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Einhorn update + Geller'99: Warp UFO physics "Jack Sarfatti doesn't want to believe in UFOs. He wants to know"

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  • David Crockett Williams
    from Uri Geller s Weird Website http://www.tcom.co.uk/hpnet/official2.htm [selected articles from above url followed by Court TV & AP Einhorn updates] ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2001
      from "Uri Geller's Weird Website"

      [selected articles from above url followed by
      Court TV & AP Einhorn updates]


      November 29, 1999

      Warp speed on UFO physics

      Stardrive Alien spaceships are an impossible concept. How could they find
      Earth? Did they set out from home planets thousands of light-years away,
      aiming for a speck in the universe that was showing no signs of intelligent
      life, no radio, no television, not even electric light?

      How could their crews survive? What kind of fuel could propel a craft across
      galaxies? These basic questions expose the myth of UFOs.

      And yet, tens of thousands of reliable witnesses report UFO sightings each
      year. Whole cities, as in Mexico last year, capture spaceships on video.
      Experienced flyers, such as the former USAF F-16 pilot at the controls of a
      passenger jet over Texas on October 26 this year, offer detailed
      descriptions of massive triangular craft spotted above 35,000ft.

      Physicist Jack Sarfatti doesn't want to believe in UFOs. He wants to know.
      To know how they could function. To know the hidden laws of physics they
      must exploit. To know if mankind can replicate the technology.

      His Stardrive project is drawing some of the most adventurous and reputable
      scientists in the world, to examine the impossible questions from a new
      angle - deducing new laws of science to explain interstellar travel. Instead
      of parroting the general relativity dictum that nothing travels faster than
      light, Sarfatti wants to discover a way to outstrip 186,000 miles a second
      without cheating on Einstein.

      The project has already discovered a formula that lets UFOs perform their
      zig-zag acrobatics without having gravity forces inside the spaceship crush
      the crew.

      Sarfatti is a tanned Californian with a white mane and black wraparound
      shades. When Hollywood makes the movie, Jack Nicholson could take the role.

      And if his physics proves feasible, you can expect the film to premiere on
      Mars. Or a million light-years beyond.



      ---------------------------------------2nd excerpt:

      October 18 1999

      Hitler's stealth

      Hitler's obsession with the occult and astrology is well known - but
      evidence that his aerospace and rocket scientists were plundering alien
      technology to build Nazi UFOs has never gripped the public imagination.

      Maurizio Verga's tantalising web pages reveal Werner von Braun and the
      Luftwaffe design teams could have been guided by extraterrestrials, perhaps
      looting interstellar components from a crashed spaceship.

      Rumours of the Third Reich's underground bases first surfaced in the late
      Forties, coinciding with the birth of UFO sightings. America's Operation
      Paperclip was at full throttle, with the FBI smuggling Nazi war criminals
      into America to take advantage of their scientific expertise.

      Former Nazis gave America the space race edge, and von Braun's career
      followed a smooth flightpath from pilotless V2 rockets to Apollo 11 and the
      first manned moon landing.

      Verga believes the Luftwaffe developed a flying disc, in the classic saucer
      shape, which flew at Prague on February 14, 1945. His photographic evidence
      is almost certainly faked by Fifties sci-fi fans. Visit his site to enjoy
      the artist's impressions, which are a glorious delight. It may not be a
      coincidence that Americans began sighting flying saucers within three years
      of the alleged Prague test-flight and von Braun's escape to America.

      Countless UFO reports of the early Eighties turned out to be sightings of
      America's Stealth Bombers. Is it possible that the US Air Force did develop
      Nazi technology to build a fleet of saucers 50 years ago, producng the first
      wave of Unidentified Flying Objects?

      And if those spacecraft were for real, the chilling question remains: what
      are the menacing objects reported nightly in Nineties skies?


      --------------------3rd excerpt:

      18th August 1999

      Guru on the run

      The family pleaded and the neighbours protested, but Philadelphia detectives
      did not search Ira Einhorn's apartment until Holly Maddox had been dead for
      18 months. When her dismembered body was found in a trunk, it had mummified.

      Einhorn, a New Age guru to rock stars and scientists who advocated LSD as a
      mind-expander, paid his $4,000 bail and disappeared. The next 35 years were
      an era of pursuit, crushing disappointment and reborn hopes for Holly's
      family. The ex-cheerleader was Einhorn's lover and, when an American court
      tried him in his absence, the jury had no difficulty in finding the fugitive
      guilty. Neither did a civil court, which handed down a staggering $907
      million penalty to Einhorn, who is currently in France and fighting
      extradition to the US.

