Destructive Programs to Test, Understand and Control
      the Upper Atmosphere (*** we think it is the main cause for
      Global Warming too), America now Successfully developed its
      Weather Warfare including Earthquake Warfare to release Energy
      equivalent to Hundreds of Atomic Bombs Each Time.

      "Weather Warfare Program: The High-Frequency Active Auroral
      Research Program (HAARP) .... jointly managed by the US Air
      Force and the US NAVY." Reports revealed that NOW the PENTAGON
      is in the "PERFECTION" STAGE. It said that "the Policy Guidelines
      on "Weather Intervention Techniques" have already been
      Established and the TECHNOLOGY IS FULLY OPERATIONAL NOW !!!!!

      "The US Air Force has the Capability of Manipulating Climate
      ... These Capabilities extend to the triggering of FLOODS,

      Reports Warned that "... Weather Warfare constitutes a COVERT
      form of PRE-EMPTIVE WAR. The manipulation of climate can be used
      to Destabilize an Enemy's Economy, Ecosystem and Agriculture".

      A World renowned scientist , Dr. Rosalie Bertell, stated that
      "HAARP as "a Gigantic Heater that can cause Major Disruption in
      the Ionosphere, creating not just holes, but long incisions in
      the Protective Layer that keeps Deadly RADIATION from Bombarding
      the planet." "HAARP is part of a Integrated Weapons' system,
      The Ability of the HAARP/SPACELAB/ROCKET Combination to deliver
      very large amount of ENERGY, comparable to A NUCLEAR BOMB,

      In a long article "THE MILITARY'S PANDORA'S BOX",
      it described that :
      HAARP will zap the upper atmosphere with a focused and steerable
      electromagnetic beam. It is an advanced model of an "Ionospheric
      Heater." (The Ionosphere is the electrically-charged sphere
      surrounding Earth's Upper atmosphere. It ranges between 40 to 60
      miles above the surface of the Earth.) Put simply, the apparatus
      for HAARP is a Reversal of a Radio Telescope; Antenna send out
      signals instead of receiving. HAARP is the test run for a Super
      -Powerful Radiowave-Beaming Technology that lifts areas of the
      Ionosphere by focusing a beam and heating those areas. Electro
      Magnetic Waves then bounce back onto earth and penetrate
      everything -- living and dead. "

      " HAARP zaps the ionosphere where it is relatively unstable.
      The Ionosphere is an active Electrical Shield Protecting the
      planet from the constant Bombardment of High-Energy Particles
      from SPACE. This conducting Plasma, along with Earth's Magnetic
      Field, traps the electrical plasma of Space and holds it back
      from going directly to the earth's surface, ... If the Ionosphere
      is greatly Disturbed, the atmosphere below is subsequently
      Disturbed." "HAARP has the ability of modifying the World's
      Electro-Magnetic Field as part of "Electronic Weapons"

      " ....HAARP Aims to "exploit the Ionosphere for U.S. Department
      of Defense purposes." Communicating with Submarines is only one
      of those purposes. " " HAARP could contribute to Climate Change
      by Intensively Bombarding the atmosphere with High-Frequency
      Rays... Returning Low-Frequency Waves at High Intensity could
      also affect people's Brains, and effects on TECTONIC MOVEMENTS."

      "The HAARP ... constitutes a system of powerful Antennas capable
      of creating "Controlled Local Modifications of the IONOSPHERE"
      [upper layer of the atmosphere]: "[HAARP will be used] to Induce
      a .... Localized Change in "Ionospheric" Temperature so that
      resulting PHYSICAL reactions "
      A report said that "Eastlund described this Deadly Technology
      as capable of "Causing Total DISRUPTION of COMMUNICATIONS
      over a very Large Portion of the EARTH (*while keeping the U.S.
      Military's Communications system working), MISSILES or AIRCRAFT
      DESTRUCTION, Deflection or Confusion....."

      Back in the 1970's, the former U.S. National Security Advisor
      Zbigniew Brzezinski had predicted that : " Techniques of Weather
      Modification could produce PROLONGED PERIODS OF DROUGHT OR STORM.".

      Well, China's Massive Snow Storm in January lasted for more than
      1 full month in Totally Unexpected Large WARM "Southern" Provinces
      in China and it had Never been seen in 135 Years in the History.

