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Re: [Ira-Einhorn] Re: Supreme Court Decision Is posted

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  • Anna
    Hello King Zamora, do you see the same as I do ? Anna ... From: ZamoraKing@aol.com To: Ira-Einhorn@yahoogroups.com Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2006 3:42 AM
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      Hello King Zamora, do  you see the same as I do ?
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      Sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2006 3:42 AM
      Subject: Re: [Ira-Einhorn] Re: Supreme Court Decision Is posted

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      From: pantheon@ix. netcom.com
      To: nayer@compurest. com; Ira-Einhorn@ yahoogroups. com
      Sent: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 9:56 PM
      Subject: [Ira-Einhorn] Re: Supreme Court Decision Is posted

      <<<<And you know why there was no blood? Because he drained Holly of blood in
      the bathtub. Just as she was leaving, washing her face of tears ( he had
      hit her first on a face during the argument in the room), he hit her again,
      at the same time banging her head against the wall, to kill her. They
      fought in the bathtub and had no chance. He left her mortally wounded to
      bleed and die.
      Never underestimate the murderer's mind! It is easy to clean blood from a
      tile. A bit of spic and span and you are done.>>>>
       No, blood soaks in and can be seen with application in certain chemicals used by forensic scientists. If there was blood in the bathtub it would have been easy to find, despite any attempts to clean it up.
       Did anyone look for blood in the bathtub? I don't know if they did, but if there was no blood-trace in the bathtub, it would be convincing evidence that Ira did not do it.

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