      I knew Einhorn in the Seventies. Not well - we were never friends, but he
      regarded my mentor Dr Andrija Puharich as a father-figure. When Ira and I
      met again through a private parascience mailing list run by Californian
      physicist Jack Sarfatti, I contacted the alleged murderer and persuaded him
      to appear on my US radio show, Radio America Network with host Doug Stephan.
      It was virtually Ira's first interview for 37 years, and he was angry with

      "I was a superstar, with incredibly good press, and overnight I was turned
      into a demon," Einhorn raged. He claims Holly's body was planted in his
      apartment by the CIA, or the KGB, who were desperate to stop him from
      revealing their UFO secrets.

      His defence is an affront to the family, who have every right to be outraged
      that Holly's killer is still at large and who maintain a website in her
      memory. Yet Einhorn is truly convinced of his innocence and, self-deluded or
      not, he still wields enough charisma to make anyone doubt their own

      He pronounces every word with conviction and a deep belief which is
      chilling. As I close the phone on France, my soul is stirred with a profound
      uneasiness. The only thing that is certain is Einhorn's reluctance to run
      again. He has been in hiding for almost four decades. The end is near now.


      -------------------end Geller website excerpts-----------------


      Updated September 13, 2001, 10:00 a.m. ET

      Convicted killer Ira Einhorn's lawyer files motion for new murder trial

      PHILADELPHIA (AP) - Convicted killer Ira Einhorn and his lawyer have made
      two legal moves that they believe will vindicate the former hippie guru who
      was on the lam for 20 years before being returned to the United States this

      Einhorn requested a new murder trial Wednesday, and his lawyer asked the
      Pennsylvania Supreme Court to determine whether the law granting him such a
      proceeding is constitutional.

      His lawyer, Norris Gelman, said Einhorn wants a trial "where he can be
      present, proffer a defense, (and) have his name cleared and vindicated."

      Einhorn, 61, was charged with the 1977 bludgeoning death of his former
      lover, Holly Maddux, whose mummified body was found stuffed in a trunk in
      the couple's apartment in 1979. Einhorn disappeared before a scheduled trial
      in 1981, and he was convicted in absentia 12 years later and sentenced to
      life in prison.

      French officials did not want him to return to Pennsylvania because he had
      been convicted and sentenced in absentia; the law giving him a new trial was
      passed to get French authorities to cooperate.

      Gelman said at that time that the law is unconstitutional because the
      Legislature may not grant someone a new trial; he said only the judiciary
      has that power.

      "I want the Supreme Court to make the ruling because their ruling will be
      beyond challenge. We want a new trial that counts," Gelman said Wednesday.

      Gelman admitted to some legal risk, noting that if the Supreme Court does
      take the case and rules the law invalid, Einhorn "doesn't get a new trial
      (and) has to face that music." That would mean Einhorn's conviction and life
      sentence would stand.

      A spokeswoman for District Attorney Lynne M. Abraham declined comment on the
      twin filings, saying the district attorney's office hadn't seen the

      On Friday, Einhorn appeared in an American courtroom for the first time in
      more than 20 years at a hearing to formally notify him of his right to
      petition for a new trial.

      The former fugitive had a combative exchange with a prosecutor, saying at
      one point: "I didn't need you to apprise me of my rights."

      ©2001 Courtroom Television Network LLC. All Rights Reserved.


      [Court TV Einhorn coverage with extensive video excerpts and transcripts of
      interviews etc. Supposedly their newer documentary coming out soon has
      interviews with Einhorn done this year]


      The Deadly Guru: Ira Einhorn

      A self-professed founder of the Philadelphia's Earth Day and a one-time
      mayoral candidate, activist Ira Einhorn had a sterling reputation in the
      City of Brotherly Love -- until the spring of 1979, when police found the
      withered corpse of his ex-girlfriend, Holly Maddux, decomposing in a steamer
      trunk in the radical's closet. The gruesome discovery made national

      Arrested for murder and facing the possibility of life in prison, Einhorn
      jumped bail in 1981 and fled the country, embarking on a 20-year run from
      the law. Einhorn, who had established himself as a respected peacemaker in
      the community, claimed he was framed by the CIA or FBI. (As a testament to
      his standing in the city, he initially enlisted the legal services of future
      Republican Senator Arlen Specter.) He lived under assumed names in several
      European nations, funded all the while by wealthy benefactors who believed
      his claims of being framed by the CIA. Einhorn was convicted of murder in
      absentia in 1993. Finally, in 1997, he was discovered living in the south of
      France. After a four-year extradition battle, the fugitive was brought back
      to America in July 2001.

      This emotionally charged documentary examines Maddux's murder and its
      continuing impact on her family and friends 24 years later. Included are
      interviews with attorneys on both sides of the case, key investigators and
      three of Einhorn's close friends who describe his intellect, magnetism and
      the egotism that lead to his downfall.

      In Depth: Ira Einhorn
      Additional map, background, photos, video, documents and links.


      More on Einhorn over last year
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