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unfathomable levels of corruption

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  • David Crockett Williams
    I spoke to Ira Einhorn on the phone last night for the first time. Questions to submit to him for upcoming written and phone interviews welcomed submitted to
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2001
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      I spoke to Ira Einhorn on the phone last night for the first time.
      Questions to submit to him for upcoming written and phone interviews
      welcomed submitted to this list.

      -------related info just released:

      Subject: this just sent to key major media and lists
      Date: Monday, September 24, 2001 6:40 PM

      Annika, [sent to Ira Einhorn's wife in France]

      One of the key issues Ira was active in since the early 1970's is now
      championed by
      Mike Ruppert. Ira brought status to date info on this CIA-Drugs issue to
      then Pennsylvania Attorney General. Likely because of corruption there
      lately written about in Philly papers a few months ago, this could be part
      of the reason why "someone" would want to frame him for murder to silence
      him on this and other issues he may have been "talking too much about"?


      -----------latest release from America:

      Subject: 9-11: an Oaklander comments on "The Subversion of America...and the
      solution", an unfathomable level of corruption
      Date: Monday, September 24, 2001 6:26 PM

      M.C.R.: "The US government knew the [9-11] attacks were coming
      and deliberately chose not to stop them" [see below]

      Dear Mr. Lumumba,

      Here I copy to Mayor Jerry Brown your suggestions to him as an influential
      Oakland resident/citizen for his reflection, along with my above titled
      article which you responded to, for his consideration, preceded by
      important information from Michael Ruppert's website which will help him,
      other recipients of this post, and especially Oakland's Congresswoman
      Barbara Lee who has by her sole courageous "no war" vote become a
      "seed crystal" for the American Peace Movement's hope to avert the
      nuclear WWIII holocaust portended by American Intelligence consultant
      Col. Lunev's recent and today's reports from NewsMax.com
      -- to all better understand the nearly unfathomable levels of corruption
      responsible for our present situation preparing to go to war against

      I note from http://www.house.gov/htbin/wrep_findrep where I found
      Congresswoman Lee's website, http://www.house.gov/lee
      that her "Vote Percent in Last Election: 85.1%, COMMITTEES
      House International Relations, Africa, Europe; House Financial Services
      Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit, Housing and Community
      Opportunity, and from http://www.house.gov/lee/Floor_Statement.htm
      her reason: 'I have agonized over this vote. But I came to grips with
      opposing this resolution during the very painful memorial service today.
      As a member of the clergy so eloquently said, "As we act, let us not
      become the evil that we deplore." ' I am copying this post to her via
      http://www.house.gov/writerep -- and also to some of the network of Dr.
      Sarfatti, including the head of CIA Directorate of Science and Technology
      and some of those referenced in the 1992 article archived at
      as his "Aviary" of advisors who are also concerned about averting a global
      scale catastrophe, or eschaton, for their advise and assistance in ferreting
      out and eliminating below detailed deep levels of corruption.

      Jerry Brown has many years history as a prominent critic of government
      corruption and -- even though, as chairman of the Oakland City Council, his
      vote was therefore not cast as part of the unanimous Oakland City Council
      resolution which endorsed the 1999 civil lawsuit initiated by Michael
      Ruppert, Lara Johnstone, et al, filed by local attorney Katya Komisaruk
      against the US Central Intelligence Agency seeking damages for African
      American Oakland residents victimized by the CIA complicity in the cocaine
      epidemic attributed to Iran-Contra -- I sincerely believe after having met
      him in 1994 and after the 1999 issuance at my request of his very first
      proclamation as Oakland Mayor,
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/global-peace-walk/message/630 , in support of
      our Global Peace Walk project www.globalpeacenow.org , that he will soon
      take the time to carefully review and consider the information in this

      David Crockett Williams, September 24, 2001 (3M-92)
      an American Peace Movement member

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Munyiga Lumumba"
      To: "David Crockett Williams" <gear2000@...>
      Sent: Friday, September 21, 2001 9:08 AM
      Subject: Re: The Subversion of America by the
      Science/Energy/Drug/SecrecyCabal -- and the solution

      > Did you witness that shameful demonstration of political opportunism by
      > Jerry Brown the other evening on the 'O'Reilly Factor'. He sat in the
      > courageous and honorable Barbara Lee's seat (invited but refused to
      > participate) and misrepresented her and a growing majority of the people
      > in Oakland. He support's Bush's war campaign and claims that 90% of
      > the people in Oakland do. I don't know where he is getting his figures
      > from but I ride around East and west Oakland every day, I don't see
      > too many flags flying in our neighborhoods. If that's any indication of
      > the support then Brown's calculations are way off the mark. Additionally,
      > I work in the Oakland Public Schools system, most of the youth that I
      > have talked to don't support Bush's campaign. Also, look at the
      > 'Cityside' section of last Sunday's Oakland Tribune. Youth feel
      > estranged from America's politics. This is important as most of the
      > so-called ground troops will be made up of this population. If you still
      > communicate with Jerry you might want to talk with him. Try to rescue
      > his tainted soul, or at least encourage him to keep
      > his mouth shut and let others represent themselves.
      > Peace with Justice!
      > Munyiga

      --from Michael Ruppert's website--:

      "WORLD WAR III...the WTC attacks -- The US government knew the attacks were
      coming and deliberately chose not to stop them"

      Who is Michael Ruppert? "An Honors graduate of UCLA in Political
      Science...he interned for LA Police Chief Ed Davis..he comes from a family
      rooted in intelligence and the military...This is the man who cost CIA
      Director Deutch his guaranteed appointment as Secretary of Defense...the
      most patriotic duty I could perform..."

      "[Central Intelligence]...Agency operations known as Amadeus, Pegasus and

      "...[his web]site has been visited more than once by the Executive Office of
      the President of the United States"

      "...about corruption and cover-up. The CIA did not just deal drugs during
      the Iran-Contra era; it has done so for the full fifty years of its history.
      Today I will give you evidence which will show that the CIA, and many
      figures who became known during Iran-Contra such as...have been
      selling drugs to Americans since the Vietnam era. I have been very careful
      to make sure that what I tell you today is admissible evidence in criminal

      [Many articles and links substantiating Mike's conclusions are at:]
      http://www.copvcia.com -- intro:

      If you don't think that the C.I.A. is involved in Drugs, please read
      THEIR OWN REPORT: click here

      Recommended by - Le Monde Diplomatique, Manière de Voir (Sept-Oct, 2000)

      Our stories have been picked up by the AP and our site has been visited more
      than once by the Executive Office of the President of the United States.
      Welcome! - Mike Ruppert

      WORLD WAR III - We will not rush our coverage. We will provide you with
      documented and reliable information and analysis as well as breaking news
      that you cannot find anywhere else.