      "HAARP also can be used to detect Incoming low-level Planes and
      Cruise Missiles, making other technologies obsolete. ...... "
      HAARP can also "Be a tool for geophysical probing to find Oil,
      Gas and Mineral deposits over a large area ."
      ( http://www.wealth4freedom.com/truth/12/HAARP.htm )

      Another report said that " HAARP, slated for Final Completion
      in 2002, sends out a focused and steerable ElectroMagnetic(EM)
      beam that can Superheat and actually lift sections of the Ionosphere

      -- the Electrically Charged Upper Layer of our atmosphere lying
      40 to 500 Miles above the Earth's surface. The EM Waves are targeted
      to bounce back to Earth from "virtual" mirrors and lenses, created
      by Warming specific areas of the Ionosphere until they produce a
      flat or curved shape, capable of strategically Redirecting
      significant amounts of ElectroMagnetic ENERGY."

      Well, Now, 6 more years had passed, we have No doubt that
      the Pentagon's HAARP is perfectly Completed at this time.
      Ominously, judging from the sadistic nature of the Pentagon
      and its Neo-Con Allies' Rampant, Unlimited Killings in the
      World, we have NO doubt that they just OPENED their Covert
      PANDORA'S BOX Against their Biggest "ASSUMED" ENEMIES !!!!!

      It appears that the Pentagon now is so proficient of Changing and
      Manipulating the "ElectroMagnetic" and Local "Ionospheric" Level
      in the SPACE to create massive Irregular Weather and Earthquake.
      The Enormous "ENERGY", equivalent to Hundreds of Atomic Bombs
      each time, Released thru the HAARP Manipulation actually comes
      from the SPACE, NOT FROM the DEEP CENTER OF the EARTH !!!

      In other words, the ENERGY of a "Man-Made" Earthquake comes
      from the SPACE while the ENERGY of a "Natural" Earthquake comes
      from the Deep ground in the earth. Therefore, a REAL "NATURAL"
      EARTHQUAKE should NOT CHANGE anything in the Space NOR Change
      the IONOSPHERIC LEVEL in the Space AT ALL .

      Well, Many countries Satellite reports showed that " During the
      6 to 15 days before the May 12th Earthquake in Sichuan, the
      Ionospheric Density in the atmosphere about 1,000 square
      kilometres around Wenchuan, Epicentre of the quake, was
      1.2 Million electrically charged particles. On May 11th, the
      Eve of the Quake, the Ionospheric Density over Sichuan, China
      had Dropped by Half to 600,000 charged particles."

      IN our opinion, up to now, whether it is A "MAN-MADE"


      As we can see since May 12, 2008, the Earthquake in Sichuan,
      the Chinese own Earthquake Officials seldom to come out to
      make any comments on the cause of such Tragic Earthquake
      at all. They appear to be ALL "MUTED" .
      We have NO doubt that right now the US Government may
      be making every effort to Bribe and/or Threaten all of Chinese
      own earthquake experts to LIE to its own Government that the
      Earthquake was a "NATURAL" one that Two Tectonic plates were
      "Squeezing" each other which caused the big "Earthquake" .
      (*** It is America's "Habit" to Bribe Chinese officials.)

      Further, the "U.S. Geological Survey" (USGS) Wants the World
      to believe that the Earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan was caused
      from the "Squeezing" force of the two Tectonic Plates on
      May 12th and therefore it was a "NATURAL" Earthquake !!!

      Well, the USGS is an Agency for the US Government and it is
      fully connected to the Pentagon. We have No doubt that the
      USGS is the mouthpiece for the Pentagon on this regards .

      Well, luckily, we have noticed that right after the
      Earthquake, some honest overseas experts exposed that there was
      "NO SQUEEZING" of Two Tectonic Plates which might have caused
      such "Unusual" Sudden Earthquake in Sichuan on May 12th, 2008.

      Some overseas reports, warned that Man-Made Earthquake is
      similar to the real "Natural" Earthquake. However,it said that
      ,in the past, more than 20 some times of Man-Made Earthquake
      Tests, ALL have a Common feature. That is a "Shallow" Tremor
      under the ground instead of Hundreds of Miles deep into the
      Earth like real "Natural" Earthquakes .

      On May 12, 2008, the massive Earthquake in Sichuan China
      had a depth of 11.8 miles deep Tremor only and some reports
      even said it had only 6 miles deep. The power released from
      such Shallow quake was equivalent to 252 Atomic Bombs comparing
      to the one dropped in Hiroshima, Japan in 1945. The Massive
      Earthquake wave had surrounded entire Globe 2 times on that day.
      The result of the earthquake is that nearly 90,000 Chinese
      were Buried Alive, 400,000 Injured and more than 15 Millions
      Chinese Homeless instantly. Numerous towns and cities become
      piles of debris ...

      Some overseas reports warned that America is the ONLY country
      that has the "Technology" to make Man-Made Earthquake of more
      than 9 Magnitudes "Continuously" at "Any place" on the Earth!!!
      Overseas reports mentioned that the US is targeting China,
      Japan, Russia, India, ... and other countries in Asia.


