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Sun.9/30: Court TV -- The Deadly Guru: Ira Einhorn

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  • David Crockett Williams
    If I understood Ira correctly a few months ago, a recent interview that he was happy with is in this program (or perhaps another upcoming one from Court TV?).
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2001
      If I understood Ira correctly a few months ago, a recent interview that he
      was happy with is in this program (or perhaps another upcoming one from
      Court TV?). I spoke to him for the first time on the phone ever, last night
      for about 10min. They are still waiting to see if PA State Supreme Court
      will allow his retrial as promised by Philly DA, a now unenforcible
      condition of French extradition. Questions for him to address in upcoming
      phone-radio and written interviews welcomed emailed to
      gear2000@... -- --- or posted to ira-einhorn@yahoogroups.com for
      subscribers at/to that background and updates list publicly archived at

      In addition to questions about the level of his involvement with CIA
      mind-control and UFO/advanced electromagnetic weapons info disclosure during
      the 60's and 70's,
      details of Einhorn's early 1970's overture to then PA Attorney General about
      CIA involvement in illegal drug trade will be on that question list,
      especially as
      applies to latest info and skullduggery, including previously
      well-documented framing of Bill Tyree for the murder of his wife to shut him
      up about this and related issues, details www.copvcia.com where one may
      find 20articles in site search under Tyree, including
      http://www.copvcia.com/stories/may_2001/052401_promis.html "A former US Army
      Green Beret, framed in 1979, he has been serving a life sentence for the
      murder of his wife Elaine outside of Fort Devens Massachusetts, then home of
      the 10th Special Forces Group". (as of this moment that was the only one of
      the 20 search-found Tyree mentioned articles' links working)

      Court TV network programs:

      Mad Men & Mayhem

      Sun 9/30

      Ira Einhorn

      Charles Manson

      By Reason of Insanity


      The Deadly Guru: Ira Einhorn

      A self-professed founder of the Philadelphia's Earth Day and a one-time
      mayoral candidate, activist Ira Einhorn had a sterling reputation in the
      City of Brotherly Love -- until the spring of 1979, when police found the
      withered corpse of his ex-girlfriend, Holly Maddux, decomposing in a steamer
      trunk in the radical's closet. The gruesome discovery made national
      headlines. ["closet" was outside his apartment according to Dr.

      Arrested for murder and facing the possibility of life in prison, Einhorn
      jumped bail in 1981 and fled the country, embarking on a 20-year run from
      the law. Einhorn, who had established himself as a respected peacemaker in
      the community, claimed he was framed by the CIA or FBI. (As a testament to
      his standing in the city, he initially enlisted the legal services of future
      Republican Senator Arlen Specter.) He lived under assumed names in several
      European nations, funded all the while by wealthy benefactors who believed
      his claims of being framed by the CIA. Einhorn was convicted of murder in
      absentia in 1993. Finally, in 1997, he was discovered living in the south of
      France. After a four-year extradition battle, the fugitive was brought back
      to America in July 2001.

      This emotionally charged documentary examines Maddux's murder and its
      continuing impact on her family and friends 24 years later. Included are
      interviews with attorneys on both sides of the case, key investigators and
      three of Einhorn's close friends who describe his intellect, magnetism and
      the egotism that lead to his downfall.

      In Depth: Ira Einhorn
      Additional map, background, photos, video, documents and links.
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