      This is an ECONOMIC war and the real players have not yet shown
      themselves -- The Bush and bin Laden families have business ties going back
      to the mid 70s -- Our "new" ally Pakistan is a drug-financed junta and they
      have financed terrorists from the KLA (a US ally), to Somalia, to
      Chechnya -- The Taliban's greatest "crime" was the Feb. 2001 destruction of
      its opium crop -- A gift of $43 million from the Bush Administration was the
      wink and nod to support the WTC attacks -- The US government knew the
      attacks were coming and deliberately chose not to stop them -- The now
      certain economic collapse was going to happen anyway. Few grasp how bad it
      is going to get -- The real story behind gold prices.



      "This is the man who cost CIA Director Deutch his guaranteed appointment as
      Secretary of Defense after confronting him at Locke High School with hard
      facts about CIA dealing drugs." - Dick Gregory

      for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

      "...in the course of investigations in the mid 70's he came across
      that the CIA was trading drugs in order to fund covert operations in the
      Middle East. Perot called him back to offer encouragement. Ruppert says that
      his main objective is to see that the country gets a leader worthy of its
      people. Even for Ross Perot those will be tough shoes to fill."
      --- PEOPLE MAGAZINE 6/22/92

      "Mike Ruppert is a one man crusade trying to expose America's bogus war on
      drugs. From the time we met on the campaign trail in 1992 while filming THE
      LAST PARTY, through his challenge to John Deutch, Mike Ruppert has been on
      the front line trying to get the story out." --- Marc Levin, Emmy award
      winning Director of PBS's The Secret Government, THE LAST PARTY and Producer
      of Bill Moyers' 1998 series on Addiction.

      Mike Ruppert, 49, was born in Washington, D.C. An Honors graduate of UCLA in
      Political Science, he comes from a family rooted in intelligence and the
      military. As an undergraduate he interned for LA Police Chief Ed Davis and
      worked at 5 LAPD Divisions before graduating and becoming an officer in

      During Mike's five plus years of active service, he received thirteen
      citations and four commendations. Twice the CIA attempted to recruit Mike:
      the first time just before he graduated and again after he was a highly
      praised field officer and budding narcotics investigator. In 1977 he
      discovered CIA bringing drugs into the U.S. through New Orleans in an
      operation supervised by his then fiancée, a CIA agent. He began to speak out
      and was forced out of LAPD in November 1978 after being shot at and
      threatened. He has been speaking out publicly ever since. In 1981 he spoke
      out about CIA and drugs inside the White House during a visit to his college
      classmate Craig Fuller. Fuller later served as Chief of Staff to Vice
      President Bush.

      As a freelance writer in the 80s he was published in The Los Angeles Times.
      Other stories include more than 30 on drug and alcohol dependence. Mike is a
      past member of the Board of Directors of the National Council on Alcoholism
      for the San Fernando Valley.

      In 1992, after speaking with Ross Perot during the course of his
      investigations, Mike served as the LA County Press Spokesman for the Perot
      Presidential Campaign. This led to an appearance in the Feature Documentary
      THE LAST PARTY with Robert Downey, Jr. and Sean Penn.

      Mike's highly publicized confrontation with CIA Director John Deutch on
      11/15/96 resulted in his being interviewed by the Intelligence Committees of
      both Houses of Congress.

      He publishes From The Wilderness magazine which deals with the effects of
      illegal covert operations on our society. FTW is read by more than 500
      subscribers including professors at nine universities, 10 members of
      Congress and many authors. Mike is divorced and lives in Sherman Oaks, CA.

      Michael C. Ruppert
      P.O. Box 6061-350, Sherman Oaks, CA 91413
      (818)788-8791 * fax(818)981-2847
      http://www.copvcia.com [a few selections:]
      Appeals Court Backs Claim of CIA/Contra Drugs
      CIA, Drugs, and Wall Street
      "Dirty Money" Foundation of US Growth and Empire -
      Size and Scope of Money Laundering by US Banks
      The Democratic Party's Presidential Drug Money Pipeline
      CIA-Drug Controvsey was Clinton's Hole Card in the Impeachment!
      The Bush Cheney Drug Empire



      for the

      Senate Select Committee on Intelligence


      WEB NOTE: This document appears exactly as I submitted it to the Select
      Intelligence Committees of both Houses.To date, it remains only a document
      submitted in advance of testimony and it has not been placed in the
      Congressional Record. Although I and Cele Castillo remain on potential
      witness lists, we have not ben allowed to testify.. The sheer volume of my
      exhibits and the disk space required to scan them makes it impossible to
      include these important documents here. To obtain my full statement, with
      all 32 pages of exhibits and photographs - CLICK HERE.

      Mr. Chairman:

      On November 15, 1996, I stood at a town hall meeting at Locke High School in
      Los Angeles and said to Director of Central Intelligence John Deutch, "I am
      a former Los Angeles Police narcotics detective. I worked South Central Los
      Angeles and I can tell you, Director Deutch, emphatically and without
      equivocation, that the Agency has dealt drugs in this country for a long
      time." I then referred Director Deutch to three specific Agency operations
      known as Amadeus, Pegasus and Watchtower.

      Most Americans have been lead to believe that the purpose of these hearings
      is to ascertain whether or not there is any evidence that the Central
      Intelligence Agency dealt drugs during the Iran-Contra era. If these
      hearings were about evidence, then the most patriotic duty I could perform
      would be to quote Jack Blum who served as chief investigator for the Kerry
      Subcommittee on narcotics and terrorism ten years ago. He testified before
      this committee last year and said, "We don't have to investigate. We already
      know." We could save a lot of taxpayer money by just rereading the records
      of the Kerry hearings. There is more evidence in there than any court in the
      world would ever need to hand down indictments.

      At best, I could just quote you one entry from Oliver North's diary dated
      July 5, 1985, which said that $14 million to buy weapons for the Contras,
      "came from drugs." I wouldn't need to mention the two hundred and fifty
      other such entries in his diary, which refer to narcotics. Or I could quote
      Dennis Dayle a senior DEA supervisory agent who said, "In my thirty year
      history in DEA, the major targets of my investigations almost invariably
      turned out to be working for the C.I.A."

      But these hearings are not about evidence. They are about corruption and
      cover-up. The CIA did not just deal drugs during the Iran-Contra era; it has
      done so for the full fifty years of its history. Today I will give you
      evidence which will show that the CIA, and many figures who became known
      during Iran-Contra such as Richard Secord, Ted Shackley, Tom Clines, Felix
      Rodriguez and George Herbert Walker Bush, who was DCI when I first became
      exposed to Agency drug dealing, have been selling drugs to Americans since
      the Vietnam era. I have been very careful to make sure that what I tell you
      today is admissible evidence in criminal proceedings.

      In a court of law the testimony of an eyewitness is one of the most prized
      possessions of a prosecutor. It is direct evidence of a crime. I am an
      eyewitness. Another form of frequently used evidence is an exception to the
      hearsay rule in which admissions against the interest of a criminal
      participant or a material witness are admitted into evidence if given under
      oath by the person to whom the statements were made. I am under oath and I
      will provide you today with utterly damning admissions against interest made
      by people with direct knowledge of these events. There is also documentary
      and circumstantial evidence and I will present you with that as well.