      From "Statistical" Point of View, the "PROBABILITY" for
      such Two Mega-Disasters to happen "NATURALLY" at nearly SAME
      TIME to Two America's BIGGEST ENEMIES in Southeast Asia is
      nearly "ZERO" Unless it is made by "Man-Made" Magic.

      In our opinion, the Most Important reason for Pentagon to
      possibly OPEN ITS PANDORA'S BOX on China(Myanmar too) is BASED

      Our Imperialist Government's Endless "HATRED" towards
      China for the past 60 years continues stronger and stronger ..
      For example:
      The US Congress has funded Dalai Lama and his Clique thru
      the CIA and its NED for more than 50 years and still continues
      for the purpose to Split Tibet from China!!! China's Taiwan
      is even completely in the U.S. Control since 1949. ALL of the
      Leaders in Taiwan are merely Speakers for the U.S. Imperialist.

      While in the Heat of a series of Attacking China since January,
      there is NO reason for us NOT to believe that the Earthquake in
      Sichuan is America's 2nd Major "Covert" Pre-Emptive WMD Attack
      on China in the period of just 4 Months. (from January 15,
      2008 a Prolonged Mega - Snow Storm over Most of China to May 12,
      2008, the Mega-Earhquake).

      This "Earthquake" Attack on China was Right After the Proving
      US Engineered "Tibet Riots" and US Engineered Tibet violent
      Protests against China's Olympic's Relay in France, UK, Germany,
      Canada, Japan, Australia .... and the US.

      As far as Myanmar is concerned, the White House and the US
      Congress appear relentlessly wanting to Replace Myanmar
      government with a Weak Puppet Regime in a cover-up of "Democracy".
      Our Imperialist Government waged UN Sanctions against Myanmar
      Every Year and last year also waged the "Monk Color Revolution"
      in the attempt to Overturn the Government. Our Government wants
      to Block China's Exit to the MaLacca Strait thru Myanmar where
      lies China's most Important OIL and Gas Shipping Route in which
      the Imported Energy is supplying the Needs for Thousands of
      Chinese and Foreign Companies including Tens of Thousands of
      American companies.

      Well, on May 12th, the Epicenter of the Mega-Earthquake was
      Perfectly Aimed At the Mountainous region in Sichuan where lies
      China's most important High Tech arms research center.

      Further more, it was SHOCKING that just 1 Day after May 12th
      Earthquake in China, the US Pacific Commander Admiral Keating
      Demanded China to Give Up its High Tech Military Modernization
      during an interveiw purposely arranged by the "Voice of America",
      another powerful U.S. government's propaganda machine.

      We now believe that many "Continuous" strong "Aftershocks"
      with 5 to 6.5 Magnitudes in Sichuan from May 25 to May 27,
      which collapsed another more than 400,000 Houses and made
      10 more Million Chinese Homeless instantly, could also been
      "Engineered" by the Pentagon as well.
      Again, it was so Shocking that on May 27, Right After two
      Biggest "Aftershocks", the US Presidential Candidate Sen.
      John McCain Mysteriously came out to demand to have a Nuclear
      Talk about China's limited 200 nuclear weapons. The Fact is
      that America has 10,000 Nuclear Bombs and None are ever really
      Destroyed AT ALL!!! So, What is Washington Afraid of ??
      It seems that the Washington wants to Flatten China with
      its Newest Covert Super WMD, Yet America does NOT want to
      see any possible Revenge from China .


      A massive, deadly CYCLONE fell on Irrawaddy delta area in
      Myanmar on May 2nd, 2008 and killed perhaps more than 120,000
      Myanmar people. While Myanmar Government said "NO" to US
      Military who wanted to send its Disaster "Experts" (Special
      Forces ??) to Myanmar while lining up with the U.S. Aircraft
      Carrier, dozens of U.S. Warships flanked with Colonial Powers
      like France and UK at Myanmar's doorstep, the Pentagon appeared
      so ANGRY and threatened for another Cyclone on Myanmar.

      AT 10:21 AM MST, May 14, 2008, a Shocking Associated Press
      report posted on the Home Page of Yahoo.com (In the News)
      which is viewed by hundreds of Millions people every day.
      The report stated that :
      " Heavy rains and another potentially powerful Storm headed
      toward Myanmar's Cyclone -devastated delta on Wednesday. .. "
      " The Weather will exacerbate humanitarian conditions for the
      homeless, ...." said Elizabeth Griffin, a director of Catholic
      Relief Services from Baltimore. ... The U.S. Military's Joint
      Typhoon Warning Center said there is a good chance that
      "a Significant Tropical Cyclone will Form within the next 24
      hours and head across the Irrawaddy delta area. But other
      forecasters were unwilling to make such a prediction ..... "

      That was the Contents of the AP report before the Noon of
      May 14th. Then after the Noon time, the AP nervously, quickly
      took out the line of
      "But other forcasters were unwilling to make such a prediction".