      My evidence will show conclusively that, as a matter of national policy, set
      at the National Security Council - the White House - elements of the C.I.A.,
      in concert with elements of the military, and other federal agencies, have
      dealt drugs to Americans for at least three decades. Major defense
      contractors like E-Systems have also engaged in such traffic. I will not
      cover the outstanding work of scholars such as Alfred McCoy of the
      University of Wisconsin and Peter Dale Scott of the University of California
      at Berkeley who document this activity back to the forties. Nor will I
      attempt to deliver the material which should be given to you directly by a
      great many other heroic witnesses including Celerino Castillo, Mike Levine,
      Dee Ferdinand, David Sabow, Brad Ayers, Tosh Plumley, Bo Abbott, Danny
      Sheehan, Gene Wheaton, John Mattes, Jack Terrell, Winfred Richardson
      (formerly of E-Systems), Michelle Cooper (formerly of E-Systems), Bill Tyree
      and Dois G. "Chip" Tatum. Also this committee should interview two former
      CIA employees on the subject. Their names are David MacMichael and Ralph

      The evidence will also show that the CIA has infiltrated and established
      illegal relationships with a number of police departments around the
      country. One of the purposes of this has been to protect CIA drug operations
      from law enforcement. I have personal knowledge of this activity in Los
      Angeles and New Orleans and have documented such a case in New York City.

      All of the exhibits I will present today are among the two hundred and fifty
      plus pages of documents I provided to your investigators when they visited
      me in Los Angeles last year.

      This is my testimony:

      My name is Michael Craig Ruppert. I was born in Washington, D.C. My father
      was an Air Force officer and later an aerospace executive who worked on
      projects which included the Titan IIIC which was then the primary booster
      for the CIA's Keyhole spy satellites. My father's cousin, Barbara Burges and
      her husband Sam, are both retired from the Central Intelligence Agency. My
      mother was a cryptographer for Army Intelligence at Fort Meyer during the
      Second World War.

      I was raised Republican into a culture steeped in the best traditions of
      honor and national defense. From 1969 to 1973 I was one of two "living"
      Republicans on the UCLA campus. The other was Craig L. Fuller who was chosen
      to intern for Governor Ronald Reagan at the same time that I was chosen, as
      an honors student in Political Science, to intern for Chief Edward M. Davis
      of the Los Angeles Police Department.

      I interned for LAPD for three years and during that time was exposed to many
      LAPD officers of varying ranks who had connections to the intelligence
      community. I was told that I held a "Q" Clearance at age twenty. Just before
      my graduation from UCLA, on a plane ticket paid for by family, I flew to
      Washington and, in a meeting arranged by the Burgesses, was interviewed by a
      CIA officer regarding employment with the Agency. At that interview the
      recruitment officer told me he wanted me to join the Agency and then return
      to Los Angeles where I would attend the Los Angeles Police Academy and use
      my position as a police officer as a cover.

      The CIA officer provided me with a stack of documents which he said were
      necessary for me to complete for a background check. The interview ended.

      Because I knew that CIA domestic operations were illegal and because I felt
      extremely uncomfortable with that proposition, I never completed the forms
      or had any further official contact with the Agency until seven years later.

      After my graduation from UCLA in June 1973 I joined the LAPD and was the
      Valedictorian for the last three classes of 1973. I was assigned to Wilshire
      Division patrol. I excelled at patrol work and was subsequently loaned into
      Detective assignments including burglary and homicide. I had two extended
      loans into Wilshire Division Narcotics and was recommended by the narcotics
      Officer-In-Charge to attend a two-week DEA training school held in Las
      Vegas. Narcotics was my chosen specialty. I have given expert court
      testimony on the subject twenty-seven times.

      Most of the details of what I am about to tell you are contained in an FBI
      report and investigation made pursuant to a complaint I filed with Special
      Agent Stan Curry of the L.A. Field Office on December 4, 1978. This was
      after I was forced out of LAPD on November 30, 1978. I trust your staff has
      located and reviewed the report.

      In December 1975 I met and quickly fell in love with a CIA agent named
      Nordica Theodora D'Orsay - Teddy. Teddy and I moved in together in March of
      1976. As a childhood friend of a niece of the Shah of Iran, Teddy had many
      unusual acquaintances which, as she revealed them to me, turned out to
      include senior members of LAPD's Organized Crime Intelligence Division like
      Lee Goforth and Norm Bonneau, narcotics investigators like Carl Thompson
      from Wilshire Division and organized crime figures like Carlos Marcello,
      Hank Friedman and Dan Horowitz. She also had relationships with members of
      the Carlo Gambino crime family.

      Around this time she indicated to me that she knew Sergeant Carl Thompson of
      Wilshire Division narcotics. Thompson had just been my supervisor on an
      extended loan into the unit. Thompson was a designated supervisor with
      access to the Narcotics Intelligence Network, a secure system allowing
      detectives to track narcotics investigations conducted by other units or
      Agencies including DEA. Months later Teddy told me that N.I.N. was very
      important to "her people". They could tell when investigations got too close
      to their operations.

      Then she started revealing information to me from my confidential LAPD
      personnel package. She also had accurate inside knowledge of operations
      inside the Los Angeles Police Department. In May, 1976 she revealed to me
      that she worked for the federal government in a capacity that had to do with

      terrorism and narcotics. It was extremely classified, she said. She
      convinced me of these connections by accurately predicting changes of
      command in LAPD's intelligence divisions. She refused to name the Agency she
      worked for but categorically denied that it was the FBI or any Bureau of
      Justice or the Treasury.

      As time passed, she indicated that "her people" were interested in having me
      work for them. I was promoting rapidly and had an extremely bright future
      with LAPD. I could be of great use. This excited me until Teddy started
      revealing that, on various trips, including Hawaii, the Bahamas, New
      Orleans, Texas and Baja California - where she said she had once seen
      narcotics offloaded from a submarine - she had seen large quantities of
      firearms and narcotics - specifically cocaine and heroin. Always, the guns
      were leaving the country and the narcotics were coming in.

      When I asked her what happened to the narcotics her response was, "My people
      are not interested in narcotics. We just let it go."

      After returning from a trip to Hawaii in early 1976 she told me of having
      been in a room with close to a thousand M16s and fifty kilos of cocaine.

      Repeatedly, I said to her that I would not overlook narcotics. I said, "If I
      'm ever in a room with fifty kilos of cocaine somebody's going to jail and
      it's not going to be me." On this position I have never compromised.

      The strains my position produced on our relationship were unbearable. Teddy
      left suddenly in January, 1977 and almost immediately a group of organized
      crime figures entered a real estate office in Orange County where my mother
      worked as an agent selling single family homes. My mother was suddenly
      immersed in a $45 million deal involving thousands of acres of prime land
      and circumstances which caused her great fear. She asked me for help and, as
      a loyal police officer and son, I gathered all the available information and
      presented it to the Organized Crime Intelligence Division of LAPD. I quickly
      found myself "unofficially" working with Detectives Lee Goforth and Norm
      Bonneau. Goforth was the same Lee Goforth Teddy had earlier mentioned
      knowing. Lee was also a Brigadier General in the California National Guard.
      I will tell you that I believe that Lee Goforth and Norm Bonneau were both
      long term CIA assets, possibly deep cover officers within LAPD.

      At the time I was on staff at the Los Angeles Police Academy. Goforth and
      Bonneau visited my Captain, Jesse Brewer, who later rose to become Assistant
      Chief and Police Commissioner in Los Angeles. I was to be freed from basic
      duties and allowed to come and go as I pleased. A car was to be made
      available for me whenever I needed one. The instructions I received were to
      visit my mother as often as needed and to gather all available information
      on the real estate deal. I had frequent meetings with Goforth and Bonneau at
      the OCID offices. Always, they seemed just a little more interested in my
      relationship with Teddy than with my mother's dilemma.

      Present at many of these meetings was another detective named John Xavier
      Vach whom I had known from my internship years as having heavy intelligence
      connections. Vach later served for several years as driver/bodyguard to
      Chief Daryl Gates and was convicted in 1985 of moonlighting for the CIA on
      city time and with providing Agency sources with illegally obtained
      documents and records. His conviction and the connections to CIA are a
      matter of public record in Los Angeles.

      While working this "unofficial" loan to Organized Crime Intelligence I
      experienced five months of surveillance, harassing phone calls and
      ultimately "black bag" burglaries of my home and car in which photographs of
      Teddy and my off duty weapon were taken.

      In July of 1977, having heard from Teddy, I forced my way to New Orleans
      where she was then living with her younger sister. What I saw and heard
      there over the course of eight days changed my life forever.

      Teddy was living in an apartment in Gretna, a New Orleans suburb. One of the
      first things I saw in her apartment was an unusual telephone. It was of the
      new "touch-tone" variety and it was very heavy. An AC power adaptor hung
      from a cord in the phone. When Teddy took sensitive calls she would plug the
      adaptor into a wall socket and push a series of buttons. This phone was a
      scrambler, years later, revealed to me as bearing the U.S. Air Force
      designation KY3 which required a clearance to possess.

      I also saw a plastic shopping bag which contained a black monocular night
      vision device. Then I saw Teddy receive sealed communiques from Naval and
      Air Force NCOs stationed at Belle Chase Naval Air station. I heard her speak
      on the phone and in person to a U.S. Army Special Forces veteran named
      Freddy about meetings with a Carlos Marcello associate named Adrian. I was
      introduced to a number of employees of the Brown & Root corporation, long
      identified in public source material as a CIA contractor, who were shipping
      out for Iran. Teddy told me that she was especially concerned with making
      sure that certain important shipments - weapons - were safely loaded onto
      Brown and Root ships destined for Iran.

      On one occasion we went to a bar and sat with several employees from "the
      company", Brown & Root and members of the New Orleans Police Department.

      Outside a bar in Terrytown, shots were fired as Teddy and I walked to my
      car. The shots struck the pavement a few feet from us. This was the first
      time I was shot at.

      In other conversations, sometimes behind partially closed doors and upon
      which I admittedly eavesdropped, I heard Teddy use the scrambler phone to
      make arrangements for service boats operated by firms connected to Carlos
      Marcello to pick up "packages" from oil rigs in the Gulf. She later admitted
      that these packages contained heroin.

      On several evenings she left with Freddy to make sure that deliveries were
      proceeding as scheduled. Finally, on my last two days there, Teddy and an
      Air Force NCO named Johnny admitted CIA involvement. Teddy even showed me a
      cover letter of transmittal stamped with various routing and clearance boxes
      which was addressed to Agent 2T6.

      I should point out here that the Director of Central Intelligence when I met
      Teddy and when the New Orleans operations began was George Herbert Walker
      Bush. The Deputy Director of Plans, or covert operations, was Ted Shackley.
      Both men are central to the drug trafficking by CIA and NSC which became
      epidemic in the Iran-Contra era. The New Orleans operation continued
      unabated under the Directorship of Admiral Stansfield Turner and the
      Presidency of Jimmy Carter.

      What I saw broke my heart and terrified me. I severed all relations with
      Teddy. I returned home to Los Angeles and reported everything I had seen to
      detectives Goforth and Bonneau. Both had denied any knowledge of her both
      before and after my trip. The one physical piece of material I have
      remaining directly from Teddy is a code key in Teddy's own handwriting which
      she used to decipher messages received via U.S. Mail. I gave a copy of it to
      the F.B.I. I refer you to EXHIBIT 1.

      I took a leave for stress and returned to full duty. For one year I earned
      the highest rating evaluations possible in the LAPD. I was locked-in for
      promotion to detective. Then came the revolution in Iran and I wondered if
      perhaps the weapons I had seen Teddy arranging to leave New Orleans were
      somehow connected. I began studying CIA and Iran. I reported my activities
      to my superiors.

      The second round of burglaries, harassments and surveillance culminated in a
      death threat which I tape recorded and still possess to this day. I played
      it for investigators from the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee
      last winter. I have it here with me if you wish to hear it.

      When I sent a message to LAPD's new Chief Daryl F. Gates that my life was in
      danger and that his driver, John Vach, was a CIA man I received word back,
      "The Chief is busy. He can give you five or ten minutes in a week to ten
      days. Would you care to make an appointment?"

      Having prepared for this contingency I resigned in the dead of night and
      fled Los Angeles. I returned with an attorney, Tim Callahan, and went
      directly to the Los Angeles Field Office of the F.B.I. and reported
      everything I have just told you. I also sent packages to Senators Hayakawa
      and Cranston as well as representatives Dornan and Bielenson. I refer you
      here to EXHIBIT 2, dated December 6, 1978.

      Nothing happened. I was labeled crazy by both LAPD and the FBI. After
      pressure from my attorney and Senator Hayakawa an extensive investigation
      was conducted by LAPD's Internal Affairs Division. Although I was made aware
      by friends and intelligence officers within LAPD that I had struck a raw and
      exposed nerve, the official position of LAPD as reported to me by Sgt.
      Martin Pomeroy, who is now a Deputy Chief, was that no action was to be

      The general consensus was that Teddy had been fabricating a wild story to
      lead me on while she conducted affairs behind my back. She even said so
      herself in a newspaper interview with the L.A. Herald Examiner in 1981. But
      bear in mind that I had detailed guns for drugs operations involving Carlos
      Marcello and the Gambino crime family at locations which included Mexico,
      New Orleans, the Bahamas and Texas. I had even related her description of
      the use of submarines for such activity.