      And then later on the day, the contents of the following were
      entirely mysteriously Removed :
      "The U.S. Military's Joint Typhoon Warning Center said there
      is a good chance that "a significant tropical Cyclone " will
      form within the next 24 hours and head across the Irrawaddy
      delta area."

      And then, the entire Article with the above web address on
      the same day was totally changed at the end of the day.
      IT was Apparent that the Pentagon appears to be Nervous about
      "WHAT" was Published earlier in the same article on May 14th
      in the Morning by the AP.

      Now, we have to ask :

      1: IF there is Nothing Wrong, in other words, if the Pentagon
      did NOT "Engineer" the Cyclone , then Why should AP report was
      so nervously changing and removing the contents again and again??
      (Note: AP is a media controlled by the Ultra Right Wingers.)

      2: We all have to ask : What the US "Military " got to do
      with Myanmar's Weather Forecast ??? Why would the Pentagon
      have so much "Interests" in Myanmar's "Weather" ??

      3 : Further, How could US Military's Joint Typhoon Warning
      Center knows that Myanmar will have another "Cyclone" coming
      even BEFORE ALL other professional Weather forecasters ???
      Could the US Military Control Myanmar's "Weather" ??

      In our opinion, the continuous changing of the same routine
      report with such Uneasiness on the same day could very much
      indicate that the Pentagon might have "Engineered" the Biggest
      Cyclone on Myanmar on May 2nd, 2008 which Slaughtered Hundreds
      of Thousands of poor Myanmar citizens and made Millions Homeless.

      Well, in our Opinion, up to now, the U.S. CYCLONE
      PLOT ON MYANMAR may appear to be EXPOSED by itself.

      The Weather WMD "Technology" appears initially Stolen from
      a Yugoslav Scientist. An alarming Report said that "the
      Eastlund /APTI patents were based on the Research of Yugoslav
      scientist Nicola Tesla (many of whose ideas were stolen by
      US Corporations).".

      It is apparent that America has a Covert Policy to Steal
      Scientists from all over the World ALL the time. America
      frequently sponsor numerous worldwide "scientific" Conferences,
      Meetings, offering Green Card, High Pay Jobs mainly to steal
      Foreign Scientists and any new Scientific breakthroughs from
      every corner of the World. All these Stealings appear to
      Strengthen Pentagon's Pandora's Box at ALL cost and at ALL time.

      At the end, we wonder if waging those two Mega "Disasters"
      in China and Myanmar as well as in the anticipation of Killing
      so many people, could Pentagon do it without our President's
      OKd the Order ??

      Well, we truly Hope that we were Wrong in our Analysis and
      Opinions above about the Earthquake in China and the Cyclone in
      Myanmar. Thanks for reviewing our Citizens and Voters' Opinions.
      We truly apologize if our Viewpoints may have offended you.

      --------end of excerpt...see full post per these instructions...

      Here are the STEPS to retrive our campaign letter :

      1: Go to : http://www.yahoo.com

      2: Then click "MAIL".
      (if you already signed in with other ID,
      then please sign out first and then
      sign in with the following new ID.)

      3: Then enter a new ID :

      USER ID : peace_10191
      Password: p10191

      4: Then click "DRAFT" under folder to COPY our entire
      campaign letter and PASTE into your own Email Account.
      (*** Because the letter has to be sent from your own
      Email Address.)
      Note: please select any subject line as you wish.
      As they are all the same contents.

      Please hold down your RIGHT BOTTON of your mouse
      and then LEFT CLICK ON "SELECT ALL", then the entire
      screen become blue shaded. Then hold down RIGHT BOTTON
      again and then LEFT CLICK on "COPY".

      5: Then go to your own Email Account and then click
      "COMPOSE" and then press the RIGHT BUTTON of
      your mouse and then click on "PASTE".
      Now, you will see our campaign letter again
      appear in your own email account. Then click
      "SAVE as a DRAFT" on the top bar .

      Now, you have a copy of our campaign letter
      in your own Email Account to work with.

      Or you may simply SAVE our letter in any
      of your own word processing file.

      Now, you can start to work on this very
      important and urgent campaign letter Now.

      Thanks so much for your time and efforts
      for the World's Peace and Justice.


      ( Note: it may have slightly different subject line in
      the above email address from this letter. However,
      they all have similar contents.)
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