      I refer you now to EXHIBIT 3. On November 15, 1979, almost exactly a year
      after my complaint to the FBI, The Los Angeles Times ran a story reprinted
      from Newsday. Written by veteran reporter Tom Renner, the story described a
      burgeoning guns-for-drugs trade which centered around the crime families of
      Dons Carlo Gambino and Carlos Marcello. The story specifically described DEA
      investigations into exchanges of firearms for drugs with known Latin
      American and Middle Eastern terrorist groups in such locations as the
      Bahamas, New Orleans and Mexico. The story even described the use of
      submarines to transport the drugs off the Mexican coast. The story also
      described efforts to "sanitize" DEA reports on the subject and interfere
      with law enforcement efforts. Both Renner and a Senate investigator, Bill
      Christensen of the Subcommittee on Improvements in Judicial Machinery later
      confirmed that these efforts originated with the C.I.A.

      If Teddy made it all up then she ranks right up there with Nostradamus as a
      prophet since most of her statements were made to me three years before the
      Renner story broke. Those events were the backbone of my complaint to my
      government and then, after I was told they were nonsensical, they turned up
      almost verbatim in U.S. Senate records a year later from official U.S.
      Government sources.

      I called Tom Renner and I said, "I think the CIA is dealing drugs to fund
      covert operations." Renner replied, "I think you're absolutely right." He
      referred me to Bill Christensen. Not only did Christensen confirm my
      conclusions, he expanded on them by adding that his offices were being
      burglarized, his phones were tapped and he was being routinely surveilled. I
      refer you now to EXHIBIT 4, which was my first letter to him.

      Christensen later assured me that I would be called to testify. It never
      happened. Instead, as I was looking for employment I found that unmarked
      LAPD vehicles would routinely turn up at places where I was having job
      interviews. Even though I had no disciplinary actions at LAPD and an
      exemplary record job offers and interviews were terminated without
      explanation. Desperate for money I took a job as a 7-11 store clerk. Two
      hours into my second shift I was arrested for selling liquor to a minor in
      what I am sure, to this day, was a set-up.

      Under enormous stress I got drunk one night and collapsed on my front lawn.
      A shot barked in the distance and stuck the grass inches from my head. This
      was the second time I was shot at.

      On April 18, 1980 two FBI agents confirmed to me that CIA had been dealing
      drugs to fund covert operations during an interview at the FBI field office
      in Westwood, California.

      My car was repossessed shortly thereafter. I filed bankruptcy in December,

      In 1981, with the new Reagan administration I discovered that my old friend
      Craig Fuller was now Assistant to the President for Cabinet Affairs. I was
      grateful when L.A. Herald Examiner columnist Randall Sullivan wrote two
      front-page stories on me in October which also referred to our friendship. I
      refer you to EXHIBIT 5. Having just made contact with Fuller, and having
      been warmly received, I flew to Washington where I waited for a follow-up on
      his invitation to visit him. I refer you now to EXHIBIT 6, which is the
      first of approximately six letters I was to receive from him over the next
      six years.

      On October 26, 1981 I sat in Craig Fuller's office in the West Wing of the
      White House. We talked of personal matters and then our conversation turned
      to the stories by Randall Sullivan. I looked at Craig and I said, "The CIA
      is complicit in bringing drugs into this country and it is wrong." Craig
      made no response whatsoever. He became motionless and expressionless. He did
      not come back to life again until I changed the subject. But I knew he heard
      me. Craig served as Chief of Staff to Vice President Bush in the second
      Reagan term.

      I should point out here that original letters to me from Craig Fuller -
      including the one I just exhibited, were stolen from my residence while I
      slept just three days after I confronted DCI Deutch. The burglary occurred
      the same day that an investigator from this committee called me and asked if
      I possessed such letters and if I could fax them immediately. LAPD Foothill
      Division has obtained fingerprints other than my own from the place where
      the documents were stored. I should mention that another original exists, on
      White House stationery, which I can produce should the Committee wish to see

      After my visit to Craig Fuller I became increasingly frustrated with the
      lack of progress. Several days later I picked up the phone and called the
      Managing Editor of The Washington Star. I got right through. I said, "The
      CIA is dealing drugs in this country to finance covert operations." His
      response was, "Mike, that's the worst kept secret in Washington."... The
      worst kept secret in Washington!

      Now to a specific case of admissions against interest which constitute
      admissible evidence.

      Back in los Angeles and still not clear on the causes of what I had seen I
      sought out a middle east expert at UCLA. I was placed in touch with
      Professor Paul Jabber of the Political Science Department. Paul was
      impressed by my conclusions that the weapons leaving New Orleans had been
      destined for one of several indigenous rebel groups in the region. He then
      disclosed to me that he had been a CIA and State Department consultant at
      the NSC level during the Carter Administration. Having signed secrecy oaths
      he could not disclose to me the information I needed. He could, however,
      direct me to open source material which might fill in the blanks.

      I followed his direction, which was to read certain stories by William
      Safire and C. L. Sulzberger, and returned with an explanation for what I had
      seen. Paul Jabber unilaterally confirmed my conclusions. Sulzberger himself,
      the scion of The New York Times, knew that CIA had been dealing drugs for a
      long time. I refer you to EXHIBIT 7.

      What my directed research revealed was that on March 3, 1975 the Shah of
      Iran and Sadam Hussein had signed the Treaty of Algiers. In that treaty the
      Shah received control of the Shaat-al-Arab waterway so that he could
      increase his oil exports. In exchange, he immediately cut off all U.S.
      covert military assistance to Kurdish rebels operating in the
      Turkish/Iraqi/Iranian trans-border region. The U.S. had been arming the
      Kurds to wage guerilla warfare against the Iraqi army to divide it
      sufficiently so that it could not attack Israel. Within days of the treaty's
      signing thousands of Kurds were massacred by Sadam in a foreshadowing of
      what was to come in Desert Storm.

      Alarmed at the potential loss of a long term asset the CIA decided to aid
      the Kurds in the only way possible - by smuggling weapons into Kurdestan
      along opium smuggling routes and to sell the opium grown there to Americans
      to pay for the weapons. I should point out that Kurdestan is in the second
      largest opium growing region in the world.

      Not only did Paul Jabber confirm my analysis, he added that in March, 1975,
      just weeks before the fall of Saigon, "Congress was not about to appropriate
      a nickel for a covert operation anywhere." The decision, he said, "was made
      at the National Security Council."

      I refer you now to EXHIBIT 8 which is a letter of recommendation written for
      me by Paul Jabber in which he praises my analytical thinking after
      discussing matters related to the international drug trade. At the time he
      wrote it Paul had left UCLA to become Vice president of Banker's Trust. I
      believe he is still there.

      It is critical to note that as this operation went into effect Richard
      Secord was transferred to Iran as Senior Air Advisor, Richard Helms became
      Ambassador and other key Iran-Contra figures such as Richard Armitage, Ted
      Shackley, Tom Clines and, I believe, Felix Rodriguez assumed duties in the
      region. These are the same men who funded an entire secret war in Laos for
      the Agency on the profits of heroin produced in the Golden Triangle of
      Burma, Laos and Thailand. These men all resurfaced in the heroin explosion
      from Pakistan in 1980 and then in Iran-Contra. They are still extremely
      active today. In fact, sources tell me that Felix Rodriguez has just been
      placed in charge of a program to deliver helicopters to Mexico to "assist"
      the Mexican government with eradication efforts and suppression. I am
      extremely suspicious.

      Then, in January, 1987, a story broke in The Boston Globe about how Ross
      Perot had confronted Richard Armitage and George Bush over CIA involvement
      in drug trafficking and the related abandonment of POWs after Vietnam. It
      said everything I had been saying for ten years. I reasoned that if a man
      like Ross Perot knew, and if he had made it known inside the White House,
      with his influence, then surely something would happen. Nothing happened.

      Then came the Kerry hearings. Twice I was assured by Kerry staff members
      that I would be called to testify. It never happened. I conclude that this
      was because what I had seen in New Orleans occurred during the Carter
      Administration not the Reagan Administration. It proved to me that a shadow
      government had seized control of our country. That shadow government stood,
      and stands today, isolated and immune from the operating principles of
      democracy. It is autonomous and it operates through self-funding via
      narcotics and weapons trafficking. To quote William Casey it is "a
      completely self-funding, off-the-shelf operation." It, in fact, dictates a
      substantial portion of this country's foreign, economic and military policy
      from a place not accessible to the will of a free people properly armed with

      For three years I forgot about all of this. In 1990 as the Kurds were once
      again being massacred and Brown & Root subsidiaries increased their
      operations in Turkish Kurdestan I wrote to Ross Perot who had opposed Desert
      Storm and he called me. I shall never forget what he said.

      "Mike, I must know forty or fifty former military officers and law
      enforcement personnel who have discovered what you have. They have all had
      their lives ruined, been called crazy and forced into poverty. You'd think
      they'd do something different once in a while but they don't because it

      Then he said something which has haunted me ever since. He said, "Even with
      all of my resources I don't know why I pursue it. I can't seem to get
      anything done. And they do the same thing with me and it works."

      I had two phone conversations with Ross Perot. When he ran for President in

      1992 I was the press spokesman for the Perot Presidential Movement in Los
      Angeles County. That led to a brief story in PEOPLE Magazine about my
      efforts to expose CIA drug dealing. That Presidential campaign and the
      PEOPLE story opened the doors for me into the inner world of the shadow
      government. Since then I have met more than a dozen former U.S. Army Special
      Forces troops, Navy Seals, a half dozen former CIA officers and many DEA
      agents and former federal law enforcement officers who have confirmed that
      CIA deals drugs.

      When I made my statement to Director Deutch I spoke of three specific Agency
      operations called Amadeus, Pegasus and Watchtower. I would like to speak of
      them briefly.

      The Watchtower missions surfaced around 1990 when an affidavit allegedly
      written by Col. Ed Cutolo of the 10th Special Forces Group, Airborne
      surfaced through retired Lt. Col Bo Gritz whom I have met twice. Although
      not actually written by Cutolo the affidavit has since been corroborated by
      a number of supporting affidavits, military records, Freedom of Information
      Act inquiries and dedicated research - some of which has been contributed by

      Cutolo was killed in an accident in England in 1980 after expressing his
      concerns about illegal operations. His death has been linked to the murder
      of four other Special Forces Colonels including the legendary Bo Baker and
      Nick Rowe. Among the murders and mysterious deaths listed in the affidavit
      are those of Archbishop Romero and Congressman Larkin Smith.

      That affidavit details how Special Forces personnel were ordered by CIA
      personnel including Ed Wilson to penetrate Colombia in 1975 and 76 to plant
      radar beacons so that cocaine flights could successfully fly below radar and
      land undetected at Albrook field in Panama. It also details how a former
      Special Forces troop named William Tyree, who was on these missions, was
      framed, in spite of overwhelming evidence of his innocence, for the murder
      of his own wife. This was in 1979 after he had expressed misgivings about
      being ordered to participate in massive domestic surveillance, harassment
      and blackmail operations. It was also exactly the same time that I was
      forced out of LAPD. Bill has been serving a life sentence in Walpole State
      Prison in Massachusetts for eighteen years.

      I have spoken to and corresponded with Bill Tyree many times and I consider
      him to be as innocent as Geronimo Pratt, the Black Panther who was recently
      released from a California prison. Indeed, there is evidence that Tyree was
      not at the murder scene and that there were witnesses who saw the actual
      killer emerge from Tyree's bedroom window the day his wife was murdered. He
      was framed to ensure his silence and the threat of harm still hangs over his
      family as I speak to you this day if he ever reveals all of what he knows.

      The Agency even admitted the existence of the Watchtower missions in
      correspondence to Bill Tyree several years ago. I refer you to EXHIBIT 9.

      The Pegasus operations are listed in a variety of sources and published
      books including works by the Christic Institute and Rodney Stich. They have
      been most dramatically confirmed recently by Dois G. "Chip" Tatum, a former
      high-ranking CIA officer, who has placed his documentation on his web page
      at www.wild_life.com. The missions are Iran-Contra era operations and
      directly link to admitted Agency operations at Mena, Arkansas where tons of
      cocaine were smuggled by Agency personnel into this country. That smuggling
      took place under direct orders from the highest levels of this government.

      The investigative material, contrary to denials, is overwhelming,
      irrefutable and shows a direct link between then Governor Bill Clinton and
      CIA operations. It is further corroborated by investigative material, court
      records and the testimony provided by Terry Reed in his book Compromised. I
      have unclassified reports from CIA in which the Agency admits to running
      covert operations at Mena during the period.

      Finally the Amadeus missions are the single most important piece of
      investigative work, other than my own experience, which I have to add to
      this investigation. My investigations into Amadeus have detailed the life of
      Albert V. Carone, a retired New York Police detective who, at his death from
      "chemical toxicity of unknown etiology", held the rank of full Colonel in
      the U.S. Army Reserves. I refer you to EXHIBIT 10. I have held this man's
      personal phone book in my hands. In it I found the home addresses and phone
      numbers of DCI William Casey, Paul Helliwell, a long establish CIA covert
      operative connected to drugs, General Richard Stillwell and many other CIA

      I also found the home addresses and phone numbers of a number of Mafia
      figures including Pauly Castellano, head of the Gambino crime family and
      many other known Mafia figures. This is hard documentary evidence which is
      available to this Committee.

      In the years before his death Carone made open statements - admissions
      against interest - to family members not only about the hands-on drug
      dealing roles of such figures as Oliver North, Richard Secord, Elliot
      Abrams, George Bush, John Poindexter, Felix Rodriguez and Chi Chi Quintero
      but about murder and torture. Carone frequently referred to Amadeus as the
      CIA umbrella governing his laundering of drug money through a host of banks
      worldwide. Some bank records and account numbers connected to the Bahamas
      and the Jersey islands still remain. He also described the operations of
      such Iran-Contra era drug kingpins Rafael Caro Quintero and Miguel Angel
      Felix Gallardo. When he died in 1990 he left behind records, a passport and
      a great many leads which totally substantiate these allegations.

      Carone and an associate, James Robert Strauss, went on many covert missions
      to Mexico and Central America. After one such mission to Mexico in the
      Spring of 1985 Carone returned home, disheartened, and told of how CIA
      operations had directly resulted in the murder of a DEA agent and his pilot.
      He was referring, of course, to Agent Kiki Camarena.

      We have since obtained tape recorded statements from James Robert Strauss
      that Amadeus was none other than George Herbert Walker Bush. That tape is
      safely stored, awaiting an opportunity to be presented to the American
      people directly for their judgement by Carone's daughter, Dee Ferdinand.

      Travel records of Strauss' insurance firm show that Strauss, a small time
      insurance broker and manager, routinely made frequent trips, sometimes just
      days apart to such cities as Paris, London, Johannesburg, Dharan, Kuala
      Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Jedda, Lisbon, Madrid, New York and the
      Bahamas. In his own words he did it under orders. I have provided copies of
      those travel records to your committee. A former FBI agent who once served
      as my lawyer reviewed the records and stated that such travel expenditure
      could only occur on a GTR government account. I refer you to EXHIBIT 11.

      Insurance executives, in statements made to me, have confirmed that Strauss
      was terminated in 1987 as an agency manager for his involvement with drugs.
      I have those statements with me now if you want them.

      When Al Carone died in 1990 a funny thing happened. His NYPD pension
      disappeared. His military records disappeared. His life insurance policies
      disappeared. His joint bank accounts, held with his daughter, disappeared.
      Even his New Mexico driver's license and car registration disappeared. His
      family and his daughter were left on the brink of bankruptcy - wiped out.
      Carone was buried in a New Mexico cemetery with the rank of Staff Sergeant,
      the highest rank he attained during the Second World War. The Army said he
      had never served a day since. Everybody said they had never heard of him.
      Nonetheless, his official military record in St. Louis is now the
      copyrighted report I wrote on his life in 1994 and which I have provided to
      this Committee.

      Now for some circumstantial evidence which serves as utter damnation. Bill
      Tyree and the daughter of Colonel Ed Cutolo, when shown a photograph of
      Albert Carone, both identified him and provided Carone's daughter, Dee
      Ferdinand of Corrales New Mexico, with information about him which had
      previously been unpublished and unknown to any outside his family. Tyree
      confirms a direct link between Carone and the Watchtower missions in Panama
      as well as illegal domestic operations run from Fort Devens.

      I visited Dee in 1993. At the time I told her that there was only one man
      who could help her. That man was a retired, but still very active, Deputy
      Director of CIA, Ted Shackley. Within approximately ten days of Dee's first
      contact with Shackley Carone's headstone was changed from Staff Sergeant to
      full Colonel. She possess a copy of the order so directing. She has had a
      number of conversations with Shackley in which Shackley has admitted to
      having known and worked with her father. She is only too eager to testify
      about them.

      I have been burglarized twice since I confronted John Deutch yet I have not
      been interviewed by the CIA when the only stipulation I asked for was that a
      lawyer or witness be present and that I be allowed to tape record. This was
      after the Agency advised me that nothing in its investigation would be
      redacted or withheld from the American people. The Agency's response was
      that we would be discussing classified material and they would not allow me
      to tape. Does not their admission that my story reaches classified material
      constitute an admission of its accuracy?

      The material I would have given the Agency is the exact same material I give
      you today. It is the exact same material I have used for lectures at UCLA,
      San Jose State, Cal Poly Pomona, Ventura College and at approximately
      fifteen private venues. It is the exact same material which the History
      department of UCLA accepted into its archives when Professor James Wilkie
      took a three hour oral history of my life on April 9, 1997. If this material
      is classified then what does the government have to hide? And doesn't, "The
      cat's out of the bag" even remotely apply here? This cat's been out of the
      bag for a long, long time. And it has left quite a few signs of its passing.

      Since my confrontation with DCI Deutch mail sent to me, intended to be
      passed along to the Honorable Maxine Waters, has been intercepted at the
      post office, opened, documents replaced with classified ads and the envelope
      returned to the sender.

      When I weaken and grow tired of the sacrifice this struggle has demanded
      from me I think of Bill Tyree in prison or the family of Marine Colonel Jim
      Sabow who was murdered for trying to expose this treachery when he was Chief
      of Air Operations at El Toro Marine Air Station. I think of the families who
      attended a conference I sponsored in Indiana in the winter of 1993 where we
      gathered to investigate the inexplicable suicides of what was to become more
      than one hundred active duty personnel in the U.S. military. Many of these
      men had complained of drugs or covert operations in the weeks prior to their
      deaths. I think of the families of the POW/MIAs left behind in Southeast
      Asia and I think of the black men tortured with syphilis at Tuskegee or the
      thousands of crack babies born in inner city ghettos. I think of the white
      middle class Americans in Kansas City, Portland and Boston who lost lives
      and families to drug addiction at the same time that I think of the
      Americans who lost their savings and pensions during the saving & loan
      crisis - which is directly related to these events. I think of the lies and
      death of principle at Ruby Ridge and the disproportionate sentencing which
      makes black men serve one hundred times longer for using the same drug which
      whites use in a different form. I think of scandals like Wedtech,
      Kennametal, the Gander Crash and the horrible crimes behind INSLAW including
      the death of Danny Casolero. I think of Agent Orange and the Gulf War
      syndrome and I stand firm with the growing constituency of Americans who no
      longer have faith of any kind in their government.

      Someday we will be the majority.

      And I thank God that Maxine Waters and angry African-Americans have flexed
      their political muscle along with a few concerned whites to compel these
      hearings. For they and they alone hold the soul of this nation in their
      hands until such time as we are joined in unity by all justice loving
      Americans. Never have the words of Ben Franklin rung so true, "We must all
      hang together or else we shall all surely hang separately."

      This is not about race. This is not about left and right. This is about
      right and wrong.

      Some three hundred and fifty years ago Galileo Galilei was persecuted for
      teaching that the earth was a round planet which revolved around an obscure
      star at the edge of an unremarkable galaxy. The Catholic church and much of
      the citizenry of the time shunned and persecuted him for telling the truth.
      They were afraid he might upset the social order. But they could not kill
      him because the Church knew that his science was the key to successful
      navigation and exploration of the planet. Those who followed Galileo's
      discoveries could be counted on to gain wealth and power and the resulting
      economic growth would benefit all mankind. I live, Senator, for the day and
      the hour in which the people of this country and this world will recognize
      that honor, integrity and trust are as indispensable to the growth and
      perhaps the survival of this race as Galileo's discoveries were.

      Senator, if you truly represent the best interests of the people, I want you
      and your colleagues to pass a law which grants absolute immunity from
      prosecution or punishment to anyone covered under the National Security Act,
      the CIA Act, the Espionage Act or any applicable military regulations so
      that they can come forward and speak first-hand of the crimes which are
      destroying the fabric of this nation. If you truly represent the people you
      will see to it that Nuremburg style trials are held in full view of the
      world and the guilty are brought to justice. And you will see that
      intelligence agencies of this government are either abolished or so
      drastically restructured that crimes of this nature can never happen again.

      Abraham Lincoln once said, "If slavery is not evil, then nothing is evil." I
      say that if CIA dealing drugs to Americans is not wrong - then nothing is

      Thank you for finally allowing me to speak my peace. My duty is now
      discharged. I welcome your questions.


      [As of March 1997 these remarks are in the possession of the Intelligence
      Committees of both houses and five additional members of Congress. I have
      received no reply.]



      The Subversion of America by the Science/Energy/Drug/Secrecy Cabal
      -- and the solution

      A most intriguing compilation inspired from last night's discovery of
      www.brojon.com below excerpted and augmented with related passages and

      While the world recovers from the shock of the September 11, 2001, tragedy
      in America, many wonder how, by whom, and to what purpose the faith of Islam
      could have been so perverted to justify and motivate such atrocities.

      In the article at http://globalresearch.ca/articles/CHO109C.html
      "Who Is Osama Bin Laden?" by Michel Chossudovsky,
      Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa, of the
      Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG), Montréal
      Posted 12 September 2001, he explains with detailed footnotes how the US
      objectives implemented by its CIA during the Afghan war against the USSR are
      connected to the illegal drug trade and multinational energy companies'
      determination to access the vast oil reserves via a pipeline through
      Yugoslavia or Afghanistan and Pakistan, and how "CIA sponsored guerrilla
      training was [intentionally] integrated with the teachings of Islam"
      bringing about this perversion so that "Islamic terrorism" could become a
      tool of American foreign policy ironically and intentionally visited on
      America 9-11.

      At the same time a premier "public" source of US military intelligence,

      The Machiavellianism of modern politics is also being fueled by the
      ammorality of modern science which since WWII has basically been co-opted,
      taken over via funding and dual-use US secrecy restrictions, and harnessed
      by the same military-intelligence-industrial complex that President
      Eisenhower warned us about that is responsible for the mentality of the
      CIA's covert and brutal enforcement of US heavy handed foreign policy around
      the globe.

      THE LAWS OF PHYSICS -- Hawking, et. al., on "multiverse"

      A theoretical physicist who fancies himself as this "new Einstein"
      because of his post-quantum physics of consciousness "theory",
      Dr. Jack Sarfatti PhD's Internet Science Education Project's
      advanced theoretical physics networking http://www.stardrive.org ,
      mentioned repeatedly in stories about his old friend Ira Einhorn who claims
      to have been framed for murder for reasons related to this information
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ira-einhorn , discusses information for
      decades being monitored by the CIA Directorate of Science and Technology
      perhaps as part of an overall "blind alley strategy" to inflate pieces of
      the multi-issue and multi-faceted secrecy puzzle to prevent the public from
      putting the pieces together to see the nature and scope of what is
      really happening as corruption (unabated fear, ignorance, arrogance and
      greed) in science and technology infects governmental, economic,
      industrial, and corporate policies and officials "to the highest levels".
      See also related post on Star Wars and HAARP info at




      It is not just the advanced weaponry issue obfuscated by this secrecy policy
      and "blind alley" suppression strategy implemented by America's media and
      educational institutions, but also the applications for energy and
      environmental remediation of history's most suppressed vegetable, the hemp
      plant, which was made illegal even for biofuels coincident with the rise of
      the petroleum/fossil-fuel monopolies -- an insane and cynical DrugWar
      prohibition flying in the face of every government report since Nixon which
      all support ending the fraud on the US Congress and its people whereby hemp
      has been outlawed as marijuana http://www.jackherer.com
      http://www.chrisconrad.com Because of its prolific biomass per acre, it is
      estimated that a small portion of the fallow US farmland grown in hemp and
      converted to biofuels would replace all the fossil fuels used for US
      transportation. Instead, what do we get? Wars over drugs and wars over

      [excerpt from article at end of this post...current bottom line of this url]

      "The current 'war' on Afghanistani terrorism is a misdirection and a
      hoax. As pointed out in the book "Black Gold Hot Gold" the oil expected to
      flow from the vast oilfields under the Russian Caspian Sea, discovered about
      20 years ago remains undrilled and untapped. That field contains about 500
      years worth of oil at present world consumption rates.

      "The only possible oil pipeline routes at the present time to handle the
      massive flow of oil from the Caspian Sea region under Chenya is either
      through Kosovo to the Mediterranean Sea, or through Afghanistan and Pakistan

      to the Indian Ocean. Two years ago, the Clinton administration attempted to
      place Kosovo under international control and begin pipeline construction,
      but was unable to complete the process." [...article continued end below]

      http://www.iht.com/articles/32342.html [full article, intro below]
      -- INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE -- September 13, 2001


      In a sign of Beijing's increasingly close ties with the Taleban regime
      in Afghanistan, China has signed a memorandum of understanding for economic
      and technical cooperation with Kabul.

      The agreement was reported Tuesday, the day terrorists hijacked four
      planes in the U. S. and drove them into the WTC and the Pentagon.

      [what's happening behind the scenes militarily?]

      -- INDIAN EXPRESS -- Chidanand Rajghatta, WASHINGTON, AUG 21


      Experts are almost unanimous in saying that bin Laden is a creature of
      a US foreign policy which recklessly fed and nurtured him and his Islamic
      warriors with million of dollars worth of money and arms to fight the Soviet
      occupation in Afghanistan. The money was funnelled largely through
      Pakistan's maverick Inter-Services Intelligence. Even at that time, Bin
      Laden and his holy warriors had made it clear that the US was as much
      anathema to them as the communists.

      The CIA is now trying to destroy the same camps it helped set up,
      Robert Fisk, a British writer who covered the region said on Friday in an
      interview on National Public Radio.
      [full story at http://www.expressindia.com/ie/daily/19980822/23450624p.html%5d
      Copyright © 1998 Indian Express Newspapers (Bombay) Ltd.
      [1998! and still the American public is hardly aware of these details]

      BJ News Exclusive E-Book Excerpt --
      The Rise of Fascism in the American Energy Business

      The Hidden History of the International Corporations which Created and
      Controlled the Events of the 20th Century. As We Enter the 21st Century
      "... The new Empire of Energy was just scant years away from complete world
      PART ONE -- World War I
      PART TWO -- World War II
      PART THREE -- Viet Nam "War"
      PART FOUR -- The Nuclear Age
      "The next and final scene of world domination by the
      New Empire of Energy was now only one short step away.
      Enter George W. Bush stage right. "
      PART FIVE -- WTC, Towers of Siloam


      Russia's domestic intelligence agency said today it suspected an
      Islamist group with links to Afghanistan's Taliban and Chechen rebels was
      behind the attacks on New York and Washington.

      The ITAR-TASS news agency quoted FSB (ex-KGB) officials as saying the
      group, Jamaat al-Islami, was responsible for both Tuesday's kamikaze
      passenger p<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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